Saturday, May 30, 2009


I talked to my mom for the first time in 2 weeks yesterday and she said that she kept checking the blog waiting for an update on the babies/myself, so I figured I must need one! Here goes nothing new to report just getting bigger and bigger by the day. I have found myself VERY uncomfortable the last 7 days or so. I have almost completely given up on bending over a nearly impossible task! I have a constant pain in the top of "the belly" I believe due to lack of space! The heartburn now haunts me through the day and then at 2,5, and 7a.m.. The babies move all the time it is so weird to actually feel them fighting for room inside,but they do. We have No names set in stone whats new? They will be called A and B for the first two days of life! My dr.'s appt.s are coming and going. So far all have been fine with the Sonograms(they score the babies on movement, amniotic fluid levels, breathing, and some other things which now I can't think of?) then I get hooked up to monitors to listen to their heartbeats and monitor me for contractions an so far all is good! The babies seem to be getting bigger and bigger each week! Good Thing!!
I am sick of people thinking I will never make it to the end of June.. Why would you even wish that on me? These babies need to stay put until July 1st when I am 36 weeks, and that is how I have my mind set! I want nothing more than to deliver after that day 2 healthy babies and bring them home with me a few days later! So please stop talking like I will be lucky to keep them in until the end of June it doesn't help my mind set! THANKS!! All the other kids have had to be induced and I don't know why this time would be any different!!
I have finally admitted to myself as of Wed. I can't keep up with everything alone. I am to large and uncomfortable. I need Help! It didn't help that I started having some very intense braxton hicks contractions after cleaning house,scrubbing my kitchen floors on my hands and knees so Clint has officially inherited that job until I can get back down there!!
Anyway that is an update! Everything is going along okay! Thanks for thinking of us! We have a very busy week coming,but hopefully I will update again after my appt. this week!


AND SUGARLAND WAS AMAZING!!! My husband came up with tickets (thank you Tonya)!! We had a Great time! And I just can't tell you how great it was!! Also a HUGE Thank You to my Sister in Law and Brother in Law Val and Torrey for watching ALL 5 kids last minute so we could go and even letting them sleepover!! I will be talking about this for along time!! I did get some very strange looks, guess big fat pregnant women aren't suppose to be at concerts?? The babies kicked like crazy!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Back in March when the concert for my VERY FAVORITE duo was announced for the Sprint Center I told Clint that I would be to Pregnant to go, but Today is the day they are there and if I could get my hands on some tickets I would go in a heartbeat!! I am kinda Sad!

I LOVE SUGARLAND!!!!!! Maybe next time, NO I will go NEXT TIME!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

It is the
not the preacher,
who has given us freedom of religion.

It is
not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.

It is
not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.

It is
not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to assemble.

It is
not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is
not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.

It is the
salutes the Flag,

It is
who serves
under the Flag,


I'd be
EXTREMELY proud if this email reached as many as possible. We can be very
proud of our young men and women in the service no matter where they serve.

Bless them all!!!

Makes you proud to be an AMERICAN!!!!

My Grandpa sent me this in an email and it touched me so much I thought I would share it with the rest of you..
Thanks Grandpa Love you!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Last Day of School 2008-2009

Well Friday was the last day of school for Mallory and Mason. It is such a happy but sad day for me, the kids and their teachers. Happy because they had a great year with Great teachers and because it is Summer Vacation. Sad because they Loved their teachers and learned so much. Mason absolutely adored his teacher infact he was crying as soon as he got to school Friday morning because he new it was his last day to be with Mrs.K. I rave about the wonderful teachers we have at our Elementary school all the time,but I am convinced that Mrs.K is in a class all her own! She was so great with him always trying to help him or think of ways to encourage him or help him. Always in contact with me or other teachers that maybe able to help him.
Mallory's teacher Mrs.P was perfect for her, Mallory loved going to school everyday just be around her, she learned so much this year and gave up many recess to stay inside and help Mrs.P however she could. This was Mrs.P's last year to teach at our school she is Retired! It is sad for me because my kids have gotten another year older, another year smarter and another year closer to moving out :(
I am now a mom to a 3rd grader, 2nd grader and a Kindergartner..I don't remember how we got here?
After school Friday I met the kids outside of school so they could give their teachers and their Awesome Principal a little Thank You.. As I get closer to the front door of the school I see all these teachers with crazy hats on waving pom poms and cheering. It was so cute I wish I would have had my camera to show you what an awesome staff we have at our Elementary school!! Then of course as Mason gives Mrs.K her gift and a hug, she begins to tear up, then Mason begins to tear up and then I begin to tear up.. What a wonderful year we have had I tell her, and don't worry their will be more "M" boys coming up but I am sorry to say they are a bit more naughty, not as sensitive and sweet as Mason but they are coming your way!!! She laughed and said "he is just such a sweet boy"! It made my heart swell to know that his teacher thought so much of him! I know she will always have a special place in mine and Mason's heart!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here is the After

Still so Sad :(
He looks so Big now.. I definitely wasn't ready for this.. I loved those curls!!


Tears having been running down my face since 10:00 last night, Clint took my baby from me, I begged him NOT to do it,but he did it anyway.... He cut off ALL is baby hair/curls and I can never get them back... Maybe it is hormones or the fact that I am sick as a dog,but I can barely look at my baby without crying..... I am heartbroken and when I can get the courage I will take a picture and show you what he has done.. The picture above is from last weekend when he looked like my sweet,sweet, baby...So SAD

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good News

I had a Dr. appt today Can you believe it??? Anyway all went well! My Dr. thought I should go ahead and schedule my csection since baby B is being a stinker and is breech. So we talked about all the options as far as delivery and she thought this would be the best. So we have it scheduled but I am not telling when!! Sorry! Anyway all was good with my appt! Then I went over to have my sonogram and believe it or not BOTH BABIES ARE HEAD DOWN!!!! My Dr. told me that by 32 weeks whatever position they were in is where they would stay more than likely because they run out of room. So hopefully they stop being naughty and stay just like this so I don't have to have a csection!! I am 30 weeks tom.!! I think the countdown is on!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Good Couple of Days!!

Yesterday I got my lab results from the 3 hour glucose test and it was NEGATIVE!! I was so happy to hear that I didn't have gestational diabetes!! It has been a busy week of dr. appt's mine and for the kids. All three older kids had their annual eye exam all were fine no glasses needed!! Then Carter had his well child checkup yesterday which was great!! Then back to the Dr. for me today to have a growth sono done at the high risk dr. office which was fun! The babies weigh 3lbs each!! The dr. said everything looks WONDERFUL and to keep up the good work! I will go back in 4 weeks for another scan to make sure they are both doing so well still! The boys and I did some shopping and are now home for naps until 3p.m. when it is time to pick up Mal/Mas from school! Only 5 more days of school until summer break!! Mallory is going to her first sleepover tonight for her friend Lucy's 9th bday! She is alittle nervous but I think she will do fine! I am sure she will have a good time!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cute.. So TRUE!!!

Neat Picture

Cavin riding his Bike

Look What Cavin Can Do!!

Cavin has mastered riding his bike!! He never had training wheels Clint just started working with him last week, by Sat. he could ride if someone gave him a push, but tonight he has finally mastered actually starting himself and pedaling on down the road!! We are so Proud of him!! And he is proud of himself and would love anyone to come and watch him!! Big accomplishment for a 3 year old!! Thanks to his Daddy who takes the time to teach him. That is one thing Clint is better at then I am is taking the time to work on something with them until they get it!!

What a Day!

Belly Picture 28weeks3days.. Notice the bump on the right side that is Baby B's Head!

Started off my day by getting kids ready for school,breakfast in their tummies, clothes on, etc.. Then off to my 9a.m. lab appt. for the 3 hour glucose test. So you get there and do a fasting glucose then you drink this nasty glucola drink (imagine flat pop with lots more sugar)YUCK then get your blood taken every hour for 3 hours. It was nice that there was another lady there doing her 3 hour test so we chatted turns out she had gestational diabetes with her last pregnancy so she told me all about what it would be like if I have it this time and lets just say if they call me this week and say Yes you have gestational diabetes I am going to bed and staying there!! So No I don't know the results yet should know something by Thurs. By the time I left there at 12:30p.m. I was sick, I felt terrible so I got some lunch and sat for awhile then it was almost time for me to be back at the Dr.'s office for my NST/Sono. I have had many sonograms this time but this one was the best so far. I got to see my babies little chubby cheeks, Baby A was yawning, Baby B was peeing. They are already so adorable! They have switched positions and Baby A is now head down and Baby B is breech.. Little stinkers! There heartbeats today were Baby A 134 and Baby B 142. I was glad to get home! It was a long but good day! 29 weeks Tommorrow!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009




Friday, May 8, 2009

Are you kidding???

Clint just called and told me to find a babysitter for tonight. I said Why? and his response I got Fleetwood Mac Tickets for tonight!!! Are you kidding? I can't find a sitter on that short of notice plus I am a beached whale! But man I REALLY REALLY want to go... So guess it is just me and the kiddos tonight while Clint is off having a Great time at the Fleetwood Mac Concert!! This STINKS!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

oh my

I had a Dr's appt today.. Lucky for me the younger 3 kids stayed with Clint at work! I had to do my 1 hour glucose test and then see the Dr. Everything looks good. Babies are growing(Baby B heart rate 147, Baby A heart rate 124), I haven't gained anymore weight(that is kinda bad),cervix closed, and time to start the weekly none stress test/Sono. So the next few months are going to be long... Because I failed my 1 hour glucose test(screen for gestational diabetes) so now I get to do the 3 hour test which means I go to the office and sit for 3 hours and they take my blood 1 time per hour. I have never had a problem passing the 1 hour test before but my Dr. said the chances increase with a twin pregnancy to actually have it? Then that same day a few hours after that is done I get to do another NST/Sono which takes about 1.5 hours. That is a whole day at the Dr.'s office. Then I will see my regular Dr. every 2 weeks and see the High Rish Dr. once/month along with the weekly NST/Sono. Can I scream now? I realize this is all for the babies but I have 5 kids to take care of and soon school will be out, can you imagine the look on the faces of the people in the clinic when they see me waddle in with my 5 kids to sit in a closet size room hooked up to monitors for 1 to 2 hours? HaHa that is funny stuff! I hate asking my friends to watch them especially over summer break who wants to be stuck watching somebodies kids on vacation? I know my friends would do it in a heartbeat but I hate to ask. If you can't tell I am feeling very overwhelmed by this process right now. It doesn't help that over the last 4 to 5 days I feel like I have ballooned out, the babies feel so big, they move all the time(which I admit I love),but I could def. do without the shortness of breath and the heartburn! Okay enough pity party! I just wanted to let you all know that we are okay!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well things have been very busy here the last week or so. The weather is finally starting to allow us to play outside which all the kids LOVE!There have been many trips to the park that last for hours which makes bedtime really easy cause everyone is exhausted. PTO is almost finished tom. is our last meeting and we should have new board members which means NO more PTO VP for me. I must admit part of me is sad but the other part is so happy to just be able to focus on my children for an entire year!! I am sure I will return someday! The kids only have 3 weeks of school left. OH MY!! Where did the entire year go? I can't believe in Aug. I will have a 3rd grader, a 2nd grader and a Kindergartner and of course 4 still at home! Boy oh Boy when I write that I do sound kinda busy and kinda Crazy!! Oh well it's my life and I love it! At least most of the time!
The kids are all doing well. Maxton had a run in with Rotavirus a week ago which was not very fun, but he managed it pretty well! He is trying to learn to go potty on the toilet and seems to be doing a better job for Daddy than me? All the other kids are fine I think they are ready for school to be out and have a break from getting up so early and so is mom!
The babies are growing, growing,growing!! Which means mommy is growing larger and larger everyday.. Man this extra weight is horrible to carry around.. All worth it! They have finally hit that stage that I love the most which is when they move you can actually put your hand on my stomach and feel little arms,feet,hands,knees whatever it maybe. Such a neat feeling. Lucky for me they both don't move at the same time much, but it seems like one will move for about 20mins or so and then the other will start. Also lucky for me that I am so exhausted by 9p.m. that I could sleep through a train whistle in my ear so I don't even notice if they are moving all night. The exhaustion has set back in and I need to nap at least 20mins in the afternoon or I won't make it past 5:30p.m. I don't have much of an appetite anymore cause well I don't really have any room for food! I am a day shy of 28 weeks which at 19 weeks and on bedrest I was really looking forward to! But now I am pushing ahead and saying if I can make it another 8 weeks that would be GREAT!!
Anyway that is all the news from here for now!! Hope everyone has a great Spring Week!