Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wow..Its been Awhile

What can I say it's been crazy busy around here the last few months and I guess I just haven't made daily updates a priority. Which is a mistake.  April brought Mallory a Spring Season of Volleyball in which her team took 2nd in the tournament and the league. She had a Great season and has really improved her serving skills. April also brought the start of Mason's Tae Kwon Do career which he is loving and has now moved from white belt to yellow belt. He goes twice a week for an hour thank goodness it's right here in town! On a sad note April also brought the loss of Clint's Grandpa. It was very sad. He was a wonderful man and we all miss him very much!
        Then we moved  to May which went by at the spend of light and kept Mama VERY busy to say the least. I look back at the May calander and cannot believe I made it through with all my hair!! I think there was only 2 days where I didn't have something to do or some place to be. On the last day of school I hired a babysitter just to get through all the award ceremonies etc. best money I ever spent! Plus the little boys love to hang out with Connor! The last day of school we had a PARTY the kids had a blast kicking off Summer Vacation with their friends! Lots of water play and a yummy ice cream sundae! Doesn't get much better than that! 
         June has passed quickly. We visit the pool daily! I now have 4 kids who can swim great and go off and do their own thing and Max is working really hard on that he can swim across the pool and now go off diving board and swim to the side by himself. Maccoy is my little fish swimming under the water and he has NO fear so he will just jump in wherever! Crazy kid! Cayne on the other hand is a little more scared doesn't really like to stick his face in the water and can take or leave the pool.  When we aren't at the pool we are trying to stay cool in the a/c these 100 degree days are awful. By 5pm. mom is about to loose her mind since we have been stuck in the house all day due to the awful heat. We have also had dentist appts. in June which went great! Mallory has been doing a Strength/Agility Camp 3 times a week which means several trips into town to get her! But she loves it! She is also playing on a Summer League Volleyball team and doing some private lessons so she is keeping us busy! I love watching her play and learn new things! Best of all she LOVES volleyball!! win/win! We Celebrated Maxton's 5th bday on June 13th!! I can't believe my baby is 5! Wow where does time go! We went out to eat, had Cake and Ice Cream, He had a milkshake for breakfast and was treated like a king! Love that boy but man is he a hand full!   Carter did a full contact football camp in mid June! He loved it had so much fun and hopefully learned a lot. I spent most of my week going to watch him and taping things so that him and I can run some of the drills! Look out neighbors I bought a whistle!! I LOVE being a football mom!! At camp check in a man approached us with his son/ I was wearing my SH shirt and he asked if my son played last year on a team I said ya with the Bronco's (his son was really tall) I said how about yours and when he responded ya we played you I said "Carter is only going to be a 3rd grader so probably not us" and he said " ya Jayden is only going to be a third grader too" which the little boy responded "Hey weren't you the quarter back last year and "Carter said ya" Jayden said " I sacked you"!!! I said" buddy you and a lot of other people too"!!!!  And there began a friendship! Jayden and Carter were buds the rest of camp!  June also brought a mini vaca for Clint and I! We left the kids at Grandma's and headed home for 2.5 days of FUN kid free!! We hit a water park! We did World's of Fun and had a BLAST! Roller Coasters are not my deal but that day I decided to just do it we rode the Mamaba 8 times in a row!! By the last 4 times I was loving it! I figure I gotta get over the fear since all these kids will love this stuff I don't want to sit on the ground and watch I want to be next to them and enjoy it with them!! Unfortunately our day ended early when I stepped down into a hole and messed up my ankle/foot good grief did it hurt and actually is still causing me pain..ugggg. We also ate some great food and the best part laughed a lot and just had an amazing time! You really have to eat that time up if you don't get it very often! Thanks Judy,Alva,Mom,Dad, Jay and Em for letting us have some time together! The kids had a blast too they actually thought that was vacation! They also got lots of Cousin time with Drew and Tava which is a huge blessing!
Here we are into July! We of course Celebrated the Twins 3rd birthday on the 4th! I of course cried off and on through out the day I just can't believe they are so big! They are something! Everyday is something new they do or say. They paired with Maxton make life a bit rough since they are all 3 babied so much they are my little MONSTERS!  Mallory's camp will be over next week and so will volleyball with a end of the season tournament. We should have a few weeks of nothing! We may even throw in a vacation to somewhere! We are throwing some idea's around you just never know about us we are so last minute!! Then August will be here and Soccer practice for Cavin will begin, Football for Carter, Mason tae kwon do will continue, we haven't decided about Mallory's volleyball yet and of course the first day of school August 15th I believe.. Four kids gone all day in 3 different schools plus Maxton half/day.... Makes my stomach sick... Yep not going there today! Enjoying the rest of summer break!! Although I am buying school supplies already and making plans to pay the school fee's...... No stop! Pool! Vacation! Sleeping in..:) July just started we got some time!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well I guess you could say I have been taking a bit of a break from blogging lately..... Holy cow its been over 2 months since I last posted and man oh man has a lot happened!! So lets do a catch up hopefully followed by some pictures!!

Clint is still working like a crazy man and most of the time loving it! When he isn't there he is here but still there, he is in need of some serious Blackberry addiction counseling! He got in a little deer hunting in Nov. I believe he got a buck and for the first time ever he decided to let someone else process it which I believe is a wise idea! When he isn't working or checking his phone he can be found helping the kids with homework or working on various projects he has started around the house.

Mallory is breezing through 5th grade only hit a few hurtles along the way. She continues with her straight A's, Got on the principles Honor Roll last 9 weeks and enjoys math and art. She is the best babysitter and can be found watching her younger brothers a few times a month while Mom and Dad catch some alone time :) She really enjoyed her volleyball season and is looking forward to her spring season! She just had her first band concert last week and has worked really hard at mastering her Trombone! When she first started playing back in Sept. I thought Oh my word but now she plays actual songs and they sound good! So proud of her! When she isn't studying or practicing her trombone she can be found listening to her Ipod or watching her favorite TV shows and once in a while reading a book for fun and not cause she has to...

Mason is getting along well this year in 4th grade. He likes his teacher lots. Seems to be learning quit a bit. There has been a few nights when we have had to put homework off til Clint gets home just cause this dumb mom can't figure out 4th grade math :( I swear I need to go to school with them to learn whats going on! He continues to have his same good friends, they get along really well and have a lot of the same interests! We are thankful for that! He celebrated his 10th birthday with a sleepover and some laser tag! A good time was had by all! He is looking forward to baseball season and is thinking maybe he might want to play football. We will see! He is such a good kid but he has shown some attitude lately that I am not to happy about! He is patiently waiting his bday present til Spring/Summer a Puppy now if we can just get dad on board 100% we will be doing good!

Carter is loving 2nd Grade and his amazing teacher! He also had a wonderful student teacher this year til Nov. and he loved her as well!! He continues to amaze us and his teachers with his incredible Math skills! He catches on so easy and the things he can do in his head are crazy! He struggles with his reading as far as comprehension but we are seeing wonderful improvements! He finished his football season with 0 wins :( but he did a wonderful job at QB and later in the season as a running back. It took a few games for him to tackle but once he did it he was hooked! Clint and I enjoyed watching him! I thought I would hate watching him get tackled and he got creamed a lot but watching him have fun, and make awesome plays was Amazing! Looking forward to next season! I will probably be "that" football mom but hey if you don't like it don't look or listen!! He continues to be the crazy one of the family always jumping around and acting like he has ants in his pants, he is the one all people are drawn to especially little girls oh dear please help me! Although he still says "mommy is my only girlfriend"!! Hope to keep it that way for oh about 10 years!! :) yesterday he asked me to call him "yes sir" to which I replied "um No but you can call me yes mam" so he says "then call me Mr.Meade" to which I reply "um no that's your dad" to which he says " then what can you call me?" and I say "Carter" end of conversation? Seriously!

Cavin is kicking butt in Kindergarten!! His teacher is phenomenal!! He has learned so much already and it's only Dec.! He can add simple problems, write sentences and is starting to spell words!! He loves going to school! He has really came out of his shell this year, no more shy guy! I have actually witnessed him walking up to a little boy he didn't know and asking him to play! Amazing! Never thought I would see the day!! I hated not putting him in all day kindergarten til about mid Sept. then it finally hit me this is my last year with him 1/2 day this is Maxton's last year with him 1/2 day.. So enjoy it! Cuddle, read and have picnics under the kitchen table, bake cookies and cuddle some more because folks something happens to your kid when they enter all day school, they loose something and so do you..

Maxton where to start? He hated school til mid sept. wasn't really participating in class, was shy and quiet and kept to himself! And then Miss Sarah worked her magic and out of the box came Maxton! He still doesn't warm right up but by the end of class he is singing and dancing along with his friends! He is so happy to show me his papers and tell me about recess! He has mastered writing part of his name and while the letters aren't in order they are still on the paper!! Right before Halloween his Vascular Malformation flared up on his elbow and on the top of his hand it freaked Clint and I out as the bumps have never came on so fast and gotten so large. So off to the Dr. we went for what I would say was a very disappointing visit. We did get sono's, plain films and labs. Which all indicated his type of Vascular Malformation is called a Lymphatic Malformation although the dr. gave us no info so all I know is from my own research. We are scheduled to see a team of Dr.'s on Jan.23rd.. Along time away it seems. In the meantime he is taking aspirin daily and got a new pressure garment (black with Batman) which he doesn't mind wearing! This time his garment has fingers in it so learning to write and color is a bit tricky, but he is doing ok. Then a few weeks ago appeared this HUGE nodule on his forearm. The biggest one yet started off around dime size and is now walnut size? Blue/purple in color. But the Dr. assures us it's ok to continue on with the aspirin and pressure garment. The thing about the last 3 bumps is they are painful to him he won't let you touch them even. We are looking forward to seeing the Vascular Team in January. Til then Maxton will keep us on our toes! Crazy Kid he is! My parents say he is this families Dennis The Menace but the twins are giving him a run for his money for that title!

Twiners!! They are BIG BIG BIG!! they jabber all the time! Love Mommy! Miss Daddy when he isn't here! Love all their siblings who treat them like gold! well at least most of the time! Would spend whole days reading books with mommy or getting into EVERYTHING they aren't suppose to. They both love Cars. Maccoy loves Spiderman and Batman. Cayne is more of a tools boy and keys loves keys! If mine go missing I can usually ask Cayne where he put them.. To bad it doesn't work for my ring that is still missing (heartbroken about this). They aren't potty trained not even close which is a big Fail on my part... What am I waiting on? All the others were done by 2 years and 4mths max... They are 2 and a half.. YIKES.. We took down their baby cribs ( I cried) and they got bunk beds but turned out they only want to sleep together so out went one of the beds and they sleep very cozy in 1 twin bed! They still love their blankies carry them everywhere.. Love to watch movies especially Cars and Grinch. They drive me crazy some days as one will get into something in one room and while i clean up that the other is getting into something somewhere else.. It's the Crazy House!!

Me well I am still here and thats about all I can say.. I am busy busy busy hence the lack of blog updates. Trying to keep the house in order has me a bit depressed. Clint working so many hours has become the normal so I don't tend to get mad about that anymore. He is providing for his family (right! wink wink). I try to get organized at least once a week and then give up about once a week! I am doing good keeping my head above water most days!! I wouldn't change this life for anything it's a Crazy life but it's mine and I love it!! I got to witness the birth of my friends baby and it was amazing but got me thinking "why did I ever think this was fun" ? I have a bond with baby Hudson that is very special!!

Clint and I celebrated our 17 year first date anniversary! I can't believe it has been 17 years since that Christmas dance? Who knew that those two crazy immature teenagers would still be together with a beautiful family still acting like crazy teenagers some days(if you don't believe this you should ask the guys clint works with cause the xmas party over the weekend got kinda crazy) the pictures won't be shared (wink wink)??

In other news Clint's brother and his wife welcomed their 4th baby in Oct. a little Boy who they named Steele. My brother and sister in law bought a new house and will welcome a new baby into their family this month! My parents sold their house and will be moving in Jan. Guess thats about it!

Going to try to get some pictures up soon!! And I hope it's not 2 months til my next update but if it is MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Almost forget Maccoy's appt. With Dr.Kaine last week went as expected. He is stable. Although some of his numbers are up. It just shows us that there is some Right side heart enlargement which Dr.K said is normal for TET repairs. He said of course the valve will need replaced we don't know when but he has high hopes for Maccoy to make it to teenage years. Next year we will continue to talk about doing all the following Holter Monitor cardiac MRI and in school age years exercise stress test. He has No restrictions right now (seeing as he is only 2) but in years to come there will be which we already know about. He gave us some warning signs and things to notify him of. Over all it was a ok appt. Still leaves me a bit breathless to think about but I am dealing. It's Life... See Dr. Kaine in Aug 2012! And hopefully not before :)
We are fighting a bug here.. whats new? It's been hanging around for about a month and just keeps going from kid to kid and back. I am sure to end up at the dr. soon with somebody just not sure who yet?? Between sick kids, football, volleyball, homework and everyday bologna we are down right crazy busy here! And mama is feeling it! When I hit the pillow at 10pm. I am usually out like a light in 5 secs!

Last week brought carter his 3rd loss :( bummer! He almost had a touchdown and as you can imagine this mama was screaming her lungs out but he was stopped a few yards from the end zone and sadly they still didn't make a touchdown even being that close. Hoping this weeks game is better!! He is still playing the QB position, and now even getting in on some defense where he is proving that he can tackle as evidence from my little video!!

Mallory is loving volleyball! She is really good at it too!! I am loving this team because the coach is great with the girls and because we know known of the girls so there isn't a competition as to who is better etc.. they go out they have fun and mallory has made some good new friends!! They have played some great matches! Out of 6 matches they have won 4! Mallory has had some great returns! We are uber proud of her!!

Last Wed. Mallory's aunt called said she won Taylor Swift tickets on the radio and wondered if Mallory and I would want them! Of course we jumped at the chance! So I took my lovely daughter to her first concert and we had a great time! Taylor Swift puts on a Amazing show! I really love her and her music! It was fun we rode to the concert with friends and that was fun to see the girls getting all excited!

The twins continue to get bigger daily. I haven't cut their hair yet and am having people confuse them for girls so I am sure it's about time but it's heartbreaking... so I am waiting! They climb out of their cribs so it's time for big boy beds.. yikes... In almost 11 Years we have NEVER been without a crib in our house (tears)... Cayne likes to sleep with Maccoy and he bed hops so we find them in the same crib a lot which is super cute. When asked "whats your name" they both say "name caynie" although Maccoy answers to his name he still thinks he is cayne and cayne thinks maccoys name is cayne? it's so weird? they can count to 5, love to read books, love love love lawn mowers or anything that looks or sounds like a lawn mower. we are working on potty training but I have to admit potty training twins is a bit more difficult than a single child. I remember years ago potty training multiple daycare kids and I still feel like this is more difficult? Maybe cause they just aren't quit ready? Or because I am not quit ready! I am finding all this stuff that I am doing for the last time makes me sad yet excited? I don't want the years to go so fast but I am anxious to see what each one of these kids turns into? weird huh?

Anyway that is the happenings around the M house with the gaggle. I am sure I left out a ton but the twins are up and not feeling well so I must run!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011