Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guess Time!!

Even though Dr. N doesn't think the babies will come anytime soon.. I have less than 3 weeks to go so I think we can open the guess line!! So leave me a comment and tell me: I will say I won't go past July 16th..

1. boys or girls
2. Date

You can even leave me Name idea's!! Remember they have to start with Ca or Ma.. Since we don't even talk names until we see the baby this may really help us!!!

No time soon.....

Belly Picture from this a.m. we will call it 36 weeks

Well another crazy week at the M house.. More sick kids.. Maxton tested positive for strep throat on Sat., Carter and Cavin and Maxton all have HORRIBLE coughs. So they were all treated for Strep throat. They still today sound horrible and Maxton had a fever last night? So Clint was on sick kid duty again today while I went to my Dr.'s appt. Everything looked Great! Baby B has made it's way down to head down!!! Now if we can just keep it there that is my goal!! I told Dr. N today I was going to keep a hand on its butt until delivery!! Their heartrates were great, movement great and both doing the breathing motion!! Dr. N said my cervix is 4cm and 50% but she doesn't think I will be going into Labor anytime soon :( She is on Vacation next week so I will see someone else but more than likely I will make it to my scheduled delivery day! Why is it that my babies never want to come out? A lot of people said I wouldn't make it until today including my husband who is now eating his words!! I know myself, my body and my babies and one baby or two none of them give up!! It is official I have made it to 36 weeks and I am very proud of myself! Granted I don't really feel that great but each day they are in there they get stronger and stronger! Which is my goal!! Happy Healthy Babies and Happy Healthy Mommy!!! So I have 2 appt.s left and I couldn't be happier!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not much new here.. We are just trying to stay cool like everyone else! The kids did enjoy a water balloon fight on Monday night! They are attending Vacation Bible School this week and are loving it!! And that is giving Clint and I some one on one time with Maxton which is FUN! I had a Dr.'s appt yesterday and all is fine! Babies growing growing growing Baby B has changed its position yet again, and is laying sideways(transverse)in my belly. Hopefully that means its on its way to head down so Mommy can avoid that csection she doesn't want!! I am def. feeling very uncomfortable and some days can barely walk.. I am looking forward to the end,but yet I am not.. It is strange to think I am shutting this chapter in my life and will never be pregnant again so I am trying to enjoy it even through the pain!! My goal day is only 1 week(36 weeks) away, but I really don't think I will have a problem making it way past that!! Twins are "term" between 37 and 38 weeks so I could be looking at another 3 weeks from today! That isn't that long! RIGHT?? Clint is back to his long hours at work going in early and staying late in an attempt to get things done before the babies come so that has def. been hard, but it has to be done since he is planing on being off for at least 2weeks( or at least in the house probably on the phone or computer remoting into work and possibly going in after the kids are in bed) Clint's one bad habit is he is a Workaholic!!!! Anyway I guess that is an update for now!! Try to stay cool!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Bro!!

Happy Birthday Jay!!! What are you like 18?? Seems like that is all you should be!! Hope you have a great day!!
Love ya

Happy Fathers Day!!!

I wanted to wish a HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the Great Dads out there,but to a few of mine and my kids personal Favorites Clint/Daddy, Grandpa Don(My Dad), Grandpa Alva, Grandpa Dick, Uncle Jay,Uncle Torrey, and Uncle Justin!!! Hope all of you have a Great Day!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh NO one of my Blankie Boys is missing!!!

Missing Blankie's one is purple and one is green.. Cavin misses you very much,but please don't come back!!

Clint got a wild hair on Sunday(6-15-09) and decided Cavin was done with his blankie's :( He has actually done rather well with it and ya know what No more thumbsucking!! There has been a few days this week that I have wanted to give them back to him just because I think I loved those blankies as much as he did.. It made him my baby. Silly I know I am sure part of it is the hormones! Anyway bye bye beloved blankies we will miss you!

Maxton's 2nd Birthday Party

We had a Great day Sat. for Maxton's 2nd Birthday starting with donuts and a visit to the park! Then we took the little guy out for some lunch and then back home for a nap to get ready for his party! Due to the fact that mom is pretty much out of commission these days it was a pretty simple party no decorations or food just some gifts,some singing, some playing in the water slide and of course cake and ice cream!! Maxton seemed to enjoy seeing everyone! Clint's sister Jamie made his cake and it was absolutely Adorable!! Thanks again Jamie!!
Clint and I had him trained if you said "who's bday is it" Maxton would say "mine" and if you say "how many are you" he would say "2" and try to hold up 2 fingers !! It was so cute!!


Mason had a really loose tooth that he wouldn't let Clint pull,because he wanted to pull it himself. Last Tues. night(6-9-09) right after getting into bed and turning out my lamp I hear "Mom,Mom, I did it" and I turn the lamp back on to see Mas standing there holding in his hand "the tooth" smiling from ear to ear his big toothless grin!! He pulled it himself!! He looks so silly!! Doesn't he look proud!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I want to Know!!

I guess alot of you think I am destined to be a mom to LOTS of Boys!! So leave me a comment and tell me who voted for what!! I am curious! Thats sad I was totally thinking PINK!!!

I made it !!

Today I am 34 weeks!! I made it to yet another huge milestone in this pregnancy!! I am feeling good. Although I don't move around so fast, I am as big as a barn, short of breath, feet swelling,exhausted,moody and just generally uncomfortable!! I still made it!! 2 more weeks until my GOAL day 36 weeks July 1st!! I will make it!! Babies are very active they are def. fighting for room! They are growing well, moving well, the sono's look good and the heartbeats look good.. What more could I ask for? I had my appt. on Monday although I was only able to see the Dr. due to Mason being sick and Clint needing to get to work for a meeting, but I had just had a sono on Fri. so it was really no big deal. I am dilated to a 3,but that is really pretty normal for someone who has had so many babies and is having twins! All is going great!! I have so much to catch up on from Mason loosing a tooth to Maxton's 2nd bday!! I will try to get to it today since it is going to be so Hot!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to my BIG Boy!!! June 13th

My baby will be 2 tom.!! Holly cow seems like just yesterday I was waddling into the hospital wondering if I was going to have a new son or a new daughter.. Clint thought it was a girl and I was convinced it was a boy so when my beautiful son was born it was not a surprise to me!! We fell instantly in love with him! It was one of the 6 best days of my life up to this point! Little did I know that, that little guy would turn into TROUBLE!! Although he is constantly doing naughty things and getting into everything he shouldn't he is also the sweetest little guy!! He loves to give kisses, and if someone is crying he is very concerned and tries to console them. He loves his big brothers so much and tries to do everything they do! Clint swears he will be riding a bike without training wheels by age 3 just because he wants to be like his big bro's! He has recently decided that he is Daddy's boy and when he wakes after Daddy has left for work he gets very sad! He also loves to play with sissy and can pretty much get her to do whatever he wants! He has pretty much got the potty training bit down, which is GREAT!! He will repeat whatever you say trust me even things you don't want him to repeat!! whoops! I love the way he plays the Hi Mom, Hi Max game, is scared of monsters and clings to me for dear life even though I don't think he knows what a monster is, I love to hear his cute little voice say "love you" ,I love how he carries his pillow and blankies around and that my 7:30 wake up call is his pillow and blankie being thrown in my face as he crawls into our bed to snuggle, and I could go on and on.... Anyway we are truly lucky to have this little guy in our life and we all love him soooooooooooo much!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG 2 YEAR OLD BOY WE LOVE YOU!!

Mommy,Daddy, Mallory,Mason,Carter and"favi"(which is what he calls Cavin)

Grow Babies Grow!!

Had my growth sono today at the high risk dr. office.. They both look great!! As the Dr. was doing the measurements he kept repeating over and over "these are good size babies" after about the 5th time of him saying something I started thinking holly cow what are they like 6lbs? I am only 33 weeks 2 days so technically I should have another 4 weeks to go before they are "term". Well they weigh (I am still in Shock) Baby A is 4lbs 12oz and Baby B is 5lbs 3oz!!! I can't even believe it. I thought since 4 weeks ago to the day they were 2lbs12oz and 2lbs15oz they would be close to 4lbs today never did I guess almost 5lbs!! I am so glad they are doing good and hope they cont. to grow!! Now I know why I am so uncomfortable!! Baby B is still breech but the Dr. said it could still turn, but not to hold my breath!! Anway that is it for today! I will post more tom. for Maxton's big 2nd bday!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to our nephew/cousin Zachary!!! He is 2 today!! Two days older than Maxton and he shares his birthday with his daddy and great grandpa!! Wow!!! Can't wait to celebrate with you Sunday!! Love ya buddy!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I just realized.....

You will never believe it but I just realized that it is 3 wks and 3 days until my "day"... The day I want to make it to before the babies come.. July 1st I will be 36 weeks!! I haven't done anything for these babies yet so I better get my butt in gear. I haven't washed any clothes, washed the carseats (infact I don't even have 1), no crib up, no nothing... I haven't really gone through nesting this time I am just so large it is hard to move around and bend over so I would rather just focus on keeping the house half way clean than do extra stuff. Well this week is pretty busy but slowly I have to get some stuff done!! I alone have 2 dr. appt.s, clint has a dr appt, mallory needs to go to the dr. for an infected bite (it is sooooo gross), we have a tutoring lesson, we need to fit in some swimming with our good friends, and it is Maxton's 2nd bday on Sat. so we will be having a small family party! Then Sunday we have my nephew's 2nd bday party! Wow what a week!
Yesterday we took the kids to a fishing Derby that was interesting!! They had a great time, but I spent 2.5 hours chasing Maxton around and Clint spent 3 hours baiting hooks, casting lines and untangling poles!! Mason did win a prize another fishing pole! And like I said they had fun! Then we bought them a Huge waterslide on Friday night so as soon as fishing was over we headed home to set that up and see how fun it was and let me just say it was FUN!! Maxton doesn't really care for it but the others think it is great!! I will post pictures soon!
I guess that is all for today..

Monday, June 1, 2009


All I can say is Baby B is Breech again.. Little stinker.. Back to the csection plan! who knows maybe with a little coaching we can get "it" to flip again! Everything else is good. Dr. said EAT more (I have lost 4lbs in 2weeks), rest MORE, stop trying to act like your "normal" self!! Baby A heart rate 145 and Baby B 135!! That is all the news from the Dr. today!!