Thursday, October 28, 2010

Double Digits! Happy 10th Birthday Mallory

I wanted to title this post Holy Crap.. Because I don't know how the heck my baby girl is 10 years old?? Over half my time with her under this roof is gone.. And I don't know how much of it I remember? It seems like I just blinked and she went from a bald 1 year old so cute and loving to a sassy dramatic tween over night.. She is my only daughter, she is a big help, she is dramatic, and sassy, but yet sweet and helpful. All the things I am sure I was at this age. She is the apple of her daddy's eye, she can do no wrong and get pretty much whatever she wants. I don't know what I would do without her help with all these boys, especially the twins, I love to hear her stories from school and listen to her and her friends talk. Watching her grow is so fun yet so sad all in one. I love this little girl "to the moon and back"!!

Dear Mallory,
Daddy and I are so proud of everything you do from your straight A's to helping your brothers find a lost shoe. We know we can always count on you to be a good kid. Your smart, and silly, caring and sweet, beautiful inside and out. The last 10 years have flown by and before we know it we will be sending you off to college. I love seeing the girl you are becoming. I know you really want a puppy and we are still debating that one! Its a lot of responsibility but I think you can handle it! I love that you love art and your really good at it you should always continue to draw and paint and use your imagination! I love that you are reading more and I really hope someday you will enjoy it as much as me! I love to watch you with your daddy you two have a special bond and it melts my heart. I can't wait to see what the next year brings how you change and grow! You will always be our Baby Girl and we will always love you "to the moon and back"! Happy 10th Birthday Mallory Jenae!!

All our Love
Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maccoy just stood up in the middle of the floor and took off walking!! First time! He walks but has to have something to pull to a stand until today!! Big Boy!! Stop stop stop stay babies a little longer Please?

Carter's parent teacher conference brought me to tears.. His teacher is wonderful and says he is doing great he is such a helper and so smart and very caring. He is just a sweet kid!! Always nice to hear nice comments about your child! But the tear jerking part was when she showed me his grade card where he gave himself grades and the first question was how do you like school? and his reply was so/so, Miss S asked him why was it just so/so (because he is always smiling,happy,has lots of friends etc.) and his response was..... " i miss my mom sometimes so thats why I only kinda like school" cue the tears :( sweet sweet Carter I miss you too while your at school you have grown so fast I hardly remember the chubby sweet baby shaking your booty.. I love the boy you are growing into and am soooo proud of all you do! Keep up the good work! And the last question was What are you Good at? his reply PE and What do you need to improve on? His reply "running" CUTE!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

How do you say NO to this??

Mallory wants a puppy and I must be crazy to be even considering it?? We live in a zoo the way it is why add to it?? I have a lot of pro's and con's to this. My main one is we have a dog zoey a 13 year old yorkie who we don't really care for she hates the kids has tried to bite a few times and will have nothing to do with any of us but Clint. I feel bad for her but what do we do? I want the kids to have a pet that plays and cuddles who teaches them responsibility? But I don't want to get stuck taking care of it all the time when the new wears off.. So we are thinking debating fighting etc.. oh what to do what to do??

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dear Cavin,
I love the way you want to help and the way you smile from ear to ear when I praise you for doing such a good job and being such a big helper! Everyday you get bigger and bigger. You learn new things and I realize your not a baby anymore. I love to hear you laugh it makes me smile and most of the time giggle too. I love how you count to 30 it goes something like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,17,15,20,24,23,27,17,18,22,27, but you are so thrilled with yourself and I am so proud of you!

Love you Sweet Boy

Thursday, October 7, 2010


This week has been a hard one emotionally. Every time a heart child earns their wings or is having a difficult time it makes me remember all that my Rock Star Son has been through in the past 15mths... We have been putting off a "party" to Thank some special people for awhile due to illness and schedule but it is finally happening Tom. night and I am so happy!! I just went back and read all the comments left on this blog while Maccoy was in the hospital and I was so touched that so many people prayed for us and read about Maccoy and seemed to really care about him. We are in a good place right now today who knows about next year, next month or tom.. but today we are good. I know I can't let the what if's and the have beens run my life but they are always and will always be there that is just part of this journey I have come to except that. Please continue to pray for Ewan and Joshua's families going through what I would consider the hardest thing ever; to loose a child.
Our day tomorrow will be filled with Thanks as we celebrate Maccoy's mended heart with my Best Friends who did soooooo much for us while Maccoy was in the hospital and the months leading up to surgery. For all the times they listened to me cry and go on and on about CHD. For always being there to help me no matter what and still listening to me cry and go on and on about CHD. They are the Best Friends anyone could ask for I love you All Jennifer,Amy, Stacey! Thank you sooo much for always being there for me and my family.
But tomorrow just got even better and it couldn't be happening on a better day! Maccoy is getting a huge surprise Nurse Stephanie from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is coming to visit him!! I am so thrilled!! I am thankful for the care Maccoy got in the PICU all the nurse we had were wonderful but Stephanie well there is No words for her she is above Wonderful above Amazing she is out of this world! We can't wait to show her what the "Real Maccoy" is like!! LOL(clint you liked that didn't you)!! Pictures coming soon of our CELEBRATION!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Why has this been such a horrible week in the CHD world?? 9 babies/children have lost their life this week and that's only the ones we hear about through blogs or facebook etc... While I am only familiar with a few of their stories I still feel the impact of all of their deaths. We need more funding for research for CHD. CHD occurs in 1 in 100 babies.....

Another sweet baby has earned his Angel Wings today baby Joshua will be forever missed. Please say a prayer for his family.. Here is is his blog.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Baby Ewan earned his Angel Wings last night.... My heart aches for his parents..... That sweet baby I had never even met taught me so much in his short life.. I will be holding Maccoy a little tighter tonight and remembering how blessed I am.. You can read his mommy's beautiful words on Team Ewan's Blog... Under my Heart Friends

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ummm No

Puke free weekend.... Hahahaha Jokes on me! Not 20 mins after i wrote the last post Mason got sick :( then 15 mins later Clint sends me a text that he too is ill :( This 7 kids plus the stomach flu really Stinks... I HATE PUKE... I just want this over so we can get back to real life instead of wondering when the next kid will get sick.. So Mallory and Maxton are left and me but to tell you the truth my stomach has hurt for days so who knows? I hope this is gone by Sunday cause I have plans with my girlfriends and I am long over due for some girl time!! Please Flu be gone from my house, I hate you and if you can Don't come back!!!

Why are we such a Freak show?

Why do people always have to look at us like we are a freak show?? It used to be the comments like are they all yours and now we get the are they Twins?? Really people Really? They are dressed in the same fricken outfit and look pretty similar what do you think??
Mallory just got done doing punt,pass, kick contest at school it was fun to go watch! They divide them into boys and girls and then measure their distance for each thing. I have to say I thought her wanting to do this was a little weird but she did a great job! I think she got 5th? Not to bad! And she found out a girl is playing jr. high football so she has decided she is going to, not sure how Clint will feel about that, but you never know! Girls can do anything boys can do(you have to have that attitude in a house full of brothers right!)!!!!
Anyway people kept staring and making comments and it finally dawned on me that the reason they look at us this way is sometimes my boys act like crazy people! Lately they can't keep their hands to themselves. Constantly hitting, punching, pushing each other its ridiculous. Something we definitely will be having a long talk about tonight when Clint gets home. I want my kids to be well behaved but once one starts down the slippery slop of naughtiness then the rest must follow before long you have Complete chaos.. Anyway my ramblings for today. I realized today I think Mason and I will be Best Friends as he grows.. That kid is an absolute sweetheart! And he lost another tooth last night and was very upset that the tooth fairy paid him in dimes :) Hoping for a Great Puke Free Weekend! Fingers Crossed!!!

Another Bad Day in "broken heart world"

Baby Ewan is in need of any prayers you can give! Sweet baby came off ECMO and was doing well then things started to go down hill and now his parents are faced with a very difficult/heartbreaking decision. My heart is breaking for them. You can visit the family from my sidebar.