Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So I realize that I am a emotional wreck these days (that's what pregnancy does to me) but today is especially bad.... I took the kids out this morning to pick up Clint's xmas gift and I was very nervous because of the weather we got yesterday so I just took it slow.. We got to the store fine and just hearing Mason look at someone and say Merry Christmas without being told to melted my heart and I teared up, then we were on our way home and I was taking it slow again but somebody decided to turn at the last min. in front of me and my brakes locked up, by the time I pulled into the grocery store parking lot I was shaking and crying it scared the CRAP out of me all these what ifs were running thru my head, while in the grocery store Carter looked up at me and with his puppy dog eyes said "Can we have donuts" and tears began to fall again and of course I said yes... For some reason today is my favorite day of the year, but some how I forget until it comes around again.. I don't know if it is because my own childhood Christmas was so wonderful, I remember so much from each xmas, my gifts, how I felt, waking my brother up at 2a.m. to tip toe downstairs to see if Santa had come, lying awake all night waiting for it to be time to wake my parents up, the only way to get my parents out of bed was to make their coffee.. Today is such a magical day to a child!! The anticipation of what will be waiting for you under the tree in the morning.. I am hoping this year my kids really get into it because for the past several years I am the one waking them up because I can't wait to see their reaction ( This annoys Clint)....

Anyway I wanted to wish Everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I feel like taking a trip to warmth!!!

A couple pictures from our trip to West Palm Beach back in Nov..... With this nasty, cold weather I wish I could fly there right now!!!! Put on my sunglassess, my shorts and enjoy the warmth!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pics from Mason's Award

I think he was surprised and happy!!! That is his wonderful teacher Mrs.Konzem giving out the awards!!


All the cousins together with Santa!!!!

The kids with Santa this weekend!! He came to visit us at Clint's side Family Xmas!! The kids got lots of nice stuff that they love and most important got to spend some great quality time with their cousins Therron, Zachary, Jade and Cutter all their aunts and uncles and of course Grandma and Grandpa!! Safe to say a Good time was had by all!! It was a nice start the Holiday week!! We will have Xmas at home on Thurs.. and then travel to my parents for xmas with that side Friday!! Busy Busy Week!!!


Clint and I are Pregnant AGAIN!!!!!

Yes we know what causes it, Yes we planed it, Yes we are excited as are all the kids!! And Yes this is one of the reason's I have been so far behind blogging lately I am EXHAUSTED!! We are praying that all goes well and I have to tell you that I have been really naive the last 5 pregnancies and it is catching up with me this time as I am really nervous about something being wrong... We are due in July and are 9 weeks along....

So there is our news for the week!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Okay Okay

Okay Okay Clint get off my back I realize I haven't been updating my blog like I should.... So this post is to get my wonderful husband off my back!!! We have had a nasty cold going around our house for the last week and it finally hit mom and well all mom's know that when you get sick it isn't good.... Needless to say blogging has taken a back burner!!
I would like to start by saying that Maxton bounced back from his surgery in super speed and is doing fine other than having this cold which has mad him pretty clingy to mommy. He is still his same naughty self getting into lots of trouble all day long!! Wed. I cleaned up pretzels off the floor only to turn around to clean up cookies off the floor in the other room and then find him playing in the sink full of bubbles getting water all over the kitchen floor.. It never ends with this kid!!!
Mason was the star student of the week in his class so he got to bring his special thing to school and he actually told me "mommy I want to take you cause your my most special thing"!!! Talk about heartbreaking!!! I think he really meant it (don't burst my bubble)!!! He was also awarded the Character Key award for Self Discipline at school today at morning assembly!!! He is just making such great progress this year and I think it has a lot to do with his wonderful teacher Mrs.Konzem!!! She is the best!! For xmas Mason is asking Santa for a Nintendo DS with mario brothers to play and transformers! I don't know if he has been that good?
Mallory continues to get better with reading and is a whiz at math.. She continues to have trouble with a few girls in her class, but we are talking about girls and I believe a lot of it is just Mallory drama!!! She is excited for xmas and is asking Santa for a Ipod and a guitar so she can play along with Daddy!!
Cavin got the chance to sit on Santa's lap last week and Santa told him that he would see him on xmas eve and the reindeer would be guiding his sleigh Cavin said " no deer cause my Daddy shoot them"!! Nice thanks Clint!!! He continues to be the lover/cuddlier of the bunch and he makes sure to tell me at least 3 times a day that he "loves me" and that his best friend is Sadie!! He still carries his blankies around and sucks his thumb.. I know I need to break the habit, but I find myself putting it off!! All Cavin wants for xmas this year is a Rock Guitar??? That should be fun... Earplugs are on my xmas list!!!
Carter is doing so much better in prek this year.. He has mastered writing his name and can name many of the letters of the alphabet and is starting to figure out their sounds.. He has made a few friends at school. He still loves doing his puzzles and can now put a 100 piece puzzle together in under 1 hour! Which totally amazes Clint and I. He is asking for more "mans"(action figures) and a robot for xmas...
So I guess there is a update on the kiddo's for all that have been wondering!! I will post pictures soon!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


For whoever is wondering how things went.. We are home and Maxton is "drunk" acting but seems okay we will see how he is in a few hours when the pain meds wear off.. Our surgery was scheduled for 2:30 but we didn't get in until 4pm. It has been a very long day!! They repaired the hernia on the right side but weren't able to check the left side so hopefully it is okay and we won't have to go through this again.. I will update more later, but I need to go take care of my poor baby...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost There....

He may need to wear this outfit for a few days to protect his ouchie from his crazy siblings!!!
So basically I have been keeping Maxton in the house and away from everyone for about 2 weeks to try to keep him healthy until his surgery... We have made it although Cavin and Carter seem to have caught a cough, we are keeping our fingers crossed that Maxton stays well for the next 24 hours!!
I finally got the call yesterday from same day surgery with directions for food/fluid intake and time to be at the hospital... Are you ready for this??? His surgery isn't until 2:30 p.m. yes you heard me right and the kicker is we have to keep him from eating from 1:30a.m. on except for water, apple juice and jello which he can have up to 11:30a.m.... I almost drooped the phone when the nurse on the other end gave me this news.. I said "are you all aware that he is 17mths old?" and she said yes but we go in order of age youngest to oldest and Maxton is the oldest kid Dr.Murphy will be operating on that day... Are you fricken kidding me?? Keep my 17mth old from eating for 12 hours how in the world am I suppose to do that? I even tried to call and reschedule the surgery, but the next time they could do it wasn't unitl Dec.31st and well I have BIG doubts that we can stay healthy that long, so I am biting the bullet and giving this a shot what else can I do? Dr.Murphy's office did give me the go ahead to give him popsicles so I think that will help ALOT!!!
Anyway say a prayer for Maxton that all goes well tom. and he handles the anesthesia fine and we are home by supper!!!
His surgery is at 2:30 tom. the 10th we need to be at the hospital at 1:30p.m. They are going to repair the right side hernia look at the left side to make sure it doesn't need repaired also. The surgery should be less than a hour. He recovers for anywhere between 30 mins to 2hours depending on how he handles the anesthesia.
Thank Goodness I have wonderful friends who are going to watch the kids and pick them up from school.. I have said it a million times but I will say it again THANK YOU LADIES YOUR THE BEST FRIENDS A GIRL COULD HAVE AND I OWE YOU AGAIN!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great White Hunter Gets One!!!

Sorry to all you animal lovers for this picture, but in the sticks where we come from this is a big deal!!! HaHa!!! Clint shot his deer today a 10 point buck!! Way to go honey!! Now hurry up and get home!!! Ya right I still won't see him for 3 more days He is on "Man Vacation"!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Little Behind

Okay so I am a little behind on posts... Kick Me!!! I will try to catch up here the next few days after the kiddo's go to bed since Clint is gone on his "Man Trip" hunting of course!!
Mason turned 7 on the 14th and Clint and I were gone :( I know I know I feel horrible we are terrible parents that choose to do an odd job (later post) for extra money for xmas.. But I assure you he was in Great Hands with Grandma and Grandpa (Clint's parents)!! They went to eat with him at school and took him Sonic!! Then that night he met up with some of his cousins,aunts and uncles at Zonkers to play, won lots of tickets got prizes, went on rides then went on to eat pizza for supper!! I told you he was in good hands!! He got a helicopter from one set of grandparents, a Wii game from the other set of grandparents, money and money orders from his great-grandparents, a transformer, a dart gun(thanks val), another transformer and more money from all his aunts, uncles, and cousins!! He is Spoiled rotten!!
We celebrated with him on Sunday by making him whatever he wanted for Supper!! We had cake and ice cream, and gave him our gifts!! All in all I think he had a great Birthday!!
I couldn't ask for a better 7 year old boy! He is so sweet, kind and caring! I love that little guy to death!!
Love ya Bubba... Mommy