Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So I realize that I am a emotional wreck these days (that's what pregnancy does to me) but today is especially bad.... I took the kids out this morning to pick up Clint's xmas gift and I was very nervous because of the weather we got yesterday so I just took it slow.. We got to the store fine and just hearing Mason look at someone and say Merry Christmas without being told to melted my heart and I teared up, then we were on our way home and I was taking it slow again but somebody decided to turn at the last min. in front of me and my brakes locked up, by the time I pulled into the grocery store parking lot I was shaking and crying it scared the CRAP out of me all these what ifs were running thru my head, while in the grocery store Carter looked up at me and with his puppy dog eyes said "Can we have donuts" and tears began to fall again and of course I said yes... For some reason today is my favorite day of the year, but some how I forget until it comes around again.. I don't know if it is because my own childhood Christmas was so wonderful, I remember so much from each xmas, my gifts, how I felt, waking my brother up at 2a.m. to tip toe downstairs to see if Santa had come, lying awake all night waiting for it to be time to wake my parents up, the only way to get my parents out of bed was to make their coffee.. Today is such a magical day to a child!! The anticipation of what will be waiting for you under the tree in the morning.. I am hoping this year my kids really get into it because for the past several years I am the one waking them up because I can't wait to see their reaction ( This annoys Clint)....

Anyway I wanted to wish Everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I feel like taking a trip to warmth!!!

A couple pictures from our trip to West Palm Beach back in Nov..... With this nasty, cold weather I wish I could fly there right now!!!! Put on my sunglassess, my shorts and enjoy the warmth!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pics from Mason's Award

I think he was surprised and happy!!! That is his wonderful teacher Mrs.Konzem giving out the awards!!


All the cousins together with Santa!!!!

The kids with Santa this weekend!! He came to visit us at Clint's side Family Xmas!! The kids got lots of nice stuff that they love and most important got to spend some great quality time with their cousins Therron, Zachary, Jade and Cutter all their aunts and uncles and of course Grandma and Grandpa!! Safe to say a Good time was had by all!! It was a nice start the Holiday week!! We will have Xmas at home on Thurs.. and then travel to my parents for xmas with that side Friday!! Busy Busy Week!!!


Clint and I are Pregnant AGAIN!!!!!

Yes we know what causes it, Yes we planed it, Yes we are excited as are all the kids!! And Yes this is one of the reason's I have been so far behind blogging lately I am EXHAUSTED!! We are praying that all goes well and I have to tell you that I have been really naive the last 5 pregnancies and it is catching up with me this time as I am really nervous about something being wrong... We are due in July and are 9 weeks along....

So there is our news for the week!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Okay Okay

Okay Okay Clint get off my back I realize I haven't been updating my blog like I should.... So this post is to get my wonderful husband off my back!!! We have had a nasty cold going around our house for the last week and it finally hit mom and well all mom's know that when you get sick it isn't good.... Needless to say blogging has taken a back burner!!
I would like to start by saying that Maxton bounced back from his surgery in super speed and is doing fine other than having this cold which has mad him pretty clingy to mommy. He is still his same naughty self getting into lots of trouble all day long!! Wed. I cleaned up pretzels off the floor only to turn around to clean up cookies off the floor in the other room and then find him playing in the sink full of bubbles getting water all over the kitchen floor.. It never ends with this kid!!!
Mason was the star student of the week in his class so he got to bring his special thing to school and he actually told me "mommy I want to take you cause your my most special thing"!!! Talk about heartbreaking!!! I think he really meant it (don't burst my bubble)!!! He was also awarded the Character Key award for Self Discipline at school today at morning assembly!!! He is just making such great progress this year and I think it has a lot to do with his wonderful teacher Mrs.Konzem!!! She is the best!! For xmas Mason is asking Santa for a Nintendo DS with mario brothers to play and transformers! I don't know if he has been that good?
Mallory continues to get better with reading and is a whiz at math.. She continues to have trouble with a few girls in her class, but we are talking about girls and I believe a lot of it is just Mallory drama!!! She is excited for xmas and is asking Santa for a Ipod and a guitar so she can play along with Daddy!!
Cavin got the chance to sit on Santa's lap last week and Santa told him that he would see him on xmas eve and the reindeer would be guiding his sleigh Cavin said " no deer cause my Daddy shoot them"!! Nice thanks Clint!!! He continues to be the lover/cuddlier of the bunch and he makes sure to tell me at least 3 times a day that he "loves me" and that his best friend is Sadie!! He still carries his blankies around and sucks his thumb.. I know I need to break the habit, but I find myself putting it off!! All Cavin wants for xmas this year is a Rock Guitar??? That should be fun... Earplugs are on my xmas list!!!
Carter is doing so much better in prek this year.. He has mastered writing his name and can name many of the letters of the alphabet and is starting to figure out their sounds.. He has made a few friends at school. He still loves doing his puzzles and can now put a 100 piece puzzle together in under 1 hour! Which totally amazes Clint and I. He is asking for more "mans"(action figures) and a robot for xmas...
So I guess there is a update on the kiddo's for all that have been wondering!! I will post pictures soon!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


For whoever is wondering how things went.. We are home and Maxton is "drunk" acting but seems okay we will see how he is in a few hours when the pain meds wear off.. Our surgery was scheduled for 2:30 but we didn't get in until 4pm. It has been a very long day!! They repaired the hernia on the right side but weren't able to check the left side so hopefully it is okay and we won't have to go through this again.. I will update more later, but I need to go take care of my poor baby...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost There....

He may need to wear this outfit for a few days to protect his ouchie from his crazy siblings!!!
So basically I have been keeping Maxton in the house and away from everyone for about 2 weeks to try to keep him healthy until his surgery... We have made it although Cavin and Carter seem to have caught a cough, we are keeping our fingers crossed that Maxton stays well for the next 24 hours!!
I finally got the call yesterday from same day surgery with directions for food/fluid intake and time to be at the hospital... Are you ready for this??? His surgery isn't until 2:30 p.m. yes you heard me right and the kicker is we have to keep him from eating from 1:30a.m. on except for water, apple juice and jello which he can have up to 11:30a.m.... I almost drooped the phone when the nurse on the other end gave me this news.. I said "are you all aware that he is 17mths old?" and she said yes but we go in order of age youngest to oldest and Maxton is the oldest kid Dr.Murphy will be operating on that day... Are you fricken kidding me?? Keep my 17mth old from eating for 12 hours how in the world am I suppose to do that? I even tried to call and reschedule the surgery, but the next time they could do it wasn't unitl Dec.31st and well I have BIG doubts that we can stay healthy that long, so I am biting the bullet and giving this a shot what else can I do? Dr.Murphy's office did give me the go ahead to give him popsicles so I think that will help ALOT!!!
Anyway say a prayer for Maxton that all goes well tom. and he handles the anesthesia fine and we are home by supper!!!
His surgery is at 2:30 tom. the 10th we need to be at the hospital at 1:30p.m. They are going to repair the right side hernia look at the left side to make sure it doesn't need repaired also. The surgery should be less than a hour. He recovers for anywhere between 30 mins to 2hours depending on how he handles the anesthesia.
Thank Goodness I have wonderful friends who are going to watch the kids and pick them up from school.. I have said it a million times but I will say it again THANK YOU LADIES YOUR THE BEST FRIENDS A GIRL COULD HAVE AND I OWE YOU AGAIN!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great White Hunter Gets One!!!

Sorry to all you animal lovers for this picture, but in the sticks where we come from this is a big deal!!! HaHa!!! Clint shot his deer today a 10 point buck!! Way to go honey!! Now hurry up and get home!!! Ya right I still won't see him for 3 more days He is on "Man Vacation"!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Little Behind

Okay so I am a little behind on posts... Kick Me!!! I will try to catch up here the next few days after the kiddo's go to bed since Clint is gone on his "Man Trip" hunting of course!!
Mason turned 7 on the 14th and Clint and I were gone :( I know I know I feel horrible we are terrible parents that choose to do an odd job (later post) for extra money for xmas.. But I assure you he was in Great Hands with Grandma and Grandpa (Clint's parents)!! They went to eat with him at school and took him Sonic!! Then that night he met up with some of his cousins,aunts and uncles at Zonkers to play, won lots of tickets got prizes, went on rides then went on to eat pizza for supper!! I told you he was in good hands!! He got a helicopter from one set of grandparents, a Wii game from the other set of grandparents, money and money orders from his great-grandparents, a transformer, a dart gun(thanks val), another transformer and more money from all his aunts, uncles, and cousins!! He is Spoiled rotten!!
We celebrated with him on Sunday by making him whatever he wanted for Supper!! We had cake and ice cream, and gave him our gifts!! All in all I think he had a great Birthday!!
I couldn't ask for a better 7 year old boy! He is so sweet, kind and caring! I love that little guy to death!!
Love ya Bubba... Mommy

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another... Holly Cow!!

It's as BOY!!!

Quinton Evan
born at 1:30 p.m.ish Nov. 29th

Congratulations to my cousin Jill and her husband Cole!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lots of Stuff to talk about so little time...

I am one of those insane people who gets up at 3 a.m. to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving!! I know I am nuts, Clint makes sure to tell me that every year I do it, but it is FUN!! The last two years I have talked two of my good friends into going with me really it was talking them into last year and this year they were asking me if we were still going!! Amy, Stacey and I headed out to walmart at 4a.m. to get what we thought was their Good Deals!! I had to stand in line in the electronic dept. for over an hour waiting to get my hands on a electronic game (can't tell you in case one of my kids reads this) while it appears that Stacey has octopus arms, and Amy bless her heart froze in the heat of the moment!!! Then we headed to Target I had my eye on the Dyson Vacuum they had on sale, I told myself if they had one left being that they had been open for 20mins I would get it!! They did so I picked it up and called Clint who said ya go ahead and get it!! So I am the proud new owner of a Dyson Vacuum!!

When did I get so lame that I get excited about a fricken Vacuum cleaner?? We went on to Kohls got some Great deals on Toys in there as if my kids really need any more toys, but what would xmas be if all that was under the tree was socks and underwear??

Tava Rae

Friday, November 21, 2008

Babies Everywhere!!

A good friend of mine had her baby today!!

It's a Girl!!

All I know is her name is Regan (sp) she was born at 12:11p.m. and weighed 8lbs 7oz!!!

Congratulations Aimee, TJ and Big Sister Bronwynn!!

I can't wait to meet her!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stolen Pictures from the other Aunt!!

Tava Rae

My Brother Jay with Drew and Tava

Drew holding Tava

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am a Aunt Again!!!

This is the best pictures I have so far. It is my nephew Drew holding his new Sister Tava!!!

My Sister in Law had her baby at 12:10p.m. Today!!
It's a GIRL
Tava Rae (sp?)
She weighed in at
8lbs even,
20" long,
lots of dark hair!
Mom and Baby are doing well!! I will post pictures as soon as I can!!
Congratulations to Jay, Emily and Big Brother Drew!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Big Boy is Turning 7!!

Who time is really flying!! Mason will Turn 7 on Friday and it seems like only yesterday he was born.. He is the sweetest,kindest,most sensitive,caring,compassionate, funny, and loving little guy. He is the Best Big Brother the little boys could ask for. Mallory and Mason would never admit it but they are the best of friends. Without Mason life would be boring he is always finding something funny to say or out of no where willing to give you a hug to brighten your day! He will never say I love mommy or daddy more he always says I love you both the same! He always tells me Thank You for his supper! He probably has the best manners out of any of the kids. He loves to "play mans" with Carter, play Wii, ride his scooter, jump on the trampoline, and build things with lincoln logs, Lego's, magnetix and mega blocks!! He struggles in school, but he never gives up he just tries harder! He absolutely amazes me everyday! We love you so much Bubba and Hope you have a great Birthday even though Mommy and Daddy won't be here to celebrate on Friday we will do it up Big on Sunday!! Have fun with Grandma!!

Lots of Love

Mommy,Daddy,Mallory, Carter,Cavin and Maxton

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please bare with me while I make some changes!! I maybe married to the world's best computer geek, but I myself not so hot at this stuff....

Monday, November 10, 2008


So here are the details of Maxton's hernia

On Thursday morning out of the blue he began screaming,crying, and quivering all over. Nothing I did comforted him he just kept crying hysterically I began to look over him his feet did he step on something, put him down to see if he could walk, looking at his arms, I then thought he must have a tummy ache so I began to rub his tummy, he didn't have a diaper on since I just got him out of the bath tub and something made me look down at his "private" area and that is when I saw a "huge" bulge to the right of his penis.. It was about the size of a bouncy ball. I freaked out and called Clint who then told me to "calm down I can't understand what your saying" I told him "meet us at the ER".. By the time we arrived at the ER it was gone! I was sure that nobody even Clint would believe me. They came in to examine him and decided to give him some pain meds and get a sonogram of that area.. It did pop back out again after arriving at the ER, but didn't seem to cause him to much pain that time. The sonogram showed no abnormal findings, but we were referred onto the Pediatric Urologist. Our appt. with them was today and they will be doing a hernia repair surgery on Maxton on Dec.10th . This is a birth defect, it is very common and the surgery is pretty routine. It is still surgery so for Clint and I it is very scary. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it now and hopefully it won't be a problem before the surgery. They would have scheduled the surgery for this week, but he seems to be coming down with a cold so the doctor wanted to give him 2 to 3 weeks to get over it before doing the surgery. So that is what we know for now!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


I have added a new song to my playlist.. You should listen to it!! Lately I find myself coming in here and getting on the computer taking deep breaths and listening to the words myself and it works wonders!!
You see lately my patience is being tested ALOT!! Between Maxton getting into everything and when I say everything let me tell you a little story about 2 days ago so you get the picture of "EVERYTHING" .. On Wednesday morning I left Maxton in the living room playing with his toys and brothers came into my bedroom to clean up a bit after about enough time to make the bed I heard the sound of glass breaking so I ran into the kitchen to find my 17 month monkey standing on the counter and a HUGE mess on the kitchen floor. He had crawled up into his highchair walked across the counter across the stove"thank goodness it wasn't hot" over to the fridge pulled the halloween candy buckets off the top of it candy went all over the floor, knocked a glass off which broke into a million pieces that I will probably still be finding 2 weeks from now, on his way to the fridge he decided to play in the coffee and get it everywhere all in the matter of 2 mins, no lie.. As I stand there looking at this mess he looks at me with the sweetest baby face and LAUGHS!!! Yes he laughed!! I really think he is half monkey and half MONSTER Baby!!
So between him and then Carter and Cavin constantly fighting, beating on each other, crying and screaming! I am about ready to scream!! These are my top two problems!
So when I start to run out of patience for LIFE with 5 little kids I come into my room go to my blog and listen to this song and then I think about how sad I will be when they are all gone and I am thankful again to be loosing my patience all day!! But sometimes I do need to be reminded how lucky I am!!


I hate kids TV this time of year... Why you ask? COMMERCIALS!!! Every five seconds a new Toy Commercial comes on and my 3 and 4 year olds start screaming "I want that for Christmas". So about 45 times a day I hear that ear deafening phrase and my patience gets less and less.. I honestly have thought about canceling the cable already and it only Nov. 7th!! I guess we will have to turn the TV off until after Xmas!!! Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


It has been a rough day here.. I was in the middle of this post when I had to make a mad dash to the ER.. I know what you are all thinking "AGAIN".. Believe me that is what I said too!! Maxton apparently has an inguinal hernia.. It has been a long day I am shot and I still have to take Mallory to get a haircut, Carter to gymnastics, make supper and clean it up, baths, bedtime, homework. etc.. so I gotta go!! More later

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

So here are the Halloween Pictures from this year!! I had a Clown (Mas) an Old Lady (Mal) a boxer (carter) a spider (cavin) and a frog (Max).. They had a great time and got loads of candy!! And wow was that weather great or what? I mean I don't remember a Halloween so beautiful? Maxton was absolutely adorable. After about 2 houses he had it figured out he would run up the sidewalk, climb the stairs and do his "more" sign to the person giving out the candy, I am not joking when I say that the kid did 35 houses easy never even got in the stroller unlike carter and cavin who made it half way around the neighborhood and started to complain about being tired!! They all had a great time!

Friday, October 31, 2008




Mallory was given the Award for Responsibility today at school! Can you imagine my daughter getting that award?? Well I can't think of a better award for her to receive.. She is the most responsible 8 year child I know. How could she not be? Being that she is the oldest child of 5! She is always keeping track of the little boys for me even when I don't ask her to, she does her chores most days without being told, and almost everyday does her homework without being asked.. She is more responsible than I am okay well lets not go that far, but this was the perfect award for her!
I didn't go to the ceremony cause the little boys were still sleeping so I sent Clint with the camera and well his photography skills aren't the greatest so here is the best picture out of the 5 he took..
Mallory we are so proud of you!!

Birthday Update!!

It is official I have a 8 year old daughter.. How did that happen? Anyway here are a few pictures from the day.. I think she had a great day. Clint and I surprised her at school with Sonic for lunch! Then when she got home she had a package and some cards waiting for her to open! She got a radio from Grandma and Grandpa Gibbs, and money from Grandpa and Grandma Meade, Great Grandma and Grandpa Gibbs, Uncle Jay, Aunt Emily and Drew, and also Great Grandma Meade!! She was very thankful and excited for all of it!! I think she may use some of the money to buy herself a scooter and the rest she will put in her savings account!! From us she got that adorable white hat and 2 webkinz!! We had birthday cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting) and ice cream after school and then we took her out to eat at the restaurant of her choice! I know we treated her like a Queen!
On Saturday she is taking her two closest friends Lucy and Grace to the movies! That should be a fun time!
The pictures above are her wearing her new hat and looking at her webkinz, her blowing out her candles on her cake and her opening the radio from her grandparents!!
It was a great day! And she really is 8! And I really couldn't ask for a better Daughter!! Love ya Mally Moo!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cute Cute

Carter got in the van after preschool today and as we are driving home says to me "mom someone in my class likes me" I said who and he replies " I don't know her name,but she says I am handsome!" Oh boy here we go!!! I am going to have to beat girls away from my front door I can see it already all these cute boys I have are going to be TROUBLE!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, kindest, prettiest, most helpful 8 year old girl I know!! 8 years ago today I checked into the hospital to be induced. Daddy and I were so excited we could hardly wait to meet you! We checked in at 7:30 on Friday the 27th anticipating your arrival later that night, but you my dear had other plans to stay in the womb and hang on!! My labor progressed very slowly and hurt pretty bad. Daddy stayed by my side all day and helped me through the contractions we tried everything to make me more comfortable. By 8p.m I was so tired and hurting pretty bad and only dilated to 2 cm, finally around 12:30 my doctor ordered me an epidural I felt so much better after that and by 2:30 a.m. I was 10cm dilated and ready to begin pushing.. after 2 long hours at 5:32a..m on Oct. 28th you were born and my life was changed forever.. I couldn't imagine my life without you!! You are the best daughter I could have ever asked for. Daddy and I love you so much and we are so greatful to have you in our lives!! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!


Mommy,Daddy, Mason,Carter,Cavin and Maxton

Pumpkin Patch 2008

We took our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday after Clint got back from his retreat. The kids had a great time picking out "their" pumpkins and playing in the corn maze and the hay!! It was very windy and a little on the chilly side so we didn't stay for to long, but we did have a good time! Maxton and Cavin really seemed to enjoy it the most!! We are all looking forward to Halloween on Friday!!


Why in the world would they do this?? Yes that is TOOTHPASTE in their hair?? Silly Boys!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weeks like this...

So Clint is leaving on a mangers "Retreat" today and I feel lost already... Days like this are kinda of depressing for me, it is not his help I miss it is the adult company.. You see when you spend 12 hours a day alone with little people just another adult in the room is nice. Someone who actually understands why you are so tired. Someone to listen to your day and you to theirs. Not to mention that I have to take Carter to gymnastics tonight and drag the other 4 kids with me which will be a treat in itself, but it is not my first rodeo I will be fine!! I miss knowing that someone will walk in the front door at 6:30 or so and take a little bit of the load off me if only for a hour or so... How do women do this for months while their husbands fight for our country, or women of traveling men?? Do you get used to it? Because I don't think I ever could. When Clint is gone I tend to give myself a break, I don't clean as much or cook as much it gives me an excuse to be lazy!! if that is possible with 5 kids. so if he was gone for months at a time we would live in filth, eat take out, go broke from eating take out, i would weigh 500lbs, and then when he came home he would just want to leave again!!!! Anyway that is my day. On the plus side it isn't raining here right now!!!

See ya soon Babe, Miss you, love ya, be careful!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

We Made It!!

Well me made it to Centralia!! My parents were happy and surprised to see us.. Unfortunately my dad has to work all weekend so he won't be able to see to much of us, but any little bit counts!! The kids are so happy to be here.. And I always love to visit because my Mother in Law is the Best a girl could ask for she cooks meals, cleans up, watches the kids, gives baths and whatever else I need. . It is like a mini vacation for me!! Anyway all is well at "home"!!!!

i get it now..

My mom said I needed to read this book, so I got it from the library a couple of days ago and of course I don't want to put it down, but I think the reason she wanted me to read it is so I would come "home" cause that is exactly what I am wanting to do is go home and see my parents, my brother, nephew, sister in law and grandparents and my kids are itching to go as well imagine that? Clint didn't put up a fight either so I think we are heading that way after Clint gets off work today. I am suppose to attend a baby shower for my only girl cousin on my mom's side Jill tom. so it works out well!! I am excited to see how big my sister in law is getting since she only has a month left before she gives birth to my new niece or nephew!! I am getting ready to start packing now. I am not telling my parents we are coming I would like to say so that is so I can surprise them, but really it's cause I don't want them to runaway from the chaos that is coming their way!! J/K!!! So Em if your reading this shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! See you soon and plan on saving some time out of your busy weekend for me!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

For my memory...

On Sunday the kids were playing outside after supper as Clint and I sat at the table having an adult conversation in peace and quiet which doesn't happen very often in this house when Cavin came in the house to see Clint eating a brownie so he sat up on the chair to see if he could get a bite (surprise surprise) and so Clint being the nice dad he is gave Cavin a bite, Clint says to him "Cavin I love you" and Cavin says back to him" No Thanks I love Mommy"!!!! It melted my heart and broke Clints!! I am sure tom.. he will have a totally different answer!!

Last night Mason and I were the only ones left downstairs as it was almost bedtime and Clint was upstairs brushing teeth and playing with the other kids. Mason told me he got a post card at school for his flat stanely project from Grandma, I said which one (he has4 he knows well) and he said the one with PaPa and then broke into song "papa the sailor man" (you know like popeye the sailor man.. It was so darn cute!!!

Maxton learned a new word yesterday "WOW" he says it so funny!! So at 15 months he says
MaMa, DaDa, Buba, CarCar (carter), bad,no,dog,ball,baby,Wow,that, hi, bye, and others I am sure I am forgetting... He signs more and is working on the sign for milk.. he follows directions like get me your blankie, go find carcar, where is sissy?, get a ball, go outside, go bye bye.. He seems to be doing pretty well. At his well child check last week he weighed 24lbs 5oz and was 32 1/2 " tall... so everything is okay for now. He does have a few new spots on his right elbow which seem to be making the area on his little finger flare up, but they assure us all is okay. He will have another set of MRI,ultrasound, xray when he gets a little older to check the status of the malformation.. He is also bowlegged but our Doc says there is nothing proven to correct that only time so we will just wait and hope that he isn't bowlegged forever or I guess maybe he could move to the ranch and be a cowboy!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What if?

What if two siblings seem to HATE each other... How do you teach them to love, respect, play nice and just bee good brothers to one another? My middle boys Cavin 3 and Carter 41/2 seem to HATE each other.. My Monday and Wednesday mornings are so peaceful the reason for that is Carter is at Preschool, but the minute Carter gets in the van to come home the fighting,crying,name calling,hitting, punching, spitting, screaming chaos begins and doesn't end until Mason comes home from school at 3:15.. It makes for REALLY LONG DAYS.. And well I am at a loss for what to do to fix it? My other kids all get along Great even Wonderful on most days but these two don't have good days together. Once in awhile they have good moments of quiet happy play, but those are short lived and few and far between.. I am not sure what to do I have of course explained, punished and separated but nothing seems to work.. It is breaking my heart and to be honest my ears!! I am sure this to will pass and hopefully quickly in the meantime I am looking for solutions so if you have some please leave me a comment!!!
Sincerely Heartbroken and Going Crazy Mommy of 5

Tuesday, October 7, 2008