Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another One moves on....

(Cavin with his Amazing PreK teacher Miss Sarah)

Today was Cavin's Preschool Graduation. I am not going to lie and say it is easier this time around than with Mallory, Mason or Carter cause that would be a straight out lie. This mama cried a little before,during and after. I can't believe Cavin is going to go to Kindergarten in the fall. Where has all the time gone? On Thursday at 3:10pm. I will officially be the mom to a 5th grader(holy crap), 4th grader(Wow),2nd grader(No fricken way) Kindergartner (tear tear) and a preschooler PLUS of course twin toddlers... CRAZY.. I just took pictures of myself.. Have you ever done that? I then reviewed them and marveled at all my wrinkles that I am oblivious to having, how much older I look but yet looking at the picture of Cavin and I this morning I can't believe I am old enough to be his mom? I know another weird Melissa thought. Imagine that?? It is so weird to sit and think of what 10 years will bring because It excites me, scares me and saddens me all at the same time. I also realized today that the same year that I have my first kid in high school I will be sending my last babies to Kindergarten...Seems like a long time from now but it's not..Life just keeps speeding by even while I am hitting the brakes.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Best Friends

This morning when I got up I noticed a notebook on the kitchen table with writing in it so I read it. It was a letter from Carter to Mason and then Mason responded back. It brought tears to my eyes.

Here is what it says in case you can't read the picture:

To Mason.
I like you. I wish that we had a pet. If I had a pet I wood do the things for it. I will mish(miss) you win you are in hevin.

_____________________________________________________________________________________Hiy(hey) Carter Im writing back I will miss you when you move away. I agriy(agree) we should have a pet Dog. I will miss you when we are both in hevin.

these two really are best friends. They really do want and deserve a puppy but daddy still says no but we are all still working on it. And their love for God,Jesus and Heaven is Growing thanks to our new church and my reading the bible with them and talking to them about it which is good for ALL of us! I love seeing their relationship grow and change and it makes me so happy to know that I have given them the best gift ever each other. I love you big Boys!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's fun having all these kids different ages.. We carry on big conversations with Mal and Mas and still coo and ohhh and ahhh over the twins. You have the middles who are just funny and say funny things. Sometimes after a fun filled Sat. after spending time with each one or two at a time I realize this is so fun and think why would I not want more kids or more time with the kids I have?? Watching these little people that Clint and I created grow,change and learn is absolutely amazing!! Let me also say it is a lot of work and it is exhausting I am not going to lie. But most days doesn't the good outweigh the bad??

Maxton fell asleep with me on Friday night in my bed watching a cartoon and I guess I crashed too Clint said he couldn't pry my arm off of him so he left him at 6:00a.m. I get the best gift... Maxton still in a deeeeeeep sleep begins to laugh and laugh and laugh.. And it was so darn cute and if he would have been in his bed I wouldn't have heard it so glad Clint left him. I just wish I new what in his dreams was so funny!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ummmm... Feeling the need to update

It has been along time since I wrote something.. I find that life has gotten busy.. Imagine that?? The days just keep whizzing by at lightning speed. The twins will be two in less than 2 months.. How the frick is that possible? They talk talk talk.. Say words like disgusting and motorcycle. They look nothing alike or at least to me although I won't lie sometimes I still mix them up!! Funny huh? School will be out in less than 2 weeks for the summer and we are SUPER excited!! We didn't play any summer sports so we have the whole summer to just goof off and sleep in and of course our favorite SWIM!!! Many projects going on in the house right now! Which is both expensive and time consuming. We finally hired a guy to install the tile in the master bath that has been tore apart since last July and it looks wonderful, now just waiting on a shower door did you know those things are kinda expensive?? It really burns me up that we are having to do this type of work to a 5year old house but heck what do you do? We are now contemplating replacing our A/C and Heat.. Boy oh Boy is that not cheap? And of course living in a house full of rambunctious kids leads to broken things like windows which we have 2 of that need replaced. I am soooooo lucky to be married to a handy man if he only had the time to go with the skill I would live in a wonderful, finished, perfect house or as perfect as it can be with 7 kids living in it!! Mothers day weekend was great. I had the wonderful chance to spend sometime with my niece and nephew and parents while my brother and his wife attended a wedding, then my amazing husband stayed up all night smoking a brisket (my favorite), brought me breakfast in bed with a side of amazing diamond earrings, some great company, fun time with the kids and ended with a fun trip to culvers for ice cream and fries.. I love my little family I can't wait to see what each of my kids does with their life but yet I don't want them to grow up, I know it doesn't make sense but hey that's me!!! One of my friends said she is looking forward to the great things her 40's will bring(I know it will be great) but I can't imagine anything better than what I am living right now in my 30's knee deep in fighting, homework, dirty diapers, toys, and sweet open mouth kisses......

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sweet Girl

Sweet Ava gained her angel wings and went to be with God On Thursday. My heart and prayers are with her parents,brothers,baby sister and extended family. I hope you will join me by saying a prayer for them also..

Hugging my kiddos a lot tighter and being a lot more grateful for all that laundry and bickering etc....