Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cutest Baby Ever!!!

Isn't this the Cutest Baby Ever??? This kid keeps me/us on our toes all the time.. No Doubt about it. He has a attitude problem especially if he isn't getting his way. He screams like a girl. He waves bye bye, picks up a phone and says "elllo" so stinkin cute.. His favorite words are mama,dada, bubba, and bop bop.. He seems to be really smart he understands a lot of what we tell him. He is bow legged and mean he hits for no reason and then just laughs.. So naughty... He gives the greatest kisses and holds his sweet little hands out to me when he wants to be held. He gets into everything and I mean everything. He lays his head on my shoulder and pats my back when he is tired. He sucks his finger and carries around blankets,sheets,pillowcases, pj's pants etc...... he fake cries to get his way, he has the best giggle it is infectious you can't help but smile/laugh when he giggles, we think he maybe our left handed kid only time will tell, but all and all he is the cutest baby ever and we consider ourselves lucky to be his family!! We love you "punkin dunkin"

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Poor Sick Baby....

Maxton woke up this morning and began to vomit many,many,many,many times.. My poor sick baby.. Doesn't he look awful.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Extra,Extra, Read all about it!!

mason has his first loose tooth!! he came to clint and i yesterday while eating lunch and said my bottom tooth hurts when i take a bite and sure enough the bottom right tooth is loose.. ahhhhhhhhh my baby is getting so big!!!
gotta go cause cavin wants some "skattles"(skittles) and is throwing a huge fit!! post more later hopefully!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Happy Birthday Emily my wonderful sister in law ( who is more like a sister)!!! I hope you have a great day!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holly Cow....Time Flies when your having fun!!

The very yummy ice cream cake my husband brought home!!! It was so good!! Thanks Honey!
I can't believe it I am 29!! Holly Crap.. Time does fly when your having fun!! And that I am!! What more could a girl ask for a GREAT Husband(myBFF) and 5 wonderful,beautiful, healthy kids that keep me going everyday!! Great parents, grandparents,in laws,brothers and sisters. LIFE is so great!! Oh I almost forgot some of the Best Friends a Girl could ask for!! I had a wonderful day with my girlfriends just hanging out and having lunch!! I got lots of cards and phone calls.. It was a wonderful day even the trip to the DMV to renew my license was smooth and quick!! I am waiting on Clint who is bringing supper home which is a perfect ending (not having to cook/clean up) to a great Birthday!!

( to Jennifer,Amy,Stacey,Nicole thanks girls for making my birthday great.. I am so lucky to have such great friends.. love ya gals)

First Day of School 2008!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pictures 2

More Pictures

Coming soon, but having some difficulty!!

Long Awaited Trip Pictures

At the Captains Cocktail hour.. Of Course we went the alcohol was free!!
On the boat on our way to snorkel and swim with Stingrays!!!
Our table in the Fantasia Dinning Room!!!
The view out the window from our table in the fantasia dinning room!! Isn't it beautiful?
Our Cabin.. Tiny but nice!!
Clint on the Beach in Freeport.. For some reason he didn't put a towel down??

Clint washing the sand off of him in one of the resorts pools!!! :) This was pretty funny!!
Us on the Beach in Freeport!!
We built the kids a sand castle.. We had a great time at the beach!! It was so beautiful and relaxing! We did get a little sunburn but nothing to bad..

Beach in Freeport

Private Beach where we snorkeled and swam with the stingray's(below) we also got to feed them.. I thought it was great, but Clint wasn't so sure!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The House Is to Quiet

The house is to Quiet.. I miss my older kids like crazy and it is only 11:45.. I am worried silly about Mason. He told one of my friends yesterday that he didn't want to go to school because "I will miss my mommy".. I know he was nervous this morning about the whole lunch thing so he decided that I should pack his lunch to take instead of getting lunch at school. It is taking all I have not to go up to school right now and see how he is doing. I know he is fine probably having a great time. He has a GREAT teacher this year and his 2 best friends in his class what more could the kid ask for? Mallory also got her Best Friend from last year in her class and the teacher that she wanted so she was pretty calm and excited about going. I can't wait until 3:00!! Why is it when the first day of school comes I sit and try to figure out when the next one will go and the next and the final one, it makes me so sad to think of sending the last one off to school, but I do it every year? I am crazy I know.. Well off to bake 1st day of school cookies with my little helpers!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Carter Update!

For all of you wondering what happen to the dare devil at WOF here is a brief story... Carter,Mason and Cavin were playing in Peanuts Playhouse in Camp Snoopy and Clint was watching from outside, I had taken Maxton and Mallory to ride something else near by and the next thing I know a worker from WOF taps my shoulder and says you need to come with me your son is hurt/bleeding so I grabbed Mal and Max and ran to where Carter was sitting crying and bleeding, I asked Clint what happen and apparently my little dare devil decided to jump off some stairs onto a plattform and his sandal got caught in a gap broke in half and then his little toe got the top cut off (picture taking a knife start at the tip of your little toe and run it down under the nail and off the side and that is pretty much what happen).. First Aid at WOF sent us to the ER and basically the ER did a xray and then said there wasn't enough skin to stitch it up so they glued and bandage it and believe it or not said they thought the nail would live, but I am half tempted to call and laugh at them all 3 docs that looked at him trying to figure out what to do with it because tonight the whole top is gone nail and all Clint and I ended up clipping it off tonight because all the skin was dead and just hanging off the toe it had to go.. It looks gross. YUCK!!! Oh Carter the fun we will have with you in years to come I am sure!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Home at last!!

For all of you that have left me messages sorry I haven't gotten you called back.. We didn't come home from picking the kids up until late Sat. night and it took most of yesterday to get a little order restored in the house and today we went off to Worlds Of Fun, which turned into Worlds of Horror and a trip to the ER.. To tired to write much.. Carter got hurt and had to be taken to ER .. He is fine not able to walk much, in a lot pain, but he is doing good!! Will fill you in more tom. maybe if I have time between the 100's of things I have to do for family, school and PTO before Thursday!! I apologize in advance if I don't get you called back before school starts!!! Just know we are all okay and Clint and I had a Wonderful time on our trip, but I missed the kids in a bad way by day 3!!!! Talk to you all soon with updates, stories and pictures!!