Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So yesterday was day 4 of the new school year and it was a bit easier. Last wed. was a killer it started off with much excitement and anticipation and was fine til it was time for mommy to leave Maxton and go home that's when Maxton began to cry huge crocodile tears and beg me not to leave him which broke my heart into a million pieces the crying went on for what I am told was 1 hour or until they took him out for recess early to calm him down after which he was fine! The whole morning I cried I am not going to lie knowing my baby was upset and wanted me made me a basket case. I was thrilled when the clock hit 11a.m. so I could go pick him up and hug him! Cavin had a wonderful day loves his teacher and I think she is going to be Awesome!! Mason was thrilled as well when I picked him up at 3 he said his teacher is nice and he has a good friend in his class! Carter of course my go with the flow kid was happy, we have had his teacher before and she is AMAZING so I know we will have a good year for him! Mallory couldn't stop talking about her teacher and kept saying "and she believes this and this" it was like carrying on a adult conversation! Imagine that?? I see so much of me in her it's kinda scary! We are all adjusting to the early mornings well ok the kids better than mom and dad but we are getting there! The keeping up with the activities, homework, cooking/eating supper and going to bed on time is tricky... Carter is loving football he is the QB. Dad and him practice daily but I think they both enjoy it!! I can't wait for his first game!!! Mallory starts band today and she is over the moon about it!! She is playing the Trombone... I know a little strange but that's my daughter!! She is also going to start playing volleyball soon and is very excited about it! Volleyball wasn't my deal but maybe it will hers she certainly has the height for it!! This morning after all the bigs left t, I sat down in the chair and looked around at the mess left from breakfast and packing lunch and stuff not picked up before bedtime, I listened to the quiet (smalls still sleeping) and I almost cried because in that moment I felt so overwhelmed by all the things that needed to be done and wondered how in the heck will I ever get it done?? Think I will call Merry Maids :)!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Well Wednesday's the day.. The day of the new school year the day my kids go spend more time with other people in a day then they do with me. So many emotions go through me this time of year. I feel sad that summer is over and my time with them is going to be drastically cut, relief that for 8 hours a day I won't have to listen to the older ones fighting with each other or the smaller ones, I am nervous because I have at least 2 who don't want to go, fear that something will happen big or small to them while they aren't with me, joy at going shoe and clothes shopping with them and seeing how happy they are to be sporting some new things, and of course Anxious because of all the homework and activities that we will begin to have to get done and still keep up with bedtime so they get plenty of rest. This is definitely one of those times that I think I must have been crazy to have so many kids this and the day I pay for book fees, school supplies and shoes/clothes for 5 kids!!! I also feel blessed to be able to be here to pick them up everyday from school and hear about their day and help them with their homework and once again hear the fighting that will take place. As we sit at breakfast yesterday morning it was only Mal and Mas, Clint and I left at the table and Clint says can you imagine if we would have stooped at 2 this is what it would be like him and Mal went on to talk about the fancy stuff, vacations, big house etc. that we could have with only 2 kids finally I said Stop why would you even care? All that is just stuff what we have is sooooo much better, yes it is crazy and loud and hey we even get kicked out of places (Long story) but no offense guys 2 was never a number for me I needed wanted more and now I have it and I never want to think of what it would have been like not to have what I have because it's all I want.... I love you all so much!! Here is hoping for a good first day Wed. Pictures posted Wed. of the gaggle minus 2 sporting their new duds! Hope mommy can hold it together long enough to get out of the school.... Oh how I will miss you all my heartbreaks just thinking of Wed. morning.....