Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cavin is a blankey boy thumb sucker.. We have broke it once but the blankey's resurfaced and the thumb sucking began again and it's a lot. At bedtime last week Clint told Cavin if he kept sucking his thumb it was going to get bigger than the other(ok so maybe scaring your child into stopping something isn't the best approach but it is what it is) I didn't know they had that conversation so the next day as I was folding laundry (imagine that) Cavin comes to me crying and I asked him what happen are you hurt, sick, did you break something? His response was all No but the tears kept coming? Finally he said look at my thumb it's getting bigger and it hit me like a ton of bricks what Clint had told him so me being the mommy trying to make it all better said daddy was playing a trick on you, see mommy's thumbs I sucked mine and they didn't get bigger made him feel better I thought til later I noticed he was sucking the other thumb! When I asked him why he was doing that he said "so they will both be bigger" HaHaHa... Cute!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mallory wanted to take her baby brothers for show and share at school! They were a hit!!


Sweet Boy Maxton!


Clint and Carter at Texas Roadhouse celebrating Carter's 7th Birthday!


The Bigs watching a movie at CoCo Key.. in Age order!


Sometimes I look at my kids and think there aren't that many of you why do people ask questions and look at us so strangely? Sometimes I look at them and think holy cow how did this happen? Yesterday was a holy cow how did this happen kinda day (with a huge smile on my face) as I lay in my bed at 8a.m. surrounded by the 6 little boys that I love more than anything else in this world. It was a time when I look at Clint and he looks back at me and says Thank You.. Kinda like the times when Mallory is telling a story about her day and Clint looks at me and gives me this certain look that only I know that says she is ours Thank You she is Wonderful... They are all wonderful! But let me tell you after load number 15 of laundry yesterday (and the first one started at 1a.m.) I was thinking holy cow this is a lot of kids!! Did I mention that was laundry for 4 days? Yep only 4 days! Crazy Right? My washing machine is running at least 2 times per day on a normal day then I do BIG laundry twice per week on those days I usually do between 8 and 15 loads.. But the good news is I got it all put away before bed!! That is a huge deal in this house!! My mother in law has 4 kids, when Clint and I first started dating and I would go over to his house I would see all this laundry piled up around her den and wonder why on earth it wasn't put away ( I only have a brother and my mom always had our laundry put away the same day she washed it).. About 2 years ago I called my mother in law up and said "I get it now why your laundry was never put away because its a endless battle and your never going to win" Sort, Wash,Dry, Fold I will do that with ease but I am burnt out by the time it's time to put it away!!! As the kids get older I am sure they will help out more with this, but for now it all falls mostly on mom! Clint pretends he doesn't know how to run the washer!! :)

The babies new phrase is "I don't know" throw their little arms up in the air.. Its absolutely precious! Wish I could figure out how to upload video but that's one of the things I pretend not to know so Clint will have to do it!! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's coming...... clint and I's 12 year anniversary!! Holy Cow! 12 years of marriage.. 12 years and 7 kids.. Not a lot of people can say that!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

this has been the best week.. I will blog more later, but I want to remember how much fun and laughter we have had this Spring Break... The time spent with grandma judy, some cousins, some great family time which hasn't been interrupted by clint's always ringing phone, so much laughter and love... some fun time with just the girls watching my daughter laugh with her girlfriends and seeing our future flash before my eyes as I watch her grow and turn into a beautiful fun young lady, some wii time with daddy and the boys, lots of take out food, and again more laughter and love.. what a great Spring Break 2011 has been even with a nasty cold we all seem to have... so blessed are we... I love my Gaggle!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I love this age the twins are in.. I love that when someone cries they run to hug and love them to comfort them.. Its absolutely adorable!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is it a ball or Maxton's head?

This picture is from this morning things look a lot better the bruise and swelling are flat like a pancake rather than sticking out like an egg like when we first got to the hospital...

Today was a scary day.. today I hated... today I never want to experience again but know I will... Today while having fun with my kids enjoying the sunshine and some Sonic slush's just soaking in my wonderful world pitching some wiffle balls and catching some pop flies something terrible happened that stopped my heart and made my head spin...

Carter is up to bat he picks up the hard baseball bat to hit the wiffle ball I am pitching to him? Why not the plastic bat you ask, I don't know? All 7 kids and I out in the yard by the way... I pitch he swings his powerful swing misses the ball and smacks Maxton straight in the side of his beautiful little head, I pause at the sound and wonder if I accidentally pitched a baseball and not the plastic ball but as I see my 3 year old in slow motion fall backwards and hear Mallory scream, I realize NO I didn't the sound of the Home Run at a baseball stadium came from the impact of Carters baseball bat knocking Maxton in the head, when I get to him there is a indention in his head and he is screaming hysterically, he keeps saying he is going to puke, I don't move him I yell at the others for ice and ibuprofen, to grab the twins as I fumble for my phone to call Clint I know we must get to the ER, I hold it together look at his pupils have him follow my finger while waiting for the ice, ask him simple questions he seems to be ok other than in pain, I lift him and carry him to the house where I lay him down on the couch and redial Clint 4 times before he gets the hint its important and picks up I scream must come home mumble my story quickly which he responds with how and why? I don't have time to answer his dumb questions I leave mallory and the neighbor girl in charge of the 4 smalls and take Mason with me to keep Max awake, I am shaking and worried I drive thinking of all the what if's I keep prompting Mason to ask him questions and keep him awake. We make it the lump is the size of a egg sticking of the side of his head he isn't him self acting very weird, they check us in have us wait take us back have us wait the Dr. comes in takes a look we decide his eye doesn't look right and the bump is on the border between the hard and soft part of his skull she wants a CT scan I am thrilled this will set our minds at ease.. all the while Clint is worried, Carter has been crying feeling awful, Cavin and Mallory are also worried.. They take Maxton and I back to xray and Mason stays with a very sweet pregnant nurse eats a Popsicle while we do the "pictures" of Maxton's head... Much to our relief and after Maxton gets his own red Popsicle we get the ALL clear so close to something really bad but it all ended up ok.. Tonight Maxton sleeps with me cuddled up next to me where I can kiss and hold him and Thank GOD he is okay.. That's how a good days turn bad in a second.. .... Oh these boys are going to send me to the crazy house....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Maxton age 3 years "mommy ya know Daddy is Stupendous" Me "Max where did you learn that word?" Maxton "from bubba" Me"huh that's interesting".. Where does this child get his vocabulary? He is so smart yet so slow? He has NO desire to learn his shapes, colors, letters etc.. I try and try but na he is to busy for that. He continues to test my patience daily by throwing his tantrums over tv, video games, pop,candy, popsicles or anything else he believe he needs and needs NOW.. He has started kicking at me which I am trying very hard to stay calm yet firm to make that problem go away.
Carter has been sleep walking more and more lately and not just at night but in the morning also? Usually by 10:00pm. he is up and crying looking to get a drink out of anything that looks like a cup, he is not awake but will follow directions. Its freaky! But after put back in his bed he goes right back to sleep.
Mason is changing. And it makes me sad. He is still sweet and sensitive but he is becoming lazy and moody. Typical Tween I think. I never thought it would happen to my boy my love? Guess a mom can dream! His grades are still excellent but he just isn't the same boy as he was 6 months ago.
Mallory got an A- on her latest math test! So PROUD!! She has been babysitting the boys while clint and I dart out for little errands like the store or the library. She does a great job! Looking forward to being able to get in some date nights when she is a bit older! She will make an awesome babysitter and we may have trouble keeping her to ourselves once word gets out!
Cavin continues to thrive in his preschool class his teacher is really great with him! I am seeing him come out of his shell and make friends! I love his laugh it contagious! and those dimples my oh my! I love me my favie "not so very much"!!
Babies still getting bigger and bigger! I try to say babies at least 100 times a day cause those days are Coming to end all to fast :(

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is it spring yet?? Cause I am sick of puke, pink eye, coughing,fever, runny nose, more puke, ear aches and kids with so much ENERGY to BURN that they could propel a vehicle with it... Seriously Spring COME on you know you want to!!