Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I read this today and had to share.. SAD.. SCARY

Metro Woman Dies From Probable H1N1 After Giving Birth

Husband Now Deals With Raising Family On His Own

POSTED: 6:19 am CDT September 29, 2009
UPDATED: 8:00 am CDT September 29, 2

A woman from the Northland died of probable complications from H1N1 Monday morning after giving birth and slipping into a coma for more than a month.Angie Stutevile died Monday morning at North Kansas City Hospital.Stuteville came down with flu symptoms days before her son Jaxson was born in August, which was shortly after her two other children recovered from a likely bout of H1N1 with the help of the anti-viral drug Tamaflu.Stuteville's husband said Angie's doctor wouldn't give her the drug, due to her pregnancy, and that pregnancy may have been what made her more susceptible to a deadly respiratory failure that's a known complication from H1N1.Her husband, Travis Stuteville, a police officer, said her story is one every pregnant woman needs to hear and learn from.Now, he's urging pregnant women with symptoms or sick kids to take precautions and demand early treatment/intervention."If I could protect any woman out there I'd say if you feel sick, go to your doctor," Travis Stuteville said. "Make sure to keep your hands clean, whatever you can do. Because this's hard. My wife never got to hold her baby."Travis said Angie was 31, fit and healthy, before the complications arose.Travis' fellow Kansas City police officers donated almost three months worth of sick days so far so Travis could be with the children and Angie during her illness.A fund has been set up at Bank of America in the name of Jaxson Stuteville to help pay for medical expenses. That fund can be donated to at any Bank of America branch.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


How many kids that live in the "city" can say they have cows in their backyard??

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am so SORRY I forgot to call and wish you a Happy Birthday Yesterday!! I am a horrible Granddaughter !! I hope you had a wonderful day!! I miss you and Grandpa tons!! Hope to see you before you head to Florida!

Love ya

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Made Today Great

1. To hear 5 of my kids laughing and playing together without fighting.. Warms my heart and makes all this work of raising 7 kids well worth it..

2. To see my two sweet babies laying side by side sucking on each others fingers,faces, arms, etc..

3. To see my sweet babies face light up with a smile when I talk to them.. Simply Precious!

4. To hear my Naughty 2 year old say "Hold you mommy", "Maxton wake up", "Love it Daddy"

5. To see a a BIG FAT A+ on the top of my 3rd graders Math Test!! Way to go Smarty Pants Mallory!!

6. To hear my shy never raises his hand to answer a question in class 2nd grader tell me the story of how he new what the answer was and got so excited to tell his teacher he blurted it out and told his teacher it was all because his Dad just taught him what it was this weekend!!

7.To watch my 5 year old cry and lay his head on his big brother because we were talking about Mason leaving home in 10 years to go to college and he new that meant his Best Friend would be gone.. They truly are Best Friends!

8. To see my wonderful hardworking husband come home from work Tired and completely stressed and still love on all his kids even put them to bed even though he has so much more work to do that he will be up until the wee hours of the morning.. I appreciate him more than he even knows!! He has given me sooooo much!! Love you Honey!!

11. To know I have the Best Friends anyone could ever have!! I couldn't get through my days without them! I am so thankful to have them in my life.. I can count on them to help me out with anything and I hope they know they can count on me!! I miss them so much!! Sorry I am going to miss out on some much needed girlfriend time tom. night!!

10. To know I can write all this down on here so that one day many years from now I can look back and see what life was like now..

12.. Now to bed for my last gift of the day... To cuddle my sweet sleeping babies and smell their precious little heads.. Man what a life I have!! Not so bad if I do say so myself!!

Good Night!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


I am Pretty PROUD of the pictures I took of Cavin for his 4th bday!! I have such a cute little 4 year old!!! Love ya Buddy!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This Day

Cavin 9-8-05
Cavin 9-1-09

On this Day 4 years ago a sweet bald headed dimpled faced baby was born... It was my Cavin Trenton!! I can't believe my baby is 4!! He is shy,sweet, has an infectious laugh,smart,caring,a great helper, a little naughty and has his daddy's temper! He loves whatever his Big Brothers love because he just wants to be part of their duo. He also loves to Help Daddy, he likes to dress like him and he very much likes to impress Daddy! He will still suck his thumb if he finds those blankies of his. He can ride a two wheel bike, is trying to learn to swing all by himself, can do a front flip on the trampoline, loves to paint and play playdoh, loves to play board games, and is getting pretty smart if I do say so myself!!
We aren't planing much in the way of parties, but we do have balloons, a cake and some ice cream and of course presents and maybe a outing tonight to a favorite restaurant!! He is thrilled!!

MOMMY,DADDY,Mallory,Mason,Carter,Maxton,Cayne and Maccoy

Thursday, September 3, 2009



Mallory got this car for her 1st bday and almost 9 years later she is still enjoying it :) Silly Girl!!


Life with 7 kids 8 and under is well NUTS... Some days I am saying what was I thinking other days I am saying this is sooooo Great.. A few things that are not so great is that with two babies and a constantly moving/getting into things 2 year old my house isn't as clean and the laundry is never caught up. I knew having twins would be hard but having twins and 5 other kids is well difficult. Trying to keep up with everyone's everything is a challenge. The most challenging part is going out and about which I am not suppose to do much of anyway but even to the park is a job. By the time you get everyone dressed, hair brushed etc.. then feed the babies change diapers/clothes etc. an hour could easily go by then you have to plan your entire outing around feedings and lets just say Maxton well thinks it's funny to run off. My most recent outing was to the dentist to have Cavin's tooth looked at, those poor people at the dentist office must have thought I was nuts! Cayne screamed the entire time and Maxton kept running off and when he didn't get his way he would throw a HUGE tantrum so embarrassing. Some how I survived as I left I called Clint to complain but only this time he didn't really care to listen to me, which sparked a whole new topic that I won't get into. Anyway funny story about the dentist office was the receptionist who kept getting Cavin's name wrong first she called him Calvin, then K-ven, then Calvin again. Anyway she asked me how many babies I had in the stroller and I said two and her response back to me was "Are they Twins?" is she kidding? No lady I often take two infants in the exact same carseat to the dentist with me cause it's fun? NOT!! Then she said Oh you have all boys (like that is the most horrible thing in the world) and I respond no I have a daughter she is at school along with my 2 other son's and she says "How many kids do you have" I respond 7 and she says "OH MY!" then she says" wait" looking at Cavin's file under siblings we see "mallory,mason, and carter then there is "Calvin"(yes she got his name wrong again!) and your two babies you only have 6 kids (R u kidding me like I don't know how many kids I have?) I say no I have 7 and she argues with me(for real she did) I say back" there is the 4 you guys see then my 2 year old(who I am standing there holding) and the twins that equals 7!!! And again she says "OH MY" ( like someone died).... Man do people give me some strange looks/comments when they find out how many kids I have and their ages! I think I maybe able to write a book when I am done raising them on funny comments we got!! Holly cow it's only 7!! The other day I was out and about with the Twins , Maxton and Cavin and some Lady said "you have your hands full" and I responded with "This is only half of them" you should have seen her face!! Priceless!!
The other thing right now that is a challenge for me is sleep.. I am not getting enough there is a shocker right? Seems like one night they do good and only each get up once then there is the Bad nights where they each get up like 3 or 4 times each those nights suck!! I know it will get better! I actually don't mind getting up and seeing their cute little chubby cheeks it is alot better then waking up to someone vomiting all over your carpet!! See trying to see the positive in everything!! The twins are getting so big they will be 2 months old tom. last week Cayne weighed 11lbs20z and Maccoy was 10lbs4oz so they are growing like crazy!! They are pretty good babies but it seems like someone is always crying,hungry or needing a diaper change guess that is to be expected with two babies! The other kids are getting into a nice routine with school,homework and chores! All of them Love their teachers! Cavin is liking having some alone time with Mom while Maxton is napping and the kids are at school! And Maxton well he is still the same old naughty boy and Mommy is hoping he grows out of it real soon but I am not holding my breath!