Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's been along time!! Time is just flying by as is our summer vacation! We are staying busy even with no baseball/softball to play. There has been a lot of swimming, visiting parks, bike riding, the babies FAVORITE mower rides, a visit to grandma's, some sickies which wasn't fun at all, No ER visits yet (yippee!!) Maxton's 4th Birthday!!, some doctor visits with good results or no news which ever is better, some talk of vacation, LOTS and LOTS of fighting which mom doesn't like, many many late nights playing or watching movies, many hours of ds games and wizard 101 on the computer oh and endless hours of cleaning and searching for mommy's lost 3 stone anniversary ring that has been M.I.A. for over a week and is suspected gone :(... That is our summer in a nutshell! I will admit sometimes when I am feeling overwhelmed by the messy house, endless laundry and mass chaos that is this house I want to hide for awhile but I don't I just keep going sometimes I am a little grouchy I am not going to lie but I try to make the most out of these days with you kids I only get so many so I gotta make them count! The babies will be turning 2 in less than a week this is a hard one to swallow because in 11 years I have never gone this long without being pregnant, but I am trying to look at all the fun coming my way and that is exciting!! They are such sweethearts they talk talk talk! And fight fight fight!! I am so lucky to have gotten to experience the miracle of twins. They still sleep in cribs which for us that is unheard of before 2 the others were always in big beds, they are showing little to no interest in potty training all the others potty trained before 2 and really I am not even sure how to potty train twins it is proving to be difficult and time consuming. They love cars, race tracks, the lawn mower, reading books and of course their blankies!! Mallory is doing volleyball camp this week and she is having fun with that she gets older and older by the minute such a big helper and wonderful girl she is!! Mason is just lazy the only word for him for summer! Can't say my summer breaks were much different than that, sleeping in, eating, heading to the pool, TV, Sega/Nintendo, and then playing with friends, getting me to do chores/clean up after myself was nearly impossible just ask my mother!! Mason is so much like me he is also sweet, kind and such a lover! I know he loves his MaMa!!! Carter is crazy as usual always bouncing around seeing what new trick he can learn to make my heart stop! He is up to 2 back flips landing on his feet on the trampoline, he wants to go back to gymnastics, play football and soccer oh and lets not forget martial arts... Hmmmmm how is that going to work?? He is such a social butterfly makes friends with everyone and also a lover! He and Mason couldn't be more different but they are attached at the hip, hate to do things without each other. Carter loves to make me happy by doing chores and extra chores, he gives great hugs and loves his MaMa also!! Cavin oh my where to start? He is not afraid to say no to me, thinks he is still 2 and shouldn't have to help clean up, but once in awhile will surprise me and do it without tears/fighting! He loves to sit on my lap and hug me and fix my hair "sticky bicky" he is great with the babies and often entertains them, wants to be part of the big boy club but Mason and Carter won't let him in, to which I reply you have Max you guys have your own club and they do but better when the big boys aren't around. So glad they will still have their afternoons to play next school year since we decided to do just 1/2 day kindergarten for Cavin instead of paying for the whole day. Again this one loves his MaMa!! I knew what I was doing when I had all these boys!! BOYS LOVE THEIR MAMA'S!!! Last but never least is Big 4 year old Maxton!! I still can't believe he is 4!! He had his preschool assessment on June 9th the day I was sick as a dog in bed with the stomach flu so Clint played Mr.Mom and did a Wonderful Job!! I found out the results on the 23rd that he will go 2 days a week and have Cavin's teacher from last year!! They said he wouldn't be social with other kids and kept asking to go home to see his mommy :( and my response was he is very friendly has no problem talking to other kids when we are out and about but he is home with me 24/7 and I hardly ever leave him with anyone so I can see this being a problem. I am happy for him I think he will love preschool once he gets started!! He also had his dermatology check up for his vascular malformation and at this time he is stable and we will see the vascular team next year in June and have him evaluated by them and also get another MRI and of course they asked me if there had been any recent inflammation and I said no and wouldn't you know it Maxton a week later you woke up with your hand and fingers swollen and the veins looked enlarged we put on your pressure garment and you wore it very well for 3 days took it off and it was fine again so we just reported it to Dr.Knopper. Such a mystery kid!! His birthday was fun he got presents and balloons and BUBBLE GUM, went swimming and then our evening plans got canceled cause daddy was sick in bed with the flu :( but you got a big gun and bike so life was pretty okay!! So guys our summer is busy but I think we are still enjoying each other! I know I sure love all this time with you I will cherish it forever!! I love you all to the moon and back!