Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Okay I have a love of photography! I have a couple of really good friends who have their own businesses and I look up to them I love looking at their work!! I also have a few blogs I follow of women I have never met but they also do photography. Anyway one lovely lady I follow has 4 absolutely adorable little girls and she writes about her everyday life so beautifully (once you start reading you won't stop) she also takes amazing pictures and has launched her own business which I think is the Best Idea I have heard in Forever!! So go check it out!! What mother wouldn't want pictures like these???,

Wonderful Idea Sarah!! I wish you all the Luck in the world!

The 10 Most used phrases at our house currently!!

Some of our Favorite sayings right now.

1. Turn the Quiet Up and Noise Down!! Love this one
2. The bigs and The smalls referring to which kids we will take
3. Shake your booty baby ( making the twins dance)
4. Shoot em up Max (playing his deer hunting game)
5. Baby your Brothers Stinky ( so the other baby will go oooooooo and wrinkle their nose so stinkin cute)
6.Ahhh Give brother LOVE
8.Yes I LOVE that stuff (referring to what I cooked for supper) usually said by Carter
9. Not so very good (said always by Cavin)
10. Can I have candies (said always by Maxton)
11. Our newest and cutest NO said real fast with a quick shake of the head (said by Maccoy)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It hit me today like a ton of bricks.. Your BIG.. not little not a baby not a toddler.. Your BIG.. How did you get that big?? As you stood by me at the receptionist counter checking in for your dr.'s appt. I realized your almost as tall as me? How can this be? After I realized this I couldn't concentrate on what the lady was telling me in my head I just kept thinking holy cow she is BIG.. It took my breath away. Over half your time with us at home is over. Your tall and by the number on the scale heavy too :( sigh... What a girl you are. We are so proud of you! Last week you got 102% on your math test highest score in the class! WOW! I just wanted to tell you your turning into a great young lady and we are so proud of you! But how did you get so BIG??

Love ya Sissy
Last night was a good night.. Thanks to the babies for spilling doggy flea shampoo in a lovely shade of green on the upstairs carpet supper was delayed long enough for Clint to make it home to eat with us! Oh how I miss family supper with Clint! We all sat and soaked each other in, we talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other! Everyone ate and thanked me for the meal which they do nightly but seemed pleased with the Lasagna last night. Then as I cleaned up the mess Clint gave the twins their bath. I got so much help last night it was amazing! Carter and Cavin picked up the living room and entry and did a marvelous job! Then the 3 older kids sat at the table talking,giggling and studying their spelling words. I baked Carter"s bday cupcakes for school and listened. I had a few little guys grabbing my knees begging to be picked up and loved which I was happy to do :) Life was good the help was Awesome and much appreciated.. These are definitely the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Mallory is so excited to be participating in jump rope for heart at school in honor of Maccoy! If anyone would like to sponsor her please let me know!! Her goal is to raise $50.00!! I think its an achievable goal!!

She has hit the $100 mark! And she is still going! She has made her new goal $250 I think she can do it!! She is telling everyone about Maccoy and how she wants to help other kids like him!! So proud of my Girl!! please if you want to donate let me know!!
Dear Carter and Cavin,
Today I feel like I have failed you some how?? I am not sure what I need to do better but I WILL...
Carter we brought you lunch for your birthday. Me and the small boys came to eat with you. As we sat there and ALL the kids kept coming by and saying hi to you (mr.popular) you looked up and said "sorry suckers" this isn't the first time I have heard you use this phrase and it isn't the first time you have gotten in trouble for using this phrase you know how dad and I feel about it :( as I asked you what you said Cavin responded but not with "sorry sucker" with something else I will not write, but know this it is something you have NEVER heard come out of my mouth or dad's so where you got it is a mystery.. I can tell you that I almost fell out of my chair at the sound of it coming from my sweet 5 year olds mouth. I felt like such a failure, so embarrassed even though no one else was around to hear it thank goodness.. I of course said never to say that again EVER.. When I got out to the van I called dad and told him he was in dead silence for a moment and then asked where in the world you two would have heard such a nasty word?? We are both shocked and sad :( So there will be much talk tonight with you two about inappropriate words and there will be punishment in the future not sure what but something... Oh boys this is only the beginning!
With Love

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today is also my mom's birthday!! I gave her a great gift 7 years ago! Carter Trevin!!
Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you have a nice day! I am sure dad will cook you something great!! Maybe next weekend we can celebrate?

Love Ya

Carter is 7!! Happy Birthday Car Car!!

Dear Carter,
Seven years ago today we welcomed another son into our family. You my dear sweet boy came in NO hurry with a ton of jet black hair... Dad and I looked at each other wondering where in the world that came from? We didn't know if you were a boy or girl it was a wonderful surprise! I always say your were the baby I tried so hard for and wanted so bad. Not that I don't love your sister and brothers but after months of trying, a surgery for me and some fertility drugs I still wasn't pregnant. I thought I would never have another baby. The day I found out I was pregnant with you I was on cloud nine instantly in love with the little person I was growing inside of me! You and I spent a few years attached to each other but as you have grown into a bigger boy you have slowly drifted away from being my little shadow. I miss that, I miss you rubbing my skin, I miss you shaking your booty, I miss all the funny things you said, but I have enjoyed watching you become a good kid, your funny, kind, silly, goofy, your caring and sweet, but yet naughty and gross (as all boys surely are).. You are a good dancer you have moves I say! Your an athlete great at all sports! A wonderful Student your teachers love you! Tons of friends, people for some reason are always attracted to you, your very friendly hardly ever shy! You love video games, and playing with Mason, you love being outside, riding your bike, getting dirty and just being a kid! 7 seems so big especially for you while I am sad to see you grow I am excited to see what you grow into! I know you will do great things Carter I love you son!!

Happy 7th Birthday Carter Trevin!!
All our love
Mommy,Dad,Mallory,Mason,Cavin,Maxton,Cayne and Maccoy

Monday, January 17, 2011

The babies are tall enough now that they can reach up on the counters and grab stuff which makes for some BIG messes.. Man they are growing! Turning from babies to toddlers right before my very eyes. I love the way Maccoy shakes his head yes. I don't think you see alot of babies do that its usually the No but when asked questions he shakes his head yes! Its so cute! They have also both started to fake sneeze which they both think is hysterical. They love to get reactions from people it makes them laugh and then do it again. funny babies!

Carter Trevin 18months old.. Seriously How cute is He??


Rambling and Thinking

Its going to be one of those emotional weeks for me. As I get older the emotional weeks are frequent. I am not sure of why? Is it because everything I have ever wanted is right in front of me and I am so happy, is it the sadness I feel that my kids are growing sooooo fast and it scares me to think of them leaving home? is it the fact that I along with everyone I love is getting older and life is not forever? Is it facing the fact that I will never have another baby?Is it feeling overwhelmed by life of the constant need for me by somebody the constant chores needing done, is it Clint working so hard and me feeling a bit neglected? I know Maccoy's heart plays a big role in my moods/feelings, the constant fear that I may be missing something with one of my other kids also weighs heavy on me maybe its the fact that we have just been through the stomach flu again and lost alot of sleep. Its all of this and more. It's I guess Mommy stress. It always gets a little worse around one of the kids birthdays and Carter turns 7 on Sunday so that could be a lot of why I feel so off today. The baby I always wanted and tried so hard to have is turning 7. How can that be?? How did we get here? today is going to be one of those days I can feel it but no better way to get through it than with all my kids home to enjoy! I hear a sleepy head now! Pushing through moving forward and enjoying the day!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I go to pick Carter up from school he gets in the van and says "are the kids still sick?" I reply the babies and Mallory are. He says "oh do they still have the butt flu or do they have the regular flu".. sorry I had to laugh thought it was cute!

Today has been crazy. From cleaning vomit out of the carpet to changing 13 dirty diapers just this a.m... to Mallory crying from a stomach ache that hurts so bad, its been crazy. I think the babies have rotovirus so I think this dirty diaper thing may go on for awhile :( After I had changed Cayne for the 5th time this morning he crawled up on a chair ready to eat a little something when I heard him fill his diaper again he then looked over at me and LAUGHED.. It was priceless..
We are surviving but I really hope the end is near!!
Its Back and It SUCKS as usual.. Yep the good old throw up and diarrhea.. Hit the babies first with mostly diarrhea mixed with not eating being very fussy and some vomit. Its so sad when their bellies hurt the start grabbing at their clothes thinking its the clothes that's making their little bellies hurt. They have had this since Wed. morning. Cavin got up at midnight crying we had no idea until 3 a.m. when he barfed again that he had thrown up in his bed and all over the carpet :( YUCK gotta shampoo today.. Then Mason got up and got sick and now Mallory is home with a stomach ache.. Oh this is so fun! NOT... I don't understand how we got this the babies haven't been anywhere in 2 weeks... So frustrated. Man I hate the stomach flu. We had this in July, Sept. and now again.. Really? That's ridiculous..
Sometimes you are my favorite person in the entire world... Like at 3 a.m. when Cavin starts to choke and You spring into action jump out of bed grab him and get him to the toilet before he pukes. I didn't even see that coming and you were like a super hero saving the night!! Sometimes I forget to tell you how great you are at this Daddy business! I HATE puke and you always take the night shifts you never complain about it you just do it work the next day or not you do it, 1 kid or 5 puking you do it and do it well! Thank You!!

Love Ya

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yesterday started out a day from hell.. I was freaked out,nervous,scared to death,you name it the emotions all came flooding back from July 5th 2009.. The thought of sitting down with the Dr. that diagnosed Maccoy's Tetralogy of Fallot, knowing that he had brought us terrible news that day and wondering if he would bring us terrible news yesterday was almost to much for this poor mama to handle.. The guilt of Maccoy's heart condition being my fault had left many months ago but reared its ugly head yesterday it was so bad I almost couldn't catch my breath.. After some encouraging words from my husband (whom I am pretty sure was just acting tough for me but was really scared to death himself) and from my great friends I headed out the door to find out what was going on with our sweet boy. As I was walking in my feet felt like they were stuck in mud, people of course kept commenting on the twins but I couldn't even be polite and answer/thank them I was lost in my head of what if's it's a horrible place I don't recommend a vacation there ever!! We got all checked in ( there front desk SUCKS! and I thought if this is how the whole visit is going to be this isn't the place for us) also the Peds unit is all together so you have sick kids mixed with heart kids which really pissed me off, anyway after the normal BP,weight,o2 sat check, etc.. we were put in a room and then greeted by some interns ( this is a big teaching hospital) which was fine, then sent to echo ( the girl was okay she didn't seem very patient) and Maccoy did as well as any 18month old I suppose, he was ready to get up and go but we were able to keep him still for a little while with good old bubbles and string cheese!! Back to the room to wait for the Dr. seemed like forever.... We sat in silence both of us anxious/worried. Dr. O came in just like I remember him from July 5th, He played with both babies and gave us a run down of the echo asked about the spells etc.. There is a name for the episodes Maccoy has its a big fancy word that I can't spell that basically has to do with circulation and blood vessels. He explained it to be like how your color changes from getting out of a warm bath into a cold room. Good to know! He didn't believe it was heart related just Maccoy in general. His Echo looks Great those were his words! He does have the leak which is still moderate, He said he believes we will be looking at a valve replacement in his teens but he is positive it won't require another open heart surgery. He pretty much said all the same things as Dr.Kaine. I can't explain the relief of those words or the fear of those words.. Fear huh? well you see that echo is like a security blanket for me. I would love to have one done monthly just so I know whats going on. When you have an infection on the outside you can see it watch it know when its time to go to the dr. Right? But your heart you can't see and when your 18mths old you can't tell your parents whats wrong how you feel( the 3rd year Resident actually asked us if Maccoy ever complains about chest pain..Really? he is 18months old) so its up to me to recognize the signs of a problem which is why I got so concerned with the episodes while I may have overreacted that's my job as a mom.. at least in my book. He would like to see us back right after summer break if we decide to stay with him. We have some big decisions to make but we are very happy to have a name for Maccoy's episodes, to know its not heart related and to know that his echo as of Jan. 2011 looks Good! So Thankful so very Thankful!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I feel like I am doing something right which for today is pretty good.. I asked Mason what he did at school today while him and Carter were playing He looks at me and says "mom we will talk about it at supper like every other night"!!! Yep Family supper Every night talking about our day sometimes we are even lucky enough for Clint to join us! Something I really believe in eating together at the table as a family talking about our day, our dreams our to know its as important to the kids as it is to me!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clint and All the Kids on his Birthday! The BIG 31!!

Isn't it beautiful??

Cavin made me a beautiful noodle necklace today at Preschool! I LOVE it!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Question For all My Heart Mom Friends!! Please Help

Maccoy has been having episodes of turning "blueish/purple" mainly feet/legs up to his calves, his hands, lips/mouth.. I was scared to death the first time it happened, took his 02 (which was low) and even ran him to Dr. to have him assessed called Cardiologist who couldn't explain why this would happen as his echo from Sept. looks "good". It happened again this a.m. and I called Cardiology again I don't know what I think they are suppose to tell me but I am confused/concerned... My thought is that his circulation is just poor and I believe this would be normal. I do remember discussing this with Dr.Kaine at our Appt. in Sept. also... Anybody else have this issue after repair?? Please Help! I am kinda freaking out

*************** UPDATE****************Thursday...11:15a.m.*************************
Dr.Kaine's office called back and said he thinks I was right in saying it has something to do with circulation and the position he is in.. He doesn't want to see Maccoy til his Regular Check up and there is No reason for a echo at this time. Really not the answer I was hoping for...
I don't give up especially when it comes to my kiddo's that being said I have made an appt. with another Pediatric Cardiologist and we see him Next Wed. hoping that goes well.
Maybe I am just overreacting but this is my child and he isn't the "normal" kid so I feel like I am paying you to see him, do an echo and tell me everything is okay not give me the brush off.
Anyway thanks to everyone for your stories and advice I appreciate it greatly!!
the kids just left to go back to school.. I am in tears.. I miss them already :( This house is so quiet the little guys are still sleeping. I just want you guys to know how much I miss you when you are gone.. Although they were really excited to get back and see their friends its just mom having the hard time! what a great break we had, late nights, laughing, games, movies, late night runs for ice cream, cuddle time, wrestling, plenty of fun times with daddy... we went absolutely NO where and were perfectly happy with it just hanging out with each other was enough.I will treasure these last 2 weeks forever and am already looking forward to spring break!! Can't wait to hear about your day at 3pm. till then I will miss you Mallory,Mason,Carter but I get to see my cavie at 11!!
With Love

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What a Great 18months its been!!

Wow! The babies are 18 months old Today.. I can't believe it. Time has flown by. Clint said to me the other day " I Think we baby them to much because they still don't act like toddlers" my response was Oh Well! Enjoy it!! I know he is right, they don't talk much just the normal MaMa, Dada,Bubba,uh oh ,oh boy,no no. They shake their heads yes and no. They can go to whoever you ask them to as take this to Bubba or Max etc.. They wave bye bye, play peek a boo, can do So Big, love to give kisses and "love your brother". They love love love to suck their thumbs while holding their beloved blankies! Most of the time they are the happiest babies ever born! Other parents of multiples say it only gets easier but this stage is proving to be difficult especially outside where they each want to run opposite directions which sometimes leaves me pulling my hair out! They love bath time and splashing, hate getting their diapers changed, have become Monkey's climbing onto the table and counter tops. They LOVE to dance which is absolutely adorable! They really didn't enjoy Christmas to much not really into opening gifts. They are suffering from some stranger and strange place anxiety. They both REALLY REALLY love Daddy and really enjoyed all the attention they got from him last week when he was home! They continue to be the absolute perfect additions to our family I am so glad I was given this blessing !!! Love me my babies!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

I love this picture! He is so goofy! Makes life FUN!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing Man in my life! You truly are what makes this family whole! We all love you so much!
5 things I love the most about this man
1. He loves his children more than anything else
2. He is Hardworking (even though its one of the things that makes me the maddest)
3. He is Never afraid to jump in and help out with the kids, the house, cooking etc.
4. He is NEVER afraid of a project if he has never done it he will read about it til he can do it and it is always perfect when he is done!
5. He is my Rock! I wouldn't know what to do without him!

I could go on and on but this sums it up! He is a Great Man and we are lucky to call him our Daddy and Husband!!

Love ya Babe!!