Monday, April 27, 2009


Three years ago Today our good friend died.. It was one of the worst things that has happened to me as an adult. It was a horrible thing to have to explain to my children. I will never forget that day, the previous night or the days that followed. They were incredibly painful for Clint,I and so many people close to us. It was days of remembering when, drinking a few beers, laughing,crying,being angry, and hugging. There really isn't a time in the last 3 years that I can say I have forgotten what happen that he is really gone. But I try to remember all the fun we had and what a GREAT guy he was, how great he was with my kids and my nephew... I will always remember him having a great time standing on the bar dancing to "Rhinestone Cowboy" it was absolutely hilarious.. Riding his 4wheeler, and just being Cliff!

We all MISS you so much Cliff!! We love ya!! You will never be forgotten!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goodbye PTO

Well this school year is almost over and so is my role as PTO Vice President.. I must admit I am glad that I had an excuse to bow out of taking over the President role for next year(thank you Twins). People don't realize how much time PTO takes up for the officers. I have spent many of days,nights and weekends working on stuff to help better my children's school. I have seen it as a way to do something other than wipe noses, break up fights and endless household chores. It sorta made me feel like a "real" adult like I did when I had a real paying job ya know like with money and not with kisses and I love yous. Anyway my best friend has served beside me this year as Treasurer, she has worked her rear end off. I would have to say out of the four positions Treasurer would be the hardest and she has done an outstanding job at it along with many other big tasks like fall book fair, teacher xmas gifts, and huge parts in both big fundraisers and many many many more things that I haven't even mentioned. Anyway to think someone had the nerve to ask her why she is dropping out next year (she isn't running for office again) makes me sooooooooooooooo MAD.. I mean does that same person go around asking all the parents who do nothing for PTO or the kids school why they don't? NO!! But they think it is okay to ask a parent that has been extremely involved why they are "dropping out".. Oh come on are you kidding me? Maybe we are dropping out because we would like to just sit back like some of the rest of you and do nothing, maybe we would like to focus more on our family, maybe we would like to pick just 1 thing and not have a hand in everything, maybe we would like to go a day without having to talk about PTO.. And please please don't ask me why I am "dropping out" if you yourself haven't even held a board position and know what all goes into that.. The nerve of some people... So NO we may not be coming back next year but man did we do an AWESOME job this year!!

okay i feel better!!! GoodNight

Mommy's Blankie Boys! So Sweet

Mommy's Blankie Boys

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Update

I had a growth sonogram done this morning at the perinatologist office. Everything looks great!! The babies are both breech :( and they are facing each other and you could even see them trying to interact a little which was neat!! Baby A weighs 1lb8oz and Baby B weighs 1lb10oz.. Holly cow that is almost 4lb's of baby already plus the amniotic fluid, two placenta's,extra blood flow.. No wonder I feel so HUGE!!! I have been released from my every 2week cervical checks with them because my cervix is fine!! The Dr. said everything looks GREAT!!! Let's hope it stays that way. I did have a scare over the weekend due to some pitting edema in my feet, but all seems to be okay now so not sure what that was. We did go visit our parents in the Big Town this weekend and I believe that will be the last time before the babies come that I make that trip. That 2.5 hour drive sucks when you are already so uncomfortable especially with huge swollen ankles!! It was a good visit and of course the kids loved seeing all the grandparents! We also got to spend some time with my Grandparents who made it back from Florida a few weeks ago so that was nice. Also got some time with my adorable niece Tava and silly nephew Drew!! It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I took Carter to kindergarten round up last Thurs. an exciting sad time. Here we don't have all day kindergarten for "free" only half day. So if you want to send your kid to all day kindergarten you must pay for it the price has gone up this year to $250/month which is alot for a family on one income(even a decent one). Mallory and Mason didn't do this,but they also seemed to struggle a bit in 1st grade so we are now debating on sending Carter to all day if we can figure out how to pay for it. It is about the same amount we paid to go to vo tech for a year!! Kinda ridiculous,but hopefully worth it.We have to let the school know by the 20th. I am kinda sad too because that means he will be gone all day everyday and I am not sure I am ready for that? :( Carter continues to do puzzles daily. He amazes me everyday with how fast he can put a 100 piece puzzle together! He has figured out how to do some addition which is cool, loves for me to do "homework" with him, and loves to be on the trampoline doing his flips! We did pull him from gymnastics last week it was just getting to be to much for me to try to run him when Clint couldn't by 6:30 I am beat! So hopefully we will start back up in the fall!

Mallory has been doing awesome in school!! Her reading has really taken off and of course she is doing great in math(her favorite)! I tell you what some of the homework she comes home with. WOW! I swear I didn't do perimeter until I was in 4th grade. The other day I had to call Clint at work to help me figure out how to help her.. funny I know!! She got a new bike over spring break so I finally got brave and have let her start riding around the block! She has to check in after every loop okay so I am working on cutting the cord!! She has her 2nd grade program coming up next Tues. she has a little speaking part and is very excited about it. The weather guy from channel 41 came to their school today and talked and took video and photos of the school and aired some of it on the news!! And in some of the photos you could see her!! So we are living with a celebrity!!

Mason has a new best friend that he can't stop talking about which is great because Mallory and Mason don't make friends that easily! School is going great for him he still struggles with reading and math but continues to try hard and pick it up! He continues to be the quiet sensitive one of the bunch .He is always touching/rubbing my belly and asking if I am okay.

Cavin is silly as usual. I have found this week that positive reinforcement with alone mommy/daddy time really motivates this kid! Today he went out in the back yard and yelled at the cows(yes our new neighbors are 2 black cows fun fun) "moooo mooooooo hey cows can you do that" and yesterday he was pulling around a toy dog and asking me to pet it and when I asked it's name he said "cat poop". I believe he will be the family clown!!

Maxton is well NAUGHTY as if I haven't said that before!! I finally took him to the Dr. today because his runny nose and cough just weren't getting better and sure enough he had bilateral ear infections!! I feel like a bad mommy today because I told myself to take him last week,but I didn't. Poor little guy :( Anyway his vocabulary is unbelievable and the things he does like walk up and down the stairs without holding on to the rail just blow my mind!! He doesn't get this whole "baby" thing. When you ask where are the babies he points to my belly, but then picks his shirt up and points to his belly and says baby!! July should be really interesting! Although he has become more of a daddy's boy the last few weeks which is sad but kinda good! Everyone comments on his long/curly hair, some say he needs a haircut but I say NO he looks so sweet it is staying at least for now!!

Guess that is a little update on the kiddo's. Nothing big but an update!! I have a few topics that I would like to cover,but the exhaustion has set in again and I am way to tired, maybe tom.!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The "Belly"



(I didn't want to post this picture,lets remember TWINS and I have gained 25lbs and I am sure most of it has went straight to my A** but I wanted to show you I am not joking about the "belly" size ITS HUGE!!)

Life these days for me are hard. I am so frustrated with everything. I feel helpless and alone. I feel like my family has no clue what I am going through because most days I feel like they see me as the same person I was 4 months ago and I am not. I am easily irritated and I hate that but even though I am aware of it I can't stop it. I cry at the drop of a hat for No reason. But the main thing that is bothering me lately is the soreness of the belly, the huge,large,round BELLY that grows by the second. This is no joke. I swear I walk by the mirror look at the "belly" come back a few mins later look at the belly and it has gotten bigger. When your having a really bad day the last thing you want to hear is someone ask you when you are due and then for them to say "you look full term already". I know I have two babies in there but for pete sake I don't know how much more I can grow before my belly splits in half? I can't imagine what I will look like in another 13 weeks. It doesn't seem that long but then I look at the "belly" or I try to bend down to pick something up, or get up off the couch/floor and I think there is no way it can be another 13 weeks. Oh and the heartburn oh my word.. Let me tell you I have had heartburn with every kid but this is 10x worse.. It feels like my throat is on FIRE and then it moves down to my stomach makes me want to cry. I won't miss that at all. The cravings have kinda stoped except for popsicles those I still want all day everyday!!
What it all boils down to is I am already at a place in this pregnancy where I miss myself. I love being pregnant love,love,love it up until the last 2 weeks when you are absolutely so uncomfortable only I have 13 weeks left I am already there. I want to enjoy this last pregnancy but I am used to having a clean house,a schedule, supper on the table,park,picnics, fun outings etc.. but I am so tired,so fat and so uncomfortable I make it to about Wed. and all my energy is gone...
I have been called stubborn by my friends and my mother and in a way I am. So I will keep going,trying to stay positive,yelling a little at clint and the kids to pitch in and help,but for the most part doing it by myself. I will be fine and I will make it another 13 weeks!!!