Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Few Pictures

Here are a few silly pictures of the kiddo's

1. Cavin with his friend Sadie riding the mickey car

2. Mason and Carter jumping on the trampline covered in snow and ice. Looks a little COLD

3. Mallory and Maxton how sweet!

Where Have I been?

Merry Christmas everyone! Can't believe I haven't posted for almost a month? You would think I was busy huh? 5 kids isn't all that many right? At least that is what I tell myself!

It has been a busy month. Clint has spent about 20 days in New York City "working". His company bought another company in New York so Clint got the BIG task of combining networks I guess that is what you say? Anyway the second trip his company paid for my plane ticket to go visit him so of course I couldn't pass up a offer like that so off Maxton and I went to New York City most of our time was spent sight seeing alone or visiting Clint at Venture (sister company) while he worked 22 or 24 hours per day yes you heard me he worked round the clock. He is INSANE!! I was to return on Sunday the 2nd but due to bad weather I was delayed in getting home until Tues and on that day also delayed 2.5 hours.JOY JOY. I returned to reality Tues. eve intime to put the kids to bed and look at my house that had been struck by a F5 tornado sometime in the 5 days I was gone? My mom and mother in law took awesome care of the older 4 kids but I am sure they were glad to get their kid free lives back!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FRIENDS/FAMILY THAT HELPED ME GO TO NEW YORK I OWE YOU!! Here are a few pics from may wonderful trip.

Oh I forgot to mention the fact that when I left on Friday Maxton had a low grade temp that carried over until Sat. afternoon, he was alittle fussy at times and didn't sleep very well. When we got back I took him to the walk in clinic and he is currently taking antibiotics for a very bad double ear infection/bronchitis.. poor baby:( anyone that knows me knows I don't take my kids anywhere when they are sick, but New York for free couldn't pass it up and I had no idea he had a ear infection both plane rides he was wonderful infact he slept the entire flight home? He also is cutting both bottom teeth the right one is through and the left one is not far behind. He has hit many milestones this month He is Crawling, going from crawling to sitting, and getting 2 teeth before he is even 6 months old. Moving alittle fast for me I was hoping he would stay a baby for like the next 10 years :)