Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I don't know why he is doing this but I sure do love it!! Maxton at least 100 times a day comes up to me and gives me a kiss and says "i love you mommy" or "you know I love you mommy".. I don't know why he has started this but I sure do love it!! Such a Sweetie!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to One of the Most Amazing Men I know!! My Daddy!! I love him so!! Happy Birthday Dad! Thinking of you and Love You Lots!!
Its almost here... I can hardly stand it!! The excitement in the air is growing!! I have everything bought, food,candy,toys,etc.. I have a lot of wrapping to do but thats what 11p.m. Christmas eve is for right? Last night I got the deal of the season and I wasn't even searching for it! It was the last thing on my list I had to drag myself to Toys R Us at 11:30pm. and boy oh boy is one little guy going to be to the moon about it!! Cavin is the hardest kid to buy for but this year he is in luck!! Stay tuned for pictures!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Clint and Maccoy!

Clint and Maccoy

Carter getting an award at school. The lady in the white hoodie is his teacher!

Carter Honor Award 2010

Cayne is a monkey! And this is his "step" stool


Christmas with my parents,my brother,sister in law and niece Tava and nephew Drew!

Gibbs Xmas 2010

Cayne being silly :)


Old Christmas Photos..

Mallory and Mason Christmas 2002
Mallory's 2nd Christmas! Isn't she adorable?? I still have her dress :(
Mallory giving Mason a kiss on the head.. My favorite Christmas picture! Mason's first Christmas!! So Cute! Where did time go?

Part 3 Love Story (Wish I would have posted on Dec.11th :(

I couldn't find a picture from Christmas Dance 1994 This is from Prom 1997

Again the summer before my Sophomore Year and Clints Freshman Year of High School we started dating. It took a lot for me to talk him into giving it a try again, but he gave in! There was a lot of kissing for those short few weeks and then the night of the back to school dance he Broke my heart (told you he would punish me for breaking his) It was so horrible he did it at the dance in front of all my friends and all his friends. I was heartbroken and left crying in the girls bathroom for a long time and the worst part is he didn't even tell me he had his best friend do it for him. The next few months were hard. We grew up in a small town our entire school K-12 was only around 150 students or less. So it seemed he was everywhere I turned. I watched him take another girl to our Homecoming dance, talk about heartbreaking.... I dated a few guys between Sept. and Dec. of that year and he dated a few girls also, but when it came time for the Christmas Dance that year the night before neither of us had a date. But neither of us would ask the other. So my friends took it upon themselves to set us up. So they asked Clint what he would say if I asked him to the dance and he said "I would said Yes", but after being hurt so badly by him a few months earlier I was hesitant to ask. All this was happening during a basketball game (again the place to be on a Friday night in a small town). Finally before the game was over I got brave and sat down beside him and said " I hear if I ask you to the Dance you would say yes" So will you go with me to the dance" and he smiled and said " I don't know" (what a jerk) then he said "yes". The dance was Dec.11th 1994. I was so nervous and excited! We had decided to go in a group of 3 couples. He came to my house to pick me up or rather walk me up to the school (we weren't old enough to drive) We were both nervous. We went to the dance and had a great time even danced a little which for Clint is amazing! After the dance we went back to my parents house with about 10 of our friends, I remember Bay Watch being on the TV. I was sitting on Clint's lap we were kissing and talking I whispered in his ear "does this mean we are back together?" and his response was oh so romantic........ he said "does a bear sh** in the woods".. Can you believe that I stayed with him? We have been together since that day. Its been 16 years.Almost 12 of them married. I can't imagine my life with anybody but him. He is my best friend and I love him more than life.
As the New Year approaches and I look back at where we were last year and how far we have come. What a different person I am. It amazes me. I amaze me. I love this little family of mine so much sometimes I can't breathe. Last year at this time we had to ask everyone have you been sick, we had to hold our breath when Maccoy got the sniffles, we didn't even go see Santa (but the kids they understood why and they were fine with that) I was still Angry, asking why?, blaming myself for my son's broken heart, so worried I could barely sleep, and when I did sleep it was cuddled up beside that beautiful boy listening to his every breath, Nobody could ever understand what having a sick baby is unless you have lived it yourself, every cardiology appt., every needle poke a reminder of what was coming when we didn't know but we new it was coming. It made Christmas presents seem not so important, but reminded us what the season was really about. I hope this year we have not forgotten what the season is really about, is it weird that watching my children drop money some their own birthday/Christmas money into the little red kettles makes me tear up? well it does. Today the anticipation of Santa coming is growing and I am enjoying that Oh so much. I love to hear Maxton talk about Santa at the North Pole and to hear him sing You Better watch out, Better not be bad, Santa is coming! His own version of Santa is Coming to town! I love to read their Santa letters. To get their sweet little gifts that they made me at school and see how excited they are to give them to me. My favorite part this year this far was Mason's I am Thankful for letter which says I am Thankful for my brothers and my sister because I always have somebody to play with, I love them all. Tears fell as I read that letter because that is what I always want for them to have each other.. I love my memories of Christmas as a child they are great but I think these memories of being a Mother to small children at Christmas time will be even better.. Off to make some Christmas Cookies!

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Funny Baby!!! How cute is he??

Friday, December 10, 2010

I am not afraid to admit

This is for all the people out there that swear they can tell the babies apart!! I am with them every single day and today made a huge mistake!! I bought the twins a few new outfits that are the same! They were wearing one today we had been outside playing and picnicking enjoying this beautiful weather, came in for nap time! These babies are never hard to put down for nap but for some reason today they cried and cried and cried which is REALLY strange for them so after about 15 mins I went to see what was up? I walk in see their beloved blankies on the floor and say "naughty babies don't throw your blankies" pick each one up cuddle them, kiss them, check diapers lay them back down, even say to one Maccoy you shouldn't scream so hard for this long its to much for you. I leave the room and immediately the screaming begins again and I think Oh No here we go they are going start pitching fits to go to bed now this is going to stink! So I listen and watch on the baby monitor for another 10 to 15 mins I can't stand it I run up to their room and find their blankies on the floor again?? What the heck is going on? I pick up the blankies and all the sudden it hits me....................................................................................................................................................................

I have mixed them up!! I put Maccoy in Caynes bed with Cayne's blankie and Cayne in Maccoy's bed with Caynes blankie..... No wonder they kept throwing the blankies out and screaming.. And I even picked them up and cuddled them and didn't realize it... And I called Cayne Maccoy... Yep that's my screw up for today!!!
Tonight is Clint's Christmas party for work. Its a great time. You get to get all dressed up and have adult conversation ( I don't really like the dressed up part I am more of a lazy pj's kinda girl). But this year I decided to go all out and not let Clint be the judge of my outfit sort of surprise him! My parents are coming to watch the kids which they are thrilled about! And I actually can't wait to get all dressed up! If I think I look Ok I will even post pictures!! Wonder if its a problem to say I haven't lost the baby weight yet even if the baby is 10 years old?? Seriously gotta start working on that!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

On Monday morning when Max finally realized that he couldn't crawl into the bathtub whenever he wanted for a nice warm bath (because the hot water heater was broken) he had a "Great Idea lets call Handy Manny Mom get his numbers he can fix it " LOL! Oh buddy I wish it was that easy!
Yesterday I had to put away yet more "baby" clothes. I guess in the months prior I have either put off putting them away or been so busy that I didn't really think about what I was doing.. As the tears fell my sweet little boys came and crawled up on my lap they laid their little heads on my shoulders and gave me big open mouth yummy baby kisses and I cried harder knowing this is the last of that. They are such sweet babies which makes this all the more hard. All my babies have been good not fussy or hard just pure sweetness and adorable, chubby and happy.. My heart is hurting..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cayne's new phrase is "oh wow" and both babies are loving saying Thank You and signing it!! It is so stinking cute!! Man am I going to miss this stage... :(
Today I am in sooo in love with my husband.. He fixed my hot water heater and made my day.. How lame is that?? A few days ago I was ready to kick him to the curb for not coming home from his hunting trip to fix the hot water heater!! See how fast feelings change!!! LOL!! Marriage when somebody figures it all out let me know!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Clint took Max and Cavin to his parents house while he is there hunting. They are getting in some good quality grandma time! And while the first few days of them being gone was kinda nice and relaxing now I just miss them like CRAZY! Max was absolutely sooooo sweet the night they left. He kept saying "mom don't be sad, I gotta go shoot a big deer, I will bring you candy, what kind you want? Mom don't be sad, I will be back later, Mom I Love You don't be sad.. At one point he kicked off his boots and decided leaving me wouldn't be good but I soon convinced him I would be okay so he could go ahead and go on, with tears in his eyes he left. My heart melted..
Tonight Mal is off to her BFF's for a fun birthday sleepover so its just me, my two oldest boys and my two youngest boys.. A night of boys the story of my life! And I LOVE it! I am a good boy mom (at least until the girlfriends start up :(
The hot water heater is broke and so we are having to boil water to do dishes, take baths etc. Thank goodness all my laundry was caught up before it went out. Clint won't be home til Sunday so its broke til then! Thank goodness I have good friends who let me come shower a few kids at their house last night! Life sometimes it stinks but oh it could be sooooo much worse!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We have a New Nephew

Clint and I have a New Nephew!! Clint's Sister Jamie and brother in Law David welcomed their sweet baby boy into the world 12/1/10 at 5:40p.m. via csection!
His name is Jayden Riley and he weighed in a t 6lbs14oz!! We are All so excited to meet him!! Isn't he Sweet!!