Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As this year comes to a end..

I have so many feelings running through me.. Happy, Sad,Wonder,Peace,Joy,Love... I could go on and on.. This has truly been the hardest year of my life, but yet the most wonderful thus far. I have gone from a high risk pregnancy, to going into labor on my own, having a twin natural delivery (when a csection was recommended), Maccoy then having to spend 5 days in the NICU, finding out my beautiful baby has a terrible heart defect and will need open heart surgery, coming home being scared to death of all the what if's all the while trying to be strong hold myself together and take care of my children and husband and all their needs, multiple cardiologist visits never knowing when the time would come for my precious baby to need his life saving surgery, making myself ill every time he caught the smallest cold or cried just a little longer/harder than I thought he should, feeling so GREAT every time we went to the dr. and they would say how they couldn't believe how Big he was and how well he was doing considering his diagnosis, watching every first both my beautiful/sweet boys have done, birthdays for the other kids, Christmas with my 7 children and wonderful husband, Oh lets not forget celebrating the BIG 30 for Clint and I both, Going to THE visit where we were told its time, getting the phone call to schedule the surgery and knowing the date, almost having to cancel the date due to a cold, getting the phone call that surgery had been moved up get the hospital ASAP, the feeling of giving my baby to those nurses and not knowing what was going to happen next, pacing,crying,waiting,fearing for many long long hours while they fixed my baby, seeing him for the first time after surgery tubes,IV's,monitors,lifeless but yet the MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY I HAVE EVER SEEN, the relief of leaving that hospital many days later with Maccoy alive with his mended heart, the not knowing when his next surgery will be needed but just enjoying life.... What a year this has been Buddy, my BRAVE HERO that's what you are... Of course there has been a lot more to our year homework, illness,fun,fighting,travels,etc.. but unfortunately what I wrote above has defined my year and I am so happy to have it behind us and so happy to have it to remember, because unlike some heart mom's I have my baby with me, I get to squeeze him, kiss him and love him whenever I want and going through all of this makes me a stronger person, has made my marriage stronger, and made our family stronger....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Happen to These TINY SWEET BABIES??



Today I woke up early and decided after stepping outside and feeling the nice weather that I would take the kids out somewhere.. Escape the house! So I decided to try a nature hike at a nearby nature park! I told the kids and they were all happy to get out and do something! So we packed up and left! To my surprise they had a blast! Especially the boys! They spotted a snake, found a bird egg, threw rocks in a pond, stepped in a lot of mud, and explored the woods!! They made up stories about what had once lived here and what lives here now! It was beautiful very wooded so no direct sunshine which meant no need for sunscreen! But we should have put on bug spray (live and learn)! We are planing our next trip! It was nice to get out of the house! We are happy for the break in the 100 degree heat and the rain if only for a day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day!

Mason so Happy yesterday after catching a fish at Uncle Justin's pond!! Daddy took the older kids fishing and they had a Great time! These are the little things that make the BEST memories!

Clint - The kids and I love you Honey!! Don my Dad (best dad a girl could ask for) Alva - Clint's Dad Dick my Wonderful Grandpa! Love you Grandpa! Glen Clint's Grandpa Jay My Brother Justin Clint's Brother Torrey Clint's Brother

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your Going to Miss This

This morning all was quiet except the conversation between my 3rd born and myself.. This is a rare occasion in this house! Carter and I sat and ate breakfast (i may add he was waiting on his friend to come play which is why he was awake) and talked about things. He looks at me and says "Mom when I am 17 Mason will be 20" and I answer back "yes" then he continues "when Mas is 21 I will be 18" and I shake my head and then I say "ya know lets not talk about that lets just enjoy being little Carter your already growing so fast I don't want to think about you being 17" and he agrees and we began talking about all the fun stuff we are going to do today. Then I was thinking about a conversation I was having with Mallory last night on the way to her sleepover she says " won't it be nice when the babies are 17 and you almost have your house back?" and I say "no mal it won't I will miss you guys everyday, the house will be to quiet and well I will be stuck with your dad all alone and as much as I love your dad that sounds BORING compared to what I live with everyday now" and she laughed and said "true, so I guess I will just come visit you everyday" and I said " I will hold you to that!!" My point is that sometimes I get busy in the day to day stuff and while I hate all the laundry, the cooking and endless cleaning I know someday sooner than I know I will miss that I will miss ALL of them more than they or I know!! I love you guys all 7 of you always!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday was Maxton's 3rd Birthday!! I can't believe this baby is 3? Last night Clint and I laid in our bed looking at him sleeping and remembering 3 years ago that very same time of night laying in my hospital bed marveling at how beautiful and tiny he was.. This boy keeps me on my toes always, never knowing what he might be getting into or doing that is naughty, you never know what is going to come out of his mouth, sometimes he is shy and other times he says hi to complete strangers, I love to cuddle up beside him and listen to him breath, he has an infectious laugh, and oh he is silly! A day doesn't go by that he isn't talking about hunting or carrying his BIG gun around shooting his deer man alive does this kid already love to hunt!! My family would not have been complete without him! We love him soooooo much! He had a wonderful day with all his Aunts,Uncles,Cousins, Grandparents, Great Grandparents,brothers, sister and Mommy and Daddy! Got lots of cool presents, ate some good cake, and then we took him out for pizza so he could play the hunting video game! As we lay with him last night he said "that birthday was fun"!! Happy Birthday my Big 3 year old Boy Mommy Loves you more than you will ever know!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mallory getting her Award!


Mason and his FABULOUS 2nd Grade teacher Mrs.Marks!!!


Carter and his Kindergarten Teacher Mrs.Luther


Cavin and his Amazing PreK teacher Ms.Liz and her cute new baby !


Cayne stuck on the dishwasher lid!! It was pretty funny!!


My Mail boy!! He loves to do this everyday!!



I feel very Brave today!! I haven't had a very good day seems like nothing went right. The house I work so hard to clean and all the laundry I work so hard to wash,dry and fold seems to be dirty again in 10 mins.. I have had multiple spills today! Maxton has a nasty cold so he is being even more naughty than usual! I picked Mason up from Science Camp thinking he had a game tonight at 6p.m. and Mallory one in another town at 7:30 so a good friend of mine offered to take Mal to hang out with her family and then on to the game for me (Thanks Stacey), well come to find out Mason's game was canceled due to a muddy field so I looked at my boys and said lets go to the pool! Oh they were so happy. This is the first time I have attempted this with the babies,Max and the others by myself.. You would think that this task would only make my day get worse but it was actually nice! They had a good time the babies loved the water so it was a good trip sometimes I do feel like super mom! Well off to eat supper and then to Mallory's game where I am flying solo cause Clint is working late wish me luck this could get ugly (Max no nap today and the babies nap cut short) YIKES!!!

Also please say a prayer for our heart buddy Immanuel as he goes in for another cardiac cath. tom. at 8:30a.m.. If you remember he had surgery 2 weeks before Maccoy and did very well but unfortunately he has a large leak above the VSD patch that they need to look closer at. Such a BRAVE little Guy Thinking of you Immanuel!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Maccoy's Open Heart Surgery Journey

The first few days of Summer Vacation have brought:

1. A trip to the park with good friends!
2. Lots of water play!
3. Some much needed late nights filled with laughing, movies, wii time, daddy time and some fighting I am not going to lie
4. A picnic with Grandma and Grandpa M, Great Grandma M, Aunt Jamie and Uncle Dave! Fun Stuff!
5. A ride on the park train and multiple rides on the park Carousel (Maxton wouldn't get off his "deer")
6.Lots and Lots of Baseball/Softball Games!
7. A broken window :(
8. A baby treat stuck in the ignition of my van :( which wouldn't start but lucky for me I have a smart Dad who walked me through a few tricks and it started!! Thanks Dad!
9. 2 babies with really yucky noses.. Poor Guys
10. A sleepover with "old" friends and a bbq!!
11. A trip to the swimming pool! Looking forward to MANY more!!
12. And my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE so far A DATE WITH MY HUSBAND!!! We had a GREAT time!! A wedding, good food and then a movie!! All Kid FREE!! It was wonderful but now I am craving much more ( We are thinking about a trip for 2 soon) Love ya Honey!!!

So as you can see summer is going well!! Minus the broken window and the fighting!!! Enjoying the lazy summer life!! HaHa did I just say Lazy... boy i crack myself up!!