Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Cayne!

Last night for the first time Cayne stood up in the middle of the floor and took off walking!! One day we think Maccoy will be the first one leaving the crawling behind and just walking then Cayne does something to make us think it will be him.. With these 2 you just never know! They both toddle around taking about 10 to 20 steps before falling down but Cayne is the first to just stand up without the help of furniture or a person!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I took Maccoy to his Cardiologist appt. this morning alone because... I bet you can't guess??? Yep MORE puke! Some time during the night Cavin woke up came to the end of his bed barfed all over the floor and went back to sleep..... sigh... So Clint stayed here with him,max and cayne(who still has diarrhea) and I took Maccoy alone which really sucked, I didn't realize how much I depend on Clint for emotional support for these appt.s until he wasn't with me. His vitals were weight 22lbs, his O2 97%, his blood pressure 114/47. Next was the EKG which he wasn't happy with but with the help of some bubbles we made it through! Next off to the echo lab(these usually take about 20mins or so) and I was sure after the EKG meltdown this was sure to be bad but little man surprised the heck out of me and did amazing some juice, some animal crackers and more bubbles and we got a great Echo!! We waited for Dr.Kaine to come in a give us the report and that he did! While Maccoy has a Moderate case of Pulmonary Insufficiency his body is handling it fine, his left and right ventricles are enlarged but normal due to the Pulmonary Insufficiency(his heart has to work harder which causes the muscles to enlarge) as he grows and the need for his pulmonary valve to be replaced comes we will see his right ventricle enlarge even more and that is when we will know its time for the the replacement. Dr.Kaine is almost certain we have years and by that time it will hopefully be able to be done through a cardiac cath rather than open heart surgery!! So we have been released to annual visits! I don't know weither to jump for joy or cry? Its scary to think of waiting a whole year to check on his heart but yet so wonderful that we made it here! My boy is a RockStar!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hopes of a Good Week Gone out the Window

A tired mommy lays down in her bed finally at 9:15p.m. in hopes of some quiet cuddle time with her sweet husband who is busy watching Monday night football but the mommy thinks oh well I will just watch this show alone until she hears a baby coughing over the baby monitor on her bedside table, the mommy being the mommy she is realizes that more than likely the baby is sick, but she tries to talk herself out of that scenario cause the babies NEVER go anywhere to get sick.. But after 5 mins of worry the mommy grabs her cellphone(to use as a flashlight) and heads to check on coughing baby and yes as she opens the door to the babies room she is hit by the the smell of vomit just as she had suspected... So the mommy picks sleeping puke covered baby up and all his blankets/sheets etc... and heads to the bathroom to clean up baby and start "puke" laundry.. Baby and mommy snuggle up in mommy's bed where baby continues to vomit only this time all over mommy, mommy's bedding,himself many times finally about 1a.m. mommy gets smart and puts restless baby in pack and play hoping he can sleep off this nasty bug.. Daddy took plenty of turns helping out with baby but baby really just wants mommy and while mommy LOVES the extra cuddle time she could have REALLY done WITHOUT the puke.. And mommy being the debbie downer she is knows this will not be the only puke she will be cleaning up this week.. Here we go again :( So thanks to whoever decided that we needed to be blessed with this gift we hope someday we can return it to you :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Seems like lately in the broken heart community kids/babies have been having a real rough time. Of course when you have a child that has a mended heart that concerns you a little ( ok it freaks you the hell out) And as Maccoy's appt. approaches(wed) I am getting myself all worked up. I am watching Ewan's blog, reading Mason's blog, thinking of other heart moms who's children are having issues (Scarlet, Immanuel) and I am scared of what we might find out on Wed... You just never know and when your talking about someone who you LOVE more than life itself it is terrifying to think of the bad.. When we first found out about Maccoy I was glued to the computer looking for/seeking out anyone who had a Tetralogy baby/kid so I could find out what our road was going to be like and I have to say even though no 2 seem to be alike it was nice to have another person to talk to about this bumpy road. I am thankful for blog's and for facebook because I have found so many people like us and it is so helpful. Yet when things aren't going so well for everyone it tends to always remind you of the what ifs, the could have beens, the what you have already been through's and I think it makes these appts. a little harder. But I will never stop reading, or talking to other heart mom's because like it or not this is the life we were given and all the ups/downs and in betweens and we can't change it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Its been awhile

Its been awhile since I actually updated on all the happenings around this Crazy house!! I will start with the twins they are both trying really hard to walk and both can make it about 10 to 20 steps before falling down I love love love this stage all the firsts is soooo fun to watch and I get a double dose which is really fun! They have a few tricks that they do 1. When asked How big Cayne/Maccoy is they raise their arms above their heads 2. They love to give high fives! 3.They LOVE LOVE to Dance they shake their heads and move their arms from side to side! it is so stinken cute! 4. They still love to hear someone sing the Wheels on the Bus 5. They both wave bye bye 5. both have mastered going up and down the stairs 6.They are working on cutting 2 more bottom teeth. They don't talk much they say mama and dada and once in a while bubba. They know all the kids by name if asked where Max is they will look at him! I know I have said it before but having Twins is AMAZING!!
Maxton has mastered counting to 12! He knows red and blue. He talks like a 10 year old. He says inappropriate things at the most horrible times like in the middle of a store in front of a lot of people so we are working on that! He is still our little hunter and has now found his love of digging in the mud! His Best Friend moved away this morning so we will see how next week goes without her.
Cavin loves preschool and his teacher and seems to be learning a lot this year so far! He loves to color which is nice cause so do I so we spend many afternoons doing just that! He is learning how to identify his letters and learning the sounds they make! He continues to be my shy little guy hiding his face when he is talked to. He has been especially clingy lately and has taken to sucking his thumb a lot. So not sure what that is all about? I am sure this to shall pass.
Carter is doing awesome in school! He is such a smarty pants! He doesn't like to read but hey neither do Mal or Mas.One of these days I am bound to get a kid that likes to read? I hope! He is making friends like crazy and loves to play soccer at recess. He does seem to be crying a lot easier lately which I think is due to being tired from school?
Mason is having a pretty good year better than I thought he was going to. He likes his teacher and his classmates. He is getting A's and B's so that's good. He continues to have a hard time making friends he is just so quiet and afraid to approach kids. He has been playing a lot of group things at recess and recently has talked about becoming friends with a few kids so we are really happy to hear that! He is really loving reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books hopefully we can find another series he enjoys just as much cause he is on the last book.
Mallory is having a wonderful year. She thinks her teacher is the Best thing ever! She seems to be struggling a little with math which is odd for her? But she continues to get straight A's from working really hard with Clint on her math. Seriously I am not smarter than a 4th grader and I will admit it! Thank God for Clint who next to me looks like a fricken genius.
Maccoy has his cardiology appt. on Wed. the 29th so we are looking forward to seeing what Dr.Kaine has to say and seeing what his echo shows. Fingers crossed that he is still doing well. Holding my breath until after that appt... No matter what these appt.s will always be nerve racking you just NEVER know what they might say/find...The week leading up to these appt.s literally makes me sick. But I know how lucky I am and I am thankful for all the Dr.'s,nurse practitioners, and nurses that have helped my little guy and us this last year..

Friday, September 24, 2010

This Day

Has gotten even worse.. I just read on a fellow heart mom's blog that her sweet 6 day old baby Ewan who has a serve case of Tetralogy of Fallot was taken into emergency surgery yesterday and is fighting for his life now. If you could please say a prayer for Sweet Baby Ewan and his family I would very much appreciate it.... My heart is breaking for this family. It hits so close to home...

If you would like to visit Ewan's site its on my sidebar under Heart Friends..


Today is a sad day but tom. will be even worse and next week will be long.... Our friends/ neighbors are moving to South Africa for 2 years and well that means Maxton's Best Friend is leaving him. I have tried to explain it to him but I don't think he understands at all. So next week when their house is empty, and he can't run out the door to go get Ky he is going to be a mess. My heart breaks for him. They have been joined at the hip for a year now. They play daily and sometimes from morning til bedtime. They hardly ever fight. They laugh and swing and sneak away to eat candy. They are sometimes a little naughty (which I am sure is mostly Maxton's ideas) but the giggles that come from the room's they are in overrides the naughty. Kylie is the sweetest little girl I have ever known (except for Mal of course) I love her like she is my own! No lie I do! So next week will be tough not only for Maxton but for all of us. Josh has fit in here like one of my own boys and I can tell its going to be tough for Carter not to have him to play with they have so much in common. And well I will miss my hourly chats with Marianne, talking about all our favorite tv shows, laughing, and having someone to help me out in a pinch and of course our weekend bonfires with them all! We wish them well in South Africa on this new adventure and look forward to their safe return and all the stories they will have to tell! Good Luck W family Be Safe We will miss you all!!
Love the M family!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 years ago Today...

5 years ago today Clint and I were blessed with our 3rd son Cavin Trenton. He is the shy one. Always hiding his face when he becomes center of attention. He is sneaky naughty on a daily basis. He is also very cuddly and sweet. This year he gave up his blankies which was HUGE! Although that didn't get rid of the thumb sucking as we hoped! He only does things when he wants to on his own time. He loves school and is making some friends which is huge for this shy little guy! When he laughs you can't help but join in! His smile melts my heart and we love him more and more everyday!

Happy Birthday Cavin Trenton We ALL LOVE you Tons!!
Mommy,Daddy,Mallory,Mason,Carter,Maxton,Cayne and Maccoy