Saturday, May 31, 2008

Maxton's new favorite toy!!!

This Song is my new Favorite.. But it always makes me CRY..

That's what mamas do:
by Jason Matthews

Listen to it on will make you cry!!! I would have put the youtube video on her but I didn't really like it that much..

She’ll change a dirty diaper, wipe a runny nose Get a two day purple Kool-Aid stain right out of your clothes And she'll put her last spare dollar under your pillow, when you lose a tooth She'll bust down your door, and drag you out of bed Make you sit right next to her in church, wearing your Sunday best And when she bows her head to pray, you can bet she's saying one for you

That's what mamas do They raise you, ground you Build their whole world around you With no care for the hell they'll go through That's what mamas do

She'll keep up with all your girlfriends, scare off the ones she hates She'll get a new grey hair and a wrinkle to spare every time you come home late And when you leave to chase that dream, she's gonna cry when she walks by your empty room She'll call and sing you happy birthday, when everybody else forgets On your wedding day, she'll joke and say, “Hey, where are my grandkids?” Oh, and when she finally gets 'em she'll spoil 'em rotten the way her mama did with you

That's what mamas do They raise you, ground you Build their whole world around you And they'll carry the weight of your world too That's what mamas do

But she'll get old and fragile, and the end will come too soon And she'll let go and you'll hold on, the way all children do And you'll miss her, mourn her Leave pretty flowers for her And you'll cry like the baby she knew And she'll hear you, guide you And pray the light finds you She'll never stop watching over you Oh, until you're up there, too

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Day of SUMMER Vacation!!!

And I had to roll out of bed at 7a.m. to get Mallory up and off to Girl Scout Camp.... I remember the feeling that I had on the last day of school when I was a kid pure joy/relief!!!! What happen to that feeling??? Five kids!!!! Now my summer is filled with fighting, messes, the wonderful phrase "I'm bored" or "There is nothing to do", more fighting, and finding interesting things to do to get us out of the house!!! I have a feeling it is going to be a long summer with the gas prices the way they are there won't be many trips to area parks, Deanna Rose Farmstead, garage sales or any other fun stuff we like to do in the summer months.. I will be on the look out for fun crafts and outdoor activities to keep us busy/happy!!!

We had a great weekend we went "home" for Clint's 10 year class reunion.. I think they had about 13 people show up from a class of 28 not bad I guess.. We had fun just hanging out with some "old" friends talking about old times, our kids, and mini vans!! It was nice to have Clint's parents help out with the kids so that we could enjoy some time out by ourselves and of course the grandparents and the kids love that time together. We had a picnic in Topeka on Monday with Clint's parents, his sister Jamie and her husband David, and Clint's brother Torrey his wife Val and their boys Therron and Zachary.. We had a great time. That was a nice break in the 2.5 hour drive back home. Anyway that was our weekend.. I almost forgot while I was "home" I got to visit my grandparents which is always great, but also got to watch my grandpa do the Memorial Day Program at the Cemetery on Monday He is the man who gives the orders for the gun fire not sure of all the wording but it was very neat.. I don't know if I have mentioned it to any of you but he wrote a book about his war experience and has sold all the copies he had made and the local library had him there to sign books,answer questions, and sell copies this weekend which I thought was also neat.. My grandpa the author/celebrity!!!! His book is great so if you are interested in reading it just let me know!!Good Night!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Day

This picture was taken this morning at Mallory's 1st grade Awards ceremony... This is her with her fabulous,awesome,super,wonderful,couldn't ask for a better 1st grade teacher Mrs.Joles!!! Mallory and I will sure miss her next year!! Mallory got an award called the Counselor Award!! Which I can totally see her being when she grows up!! I did miss her receiving the award by seconds I was told, because Man it takes a lot of work to get yourself and 3 little people out the door!!! That was at 8:30a.m. and it was over by 9a.m., but I had to be at the school at 10a.m. for Mason's Award Ceremony and right as we were leaving it started pouring buckets so the boys and I just waited it out and then came home for about 30mins and right as we were walking out the door to go back to school Maxton pooped his pants....... ahhhhhhhhhh.. so we almost missed Mason getting his award too,which was for outstanding improvement on his dibels testing!! It has been a very busy morning!! And I have to admit when I picked Mason up at 11a.m. I got out and gave Mrs.Tilton a big hug and said thanks for the wonderful year and as I drove away I started to cry a little thinking that my babies are getting to big to fast...................

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thursday's the Day.....

Mallory first day of 1st Grade Aug. 07
Mason first day of Kindergarten Aug. 07

Wow where did this school year go?? Tomorrow when Mason and Mallory get in the van after school I will be looking at a 1st and 2nd grader!!! Holly Cow.... I am old enough to have a 1st and 2nd grader... Impossible!!!! They are growing up so fast, to fast... Sometimes at night when they are sleeping I look at them and think it was just yesterday that you had a pacifier and wore a diaper and now you are going to be in 1st and 2nd grade!!!! Mallory is so excited to have Mason at school with her all day for him to eat lunch in the cafeteria and be "big" like her.. She hasn't quit grasped the whole I won't see Mrs.Joles everyday next year thing yet.. Mrs.Joles is Mallory's AWESOME 1st grade teacher who has worked miracles on our daughter and held my hand and guided ME along all year... I have a feeling the first few weeks of 2nd grade are going to be a BIG adjustment for her... I will have to admit I will MISS Mrs.Joles and Mrs.Tilton (Mason's teacher) next year also but ladies your not rid of me quit yet I still have 3 more coming your way!!!! Anyway that's my post for the night!!! I will post there last day of school pictures soon!!

Looks Like Triple Trouble!!!!

Don't you think???

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Carter and Maxton going down the Slide

Big Stuff

Maxton is walking all over now.. He doesn't want to have anything to do with riding in the stroller or the van for that matter.. He is so feisty Clint and I have never seen a kid like this.. At 11 months old if he doesn't get his way he smacks us in the face, the word NO doesn't phase him, a smack on the hand only leads to him fake crying. He doesn't really like to cuddle he just always wants to be on the move.. But isn't he CUTE!!

Carter's Preschool Graduation!!

Carter "graduated" from Preschool this afternoon!! He was so excited to get to do his "performance".. They sang 5 songs with actions and then put on their caps and got a diploma!! Carter didn't wear a cap because he still has another year of preschool, but he still thought he was big stuff and it was adorable!!! He has become a different kid since starting preschool in Jan... and I don't know if it is for the better. I guess at school he is absolutely wonderful a "joy" his teacher says, but at home he is mean and cries about everything.. It seems like Mason went through this stage about 4 so hopefully it will pass. I can be so mad at him and disappointed in the way he is acting but then he crawls up beside me and says "I love you Mommy" and some how I forget all the things that he has done. He has always been the kid that was stuck to my side it was always Mommy for everything never Daddy. Within the last 2 weeks Carter has discovered that Daddy is pretty neat and now seems to be turning into a Daddy's boy, makes me sad cause I think that means he is growing up! Anyway enjoy the pictures. My camera was on the wrong mode so they aren't the best, but the will have to do!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Why do I torture myself??? I decided last minute to make a trip to Kohl's this morning to buy some tennis shoes that they had on sale.. So off I go with the 3 little boys in tow.. MISTAKE.. I have given up on taking the double stroller because Cavin just cries and screams when you put him in it so I let him walk.. My kids have always known that they have to hold on to the stroller,but Cavin doesn't seem to follow that rule to well.. Possibly because he is only 2 and a half?? So I think I lost him like a billion times, he also fell down several times, and you would be surprised what ended up in the stroller that he just thought he had to have toys, clothes for newborns, men's belts, women's panties, a bracelet, a bath towel with a frog on it etc.. etc.. so besides chasing him around and then returning things to where he had picked them up I got nothing accomplished okay so I got Clint and I a pair of shoes and Clint a pair of shorts that apparently aren't the right size which means another trip back.. going on that one alone!!!

Yesterday Clint did the most WONDERFUL thing... He took the older 4 kids fishing while Maxton napped which left me HOME ALONE!!! I got the entire house cleaned top to bottom okay well not the basement,but 2 story's I say that is pretty good!! It is so nice to have a clean house! It won't stay that way for long especially with summer only days away.. yes school is almost out and I am very excited about that.. I love to have my kids home with me at least until they start fighting with each other and saying they are bored! With gas prices being so high we will have to find ways to entertain ourselves here at home.. But I am pretty creative!! This summer we are lucky to have friends that have a pool so that will be great fun!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

One of those weeks...

You know all of us have those weeks when we feel like if one more thing happens are heads are going to "pop" off.. That is my week in a nutshell... Between end of the school stuff for the kids.. fieldtrips,field day, tests, meeting with the teachers etc... then Mason falls of his chair on Wed.. night and hits the back of his head on the other chair and we had to make a ER visit so 4 hours later and 2 stitches we get home, yesterday was just run here and there and every where with the 4 boys... Then today has been the real kicker Cavin has been crying since he got out of bed about every little thing, stupid me decided to meet Mallory at Deanna Rose Farmstead with all 6 boys(today Cavin counts for 2) for her end of the year field trip, but I don't think we made it but maybe 1.5 hours because Cavin kept crying and Maxton was just not content in the stroller and the older boys kept fighting.. I am sure my blood pressure was through the ROUGH.. it doesn't help when they are acting like this in front of a bunch of people who know you and probably think your nuts having 5 kids in 7 years!!!! Then I stupidly took them to Target to grab a bday present for a party Mallory was suppose to go to tonight and that was a HUGE mistake, I mean HUGE.. Anyway even though my day/week has been bad.. I was driving in my van thinking oh well none of this matters because we are all here healthy and together and no matter what my day is like I can always get someone to give me a kiss,hug and "i love you mommy" and then everything seems to be better!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One Last Thing today.. I Promise!!

This is my friend Amy's daughter Elise.. Isn't she ADORABLE!!! We spent the afternoon at the park and she didn't mind having her picture taken!! Cavin calls Amy "lady" it is so cute.. I guess it kinda sounds alike???

Maxton's 11 month's old Today!!

Oh WOW My Baby is 11 months old today...How did he get this big this fast??? He is walking and into everything.. He also has the funniest expressions makes faces at us all the time.. His favorite word right now is "NO".. He also says Hi DaDa... Mama,buba,bye.. He is pretty much a toddler.. He is a mama's baby right now, but sooner or later they always cross over the "dark(dad)" side!!

Mason's Graduation/Program

Mason had his Kindergarten graduation/music program this morning... It was sooooooooooo adorable... He was up there just being a ham.. He was blowing me kisses and giving Clint the thumbs up.. It was absolutely the cutest thing today!!! Here are a few pictures of Mason at his program, The middle picture is Mason with his WONDERFUL kindergarten teacher Mrs.Tilton (you made the blog)!!! The last one is of my almost BIG 1st grader :(

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just Wanted:


Friday, May 9, 2008



Finally Results...

I finally got some results this afternoon from Maxton's MRI... I don't know that we could have asked for better results!!! The MRI showed that the malformation isn't very deep(meaning no vein/bone involvement) it is more of what we see on the surface(the blue area's/swelling etc.) is what we get so that is a huge relief.. There were some abnormal veins under his arm where the port wine stain is but that is to be expected and shouldn't be a problem.. I will get a copy of the MRI and we will talk with the Doctor next week for her opinion on things but to me this is very GOOD NEWS!!! I don't know what it means long term but the Doctor will hopefully have some insight on that .. If he will continue to have the weird area's just show up at random or not? Anyway that is a nice way to start a weekend!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Are you Pictured out yet??

Here are some pictures from today...

My Heart Is Broken....

Ava Rae Boeckman
I know I have posted on here before about Baby Ava who is a guy that Clint and I went to high school withs daughter.. She has been at Children's Mercy since birth(1-31-08) fighting hard for her life.. Sadly she lost that Fight yesterday in her Mommy's arms.. I am asking that you keep her family in your thoughts and prayers... If you want to visit her blog and leave her family a message here it is

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cute Pics

So with this new camera I just can't stop taking pictures.. Out of the thousand I have taken this week I was bound to get some decent shots.. So I thought I would share a few!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

More Lodge Pics...

Here are a few more pics from this weekend.. 1st one is a shot of inside the water park.. 2nd is one of Max he is such a water baby!!! and the 3rd is a picture of my exhausted/sad kids leaving the lodge yesterday about 4pm!!

Great Wolf Lodge

For xmas Clint's parents bought every family a night at Great Wolf Lodge!!! We decided we should all go together and take Alva and Judy along to witness this FUN!!! So we booked it several weeks in advance and that day was Sat.... All together there was 19 of us this includes 9 kids ages 7 and under two of them being 10 months old!!! We had a BLAST... We arrived at 1p.m. sat. even though check in isn't until 4p.m. you can use the water park starting at 1p.m. well if you know the Meade boys we had to come at 1p.m. to get our money's worth!! So we swam until 5 and then went out for supper.. That was an event in it's self!! Then came back and went back to the water park until 10p.m.... I have to say that once we got the kiddo's to bed they all had no problem sleeping the whole night even in a hotel room!!! and neither did the adults.. Man it is a job to try to keep up with 5 kids in a water park with about 200 other people/kids running around!! Thank goodness we had grandma/grandpa/aunts/uncles to help out!! On sunday we got up and went straight to the water park at 9a.m. even ate breakfast there! By 2 p.m. grandma/grandpa/aunts/uncles/cousins were all tired so they left us as did most of the other swimmers so we stayed for a few more hours and enjoyed the park to basically ourselves.. And of course my kids being the little fish that they are didn't want to leave and can't wait to go back.. I have to say though that Clint and I had a pretty good time too.. There is a little kid left in all of us!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Well the MRI was this morning at 8a.m...... Everything went okay.. It took a little longer than they thought because Maxton decided to wake up in the middle of it and try to flip over and sleep on his tummy so they had to give him some more sedation meds and then he woke up from that dose of meds very FUSSY so they gave him more and let him sleep longer.. All in all it took about 3 hours.. We won't have any results until at least Tuesday.. He is home and sleeping off and on and when he is awake he is "drunk".. he has no balance and just falls over if you don't hold on to him... It is so sad..
I will post more later...