Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today will be or already has been a busy day for me and the little kids.. We started off with a trip to the perinatologist office for a check of my cervix and the babies. Both are fine! Babies look good and the cervix is fine so if in 2 weeks when I got back the cervix still looks good they will release me from checking on my cervical status!! YA!! As if it really matters because after next week I start seeing my regular OB every two weeks... ugh... I took the little boys with me this morning because I new it would be a really quick appt. and they were excellent! Then we ran by Target to get Carter a new 500 piece puzzle to start since he finished his other one last night!!(pics coming soon)
I have a PTO board meeting here at 12:30 which brings with it a few kids for the boys to play with so that will be fun!! Then it is to school to pick up mal/mas and home to finish supper, do homework and undoubtedly listen to kids scream,cry and fight!!
If I am not to tired I am going to try to post some pics tonight. I am so far behind on everything..
To end on a funny note we saw a train on the way home and it looked like it was going backwards and I said Cavin why is that train going backwards and his reply was "it wanted to go back home so it's backing up"!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Husband is Silly

Even though Clint doesn't "contribute" to the blog he still has a need to make it better.. He HATES the new look says it's to busy? I myself LOVE it so it's not going anywhere. But last night the fact that the baby ticker only had 1 baby in it was really getting on his nerves so he was on a mission to get 2 babies in there and if you look down at the bottom that is exactly what he did!! I am so excited because I tried to figure it out myself and never could!! Aren't they CUTE!!

Thanks Honey! Made my Day!! Your the BEST!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A little Late.. sorry Honey

If you are listening to the music play while your reading this you will hear songs from Clint and I's wedding 10 years ago March 20th.. It was a beautiful day the weather was gorgeous you couldn't have asked for better weather for a wedding! The groom was very handsome and I well looked like a bride! We were very young 19 to be exact. We were in such a hurry to get married and start our family and all though I wouldn't take any of it back I wonder what our big hurry was? I could tell you that our marriage has been perfect, but that would be a lie. Something they never tell you when you get married is how hard it is. Even if you have dated that person for 4 years you still have a lot to learn about them!! I believe and think Clint would agree we have a pretty great marriage, but it doesn't come without arguments, silent treatments, guilt, and apologizes! We know each other better than anyone else so that means we know how to push each others buttons pretty well! And while I complain about his late work hours, hunting trips and endless home improvements projects I am also thankful to be married to a hard working, do things for yourself once in awhile, handy man!! With each child we have welcomed into our family I fall deeper and deeper in love with this wonderful man. I couldn't ask for a better father for my children. And although he may make comments that I will never let him live down(honey you know what I am talking about) I know he means well even if at the time it hurts my feelings. As a couple we have grown and changed so much over the last 10 years and I am looking forward to seeing what the next 40+ have in store for us!!

I love you honey Happy Anniversary a few days late!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lots of Stuff

Well my girlfriends and I took a trip to the Big Town of Centralia this weekend for a little scrapbooking,good company and Awesome food and Hospitality from my Wonderful Mother in Law Judy!! I got to show them the big town it took all of 5 mins!! But it brought back many fun stories of my Great Childhood which was fun! For those of you who live close we visited Roots Cemetery which during the day was actually very beautiful! It was a great trip and hopefully we will be doing it again in a few months!!
This is Spring Break week for the kids and Clint is on vacation so we have spent a few beautiful days picnicing at the park which has been great. We don't have big plans this week just whatever we feel like doing.
Yesterday I had a Dr. appt with the high risk group. They did the routine monthly growth sono and both babies look great!! Each weighs about 1 pound!! My cervix is still hanging in there so hopefully in another month I will be able to go back to seeing them every 4 weeks rather than every 2weeks which would be lovely! I am feeling HUGE,sore, tired,achy,short of breath etc.etc... which they say is normal for a twin pregnancy and they also say it will only get worse :( YUCK I have already gained as much weight with these guys in the first 21 weeks as I did with any of the other kids the entire pregnancy attractive huh? I should expect to gain about another 20lbs.. Man am I going to need a personal trainer after this is over?? Oh well as long as the babies are good the weight is no big deal, but man is it tuff to carry around!!
Friday is Clint and I's 10 year anniversary! Holly Cow time flies when you are having fun(or lots of babies)!! We have been together for 14 years it doesn't seem possible. I couldn't imagine my life any different!
Anyway that is an update on what is going on here.. Hopefully more soon..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Terrible Two's Early!!

So Maxton has mastered something new.. On Saturday Clint put him down for a nap and a few mins later we hear "hi" from the catwalk and we look up to see Maxton standing there blankie in hand. He had crawled out of his crib! Not only gotten out but shut off his box fan and opened his bedroom door and decided nap time was Over!! Since then it has been hard to keep him in his bed especially at nap time. We are going to get him in a twin bed this weekend and I am really not looking forward to that because on Tues when he was suppose to be napping he was really destroying his room he took all the toys out of the toy box, all the books off the shelf and clothes out of the dresser all in 15 mins that I heard nothing on the monitor so I thought he was sleeping but really he had just changed the channel on the monitor.. I don't want his nap time to end I was hoping for at least another 6 to 8 mths,but it isn't looking good :( Besides his new trick his vocabulary has increased x10, he will pretty much repeat whatever you ask him to. He knows what sound horses,cows,kittens,dogs,ducks,monkey's make, points to all body parts and follows simple directions like get a diaper, bring me that toy, lets read books.. etc.!! He is a smart little guy! He is also not very nice if he doesn't get his way he hits. He also pouts which is cute the funny thing he does this when you say "please" to him? No Clue why.. Anyway that is what is new with Maxton. I need to update on all the kids because it seems like a lot of the focus lately has been on the twins. Maybe I will get it done before I leave for my girls weekend Friday with 3 of my Best Friends. We are on our way to stay with my in-laws for a scrapbooking weekend!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Good News

So I had my appt. this morning with the high risk dr. and my regular OB. The high risk dr. said that my cervix is Great it measures 5.1cm he said" you could carry the octuplets with this cervix!!" But since the measurement they got on Wed. that landed me on bed rest was so different(2.7cm)/horrible he said we should take a look next week and also do the regular growth sono. We told my regular OB that we were very confused about how the measurements could be so different? How Wed. you talked about the hospital and stitching my cervix closed and today the high risk dr. says my cervix is Great? She gave us some BS answer to this about how all the pain I was in on Wed and the pressure I was having could have messed up there measurement and we should go with what the high risk dr. said. So my bed rest order has been lifted and I can go back to regular activity, but not push myself to hard and lay down often through out the day and drink plenty of water. The babies look wonderful! Their heartbeats were 135 and 145 today. The last few days have been a emotional roller coaster I am glad to have it behind me and trying to get my positive attitude back!! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Still here

Well I am still here and Pregnant!! That's good news!! I have been down since Wed. evening and let me say it is hard! I am used to cleaning,cooking,playing and going going going!! Now I am only suppose to get up to use the restroom and take a short shower or go from the bed to the couch. Yesterday my mom and sister(my brothers wife) Emily came all the way from "home" to clean my house along side Clint. It was so hard to just sit and watch them from the couch at least I had cute/sweet company my niece Tava! They did a great job Clint and I really appreciate it! Clint and Mallory left and went and got groceries while they were here to help out with the kids. Clint is handling his new role pretty well and he is even waiting on me which is a switch? I have a lot of mommy guilt but I am trying to stay focused on what is really important Keeping These Wonderful already loved babies inside and growing! So many of my friends have showed up to help, offered to watch kids do laundry, clean, pick the kids up from school and brought us meals. I really don't know how I got so lucky to have so many wonderful caring people in my life? I have to say this is coming as a shock to me in fact I spent most of Wed. night laughing about it and then most of Thurs. morning crying about it and most of today scared to death about it. I have had 5 great pregnancies as well as full term healthy babies. I keep thinking I pushed my limit I should have stooped after I got lucky for the 5th time,but I didn't there was still someone missing from our family and now we may never get to know them and that is breaking my heart and scaring the crap out of me. I see the high risk dr. tom. at 9:30 for a sono and to see what his recommendations are and then over to my regular OB dr for final instructions. I will post as soon as I can... Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers we really appreciate them!
A Special thanks to:
My Mom for cleaning my house and listening to me cry!! Love ya Mom
Emily for cleaning my house, making me meals and yummy Monster Cookies!!
Tava Rae for letting me hold her!! I love you sweet girl!
Jennifer for helping with the kids, making us a Awesome Supper and helping me through this!
Amy for helping with the kids, making us some Very Yummy Soup(I am needy :) and listening to me vent!!
Stacey for offering to help with anything. I know you will do whatever I need!! Helping with the medical side.. It is nice to have a Labor/Delivery Nurse as a friend at a time like this!!
Christina for the beautiful flowers, food and for offering to haul kids to events!
And to everyone else who is thinking of us!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


On Wed. I was in alot of pain and ended up going in to see my Dr. They did a sono and the babies look great, but my cervix doesn't :( So I was sent home and told to stay on bed rest until Monday then I see my high risk dr who will determine if I need to have a stitch put in my cervix to help keep it closed for the remainder of this pregnancy. It is definitely scary,but we are still trying to stay positive and hopeful. So I am laying here on the couch watching the kids play and watching the time(waiting for nap time). If this is how to keep the babies in for the next 4 months then I guess that is how it is. There is talk of me ending up in the hospital hopefully we can avoid that,but who knows. My Dr. said being 20 weeks pregnant with twins is the same as being 30 weeks pregnant with one. No wonder I feel so crappy already. Anyway that is what is going on here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Okay Clarification/ Vent

Okay for those of you that responded to my last post please don't be offended when I start out by saying I HATE JON AND KATE PLUS 8!! I don't agree with what they are doing and I don't think they are the Great parents that evidently the rest of you do.. Everyone is entitled to their opinion!!! I personally think Kate is awful to her husband especially when' she talks "down" him, hits him, yells at him like a child. Come on if you have ever watched the show you know what I am talking about. I have watched several episodes myself and at first I did find it interesting until I really began listening to her yell at her kids and her husband, don't get me wrong I do raise my voice(several times/day) at my kids and occasionally at Clint, but I hope I never talk to him like a child. I am not sure why America thinks it is okay for them to make money off their Children(if you read her website she states in it they get money from TLC of course she won't disclose the amount for new episodes, every time a rerun airs they get paid, for all her TV interviews, magazine articles, the book she has out and the the new one that is coming out soon etc... In fact from what I read neither one of them has a job now they are living off the fame of having twins and sextuplets?? Yet poor Octo mom is getting death threats and no help from anywhere simply because she is Not married and choose to do something that okay I will admit was STUPID, but why should companies like Pampers help other families of multiples and not her? Why should Jon and Kate be put up on a pedestal and given a huge house "which on an episode about 3 weeks ago Kate said they needed for along time" which is Complete BS because I Kate will have 1 less child then you and live in a house that looks to be about the same size as your old one and I don't think I NEED a bigger one.. As long as my kids have a roof over their , head and food on their plate, clothes on their back and Clint and I here to Love and Support them WE ARE GOOD and that should be enough for you too.... A large house is not a necessity!! I personally think all this fame/fortune has gone to their head...

So their is my Vent today... We are nothing like the Gosselin's and are not trying to be.. I would no more take parenting advice from Kate Gosselin than the bum on the corner.. Anyone that is more worried about vomit on a blanket and cleaning it up then the actual child that vomited has BIG problems(I saw this an a rerun a few months ago they actually had their kid sleeping on the laundry room floor with the door closed and he was vomiting alone while she was yelling in the kitchen at someone else).. I know that part of it is just what they show us on Tv, but man it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.. I don't doubt that they love their children just like the rest of us, but from what I see I don't like.. I could go on and on about this just ask my friends like the vacations they take but they have to take at least 2 people to help them, the vacations are completely paid for by TLC probably(okay maybe a little jealous of this one) the fact that every time she has an appt. or one of the kids has to go to the dr. she only takes that child and leaves the other with babysitters, someone still comes in to help her with her laundry,on days they tape the show their food is cooked/or brought in to her house but they try to make it look like she is doing it?? etc. etc. etc...... Clint and I do vacations alone and we always will, I do most Dr.s appts. alone with at least 3 kids in tow sometimes all 5, Nobody cooks my meals for me, but my kids have a home cooked NONE organic(oh shoot me) meal 6 our of 7 nights a week as well as homemade breakfast before school, nobody does my 3 loads of laundry/day but me... etc... etc. but some how I really think people feel sorry for them, but they are the ones that had IUI to have these kids.. My kids are my responsibility and everything that goes with taking care of them shouldn't it be the same for them??? I don't expect people to come in and help me even once the babies come in fact I don't like help it makes me feel like I'm not doing what I am suppose to do.. I could keep going but time to make some chocolate milk, clean up breakfast, get kids dressed, go to the store, pick a kid up from school, make lunch , make supper, pick more kids up from school, and hopefully somewhere in there play,kiss and hug my kids and put my feet up..

Have A Great Day!! Feel free to leave a comment if you don't agree with me maybe you will change my mind!! but i doubt it please don't hate me because we have different opinions...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

oh wow

Just think I could give bus tours as a second job :)

This could be it :(

This could be my future vehicle.. Can you even imagine Me driving this?? Holly Crap... How ugly is this? I have to say the vehicle thing has really got Clint and I stumped. There is just not so many options for a family of 9. Of course Clint being the "don't like to spend money" person he is wants to just make due with our Sienna(which is my baby the only vehicle I could have driven until it died) which means Mallory would have to ride in the front seat and Clint would be sitting without a seat belt in the trunk sounds safe right? NOT!!! We have looked at every option to get around getting something as ugly as the picture above but some of the other Conversion Vans are way to expensive for us I mean come on I am about to have 7 children like I have $35,000.00 to spend on a vehicle. This vehicle maybe UGLY, but it seats 10 people, has lap/shoulder belts for everyone and child seat anchors this says Safety to me... So I just have to convince Mallory that she doesn't need home schooled just so people don't see her getting in this at 3p.m.!!!