Monday, July 26, 2010

Cavin and Cayne

Cavin took swim lessons with the others while at Grandma's and became a little fish! But he never got the guts to jump off the diving board without a lifeguard to catch him. Well tonight that all changed with a little encouragement from Daddy he decided to give it a shot. He did FABULOUS!! Jumped in came up and swam to the side just like he had been doing it for years! What a fish! He was so proud as was Clint they both beamed with pride and excitement. It warms my heart to see my husband so proud of one of his children's accomplishments! But that wasn't all Cavin had to show us cause a few more times off the board and then he thought he would just do a FRONT FLIP! No joke! That kid did a flip and swam to the side like a champ! Oh my these fearless boys how I love them!

Today Cayne had his ear tubes put in! It was very quick and he did fine! We got there at 7:15a.m. they took him to the OR at 7:58 we sat and waited for the Dr. and he came to tell us it was over and went perfect at 8:08a.m. he said there was A LOT of scar tissue on both eardrums caused from lots of bad infections, but not much fluid today. We walked out of the hospital at 8:20a.m. hopefully when we go back on Aug.11th his hearing test will look A LOT better!! He is doing great!

Friday, July 23, 2010


I am sooooo enjoying my summer break with ALL my kids home and I am trying to soak up all the moments and store them in my memory. But we are ALL in need of routine again! Bedtime has gone by the wayside the kids get to stay up WAY to late every night and sleep in as a late as they want every morning and it is finally catching up with all of us. So the countdown is on for school to start and I will cry the first day as I do every year, I will miss them soooo much, their younger siblings will be lost without their playmates, and believe it or not I will miss the "mom's" and the fighting, the laughing and the mess, but I will also enjoy getting my "kids" back the rested normal kids back...

Monday, July 19, 2010

I have neglected my blog. And well we are fighting a stomach bug in this house right now so not a lot of time to play catch up. So I am leaving a picture of one of Carters favorite tricks of summer. My 6 year old taught himself in one afternoon how to front flip off the diving board! He is fearless.. He can also now back flip off the board.. Crazy Kid is making me age faster than necessary!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

To This 7-1-10

This is partners in crime playing in some cereal that Maxton thought they needed to eat! They were covered in sugar and had to have a bath! Silly babies!

From This 7-4-09

Happy First Birthday Cayne and Maccoy!

Happy Birthday to my sweet,adorable,precious baby boys! My what a year it has been! I have loved every minute of being a twin mommy and look forward to what will come! Many people look at you both and say "double trouble" but I look at you and only see "double fun"! your are the sweetest babies, Cayne your the cuddly one and Maccoy is the feisty one which is just how it should be! you aren't walking yet but that is just fine with me, Cayne can crawl up the stairs and Maccoy watches with frustration because he can't quit figure it out! You say MaMa and DaDa, wave bye bye, and Cayne you cover your eyes to play peek a boo it is so adorable! You love your blankies and must have them to go to sleep. You are each getting your 4 top teeth right now but are handling it like champs! You are both having troubles with ear infections and will be seeing the ENT this month. :( You are very easy babies, you just crawl around and play. You don't like it when mommy gets out of your sight and you have been enjoying summer break just like your brothers and sister because they play with you all the time! You love to swing and take bike rides. You have handled all the kids ballgames sitting in your stroller in the heat really well and have gotten a lot of attention from your brothers and sisters friends! It has been a joy to watch you grow over the last year and when people comment about how hard it is to have twins I respond by "if I could be guaranteed another set next I would do it again in a heartbeat"!!! I love you both more than you will ever know!!! Happy First Birthday Sweet Boys!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Tomorrow my little babies are going to be 1! STOP TIME STOP!! I remember last year at this time like it was yesterday and I so badly want to go back there. The way you feel the last few weeks of pregnancy the aches, pains, kicks,movement, anticipation,tiredness,excitement, joy,fear... All the emotions that come from the arrival of a new baby and in this case it was double all those emotions. I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!
I will never forget July 3rd 2009 EVER.. Clint had the day off it was a lazy morning around 10a.m. I got up took a shower,dressed and came downstairs to check my email as I got more and more busy I began to feel contractions, but we decided to go ahead and go on with our day as planed so we got everyone ready and went out for pizza all the while I am having pretty good contractions about every 10mins.. I thought there is NO way this is it I have never gone into labor on my own this time will be NO different, all through lunch I would have to stop and squeeze clints arm when I was having a contraction and take some deep breaths but then I was fine when I wasn't. Clint was getting very worried and kept asking me if we should go home and get someone to watch the kids while he took me to the hospital to have me checked out. I kept saying NO I am fine it's just false labor. Then they picked up and at one point were every 4 to 5 mins as we drove around looking at car dealerships for a bigger van (nothing like waiting til the last min!). We stooped at the Dodge dealer to look at the Sprinters and Clint went in to talk to the dealer and left the kids and I out in the van (because I didn't think I could get out and walk) He had been gone for about 10 mins when he came out to the van and said you wanna come look at this, but I guess by the look on my face he could tell it was time to go home!! I was really beginning to believe this was the day the Twins would be born! Clint drove us home which took about 20 mins or 4 contractions by the time we got home I was in tears. I went to our bedroom and laid down told myself if they continue while I am laying down this is it! They stooped and I was able to nap. I woke up an hour later and said to the kids lets go get stuff to make Root beer floats! So off to the store we went! Only I didn't make it half way through the store and the contractions started up again and I was in MAJOR pain!! I took the kids to the van and clint paid for our stuff. We came home and began to walk around the block to see if they would pick up they did and by 8p.m. I was having contractions every 4 mins and some were intense others were not so bad. Finally at 9p.m. I called my Dr. (got the oncall dr since my dr. was of course on vacation) he said come right in and let us check u out! Okay fine, but it's July 4th weekend all our family was out of town, all my friends were out of town or busy, what are we going to do with the kids?? Lucky for us our friends Jon and Sarah were home and not busy but about 45 mins away but they thankfully agreed to come over! While Clint cleaned up the house some and got the kids in their pj's I walked the neighborhood alone, contracting, in pain but marveling at the fireworks, I kept thinking what a neat day to have the Twins 4th of July!! There were times when I wanted to sit down but new I probably wouldn't be able to get back up, I walked and and walked then came in to shower and pack a quick bag because still in my head this wasn't happening, I have never gone into labor on my own! We got to the hospital around 10:30p.m. went in through the ER doors, I walked all the way up to labor and delivery having to stop a few times to get through some intense contractions! They took us back put me on the monitor and yep there they were in a good little pattern the contractions! The nurse checked me I was at 4c.m she asked what I was in the office at my last visit and I told her a 3 she said so u are making change? Hmmm I thought is this really possible for me to do this on my own? No surely they will send me home tell me to take it easy for a few days and I will make it to my scheduled induction/csection day July 14th. Dr. then came in to do a sonogram to see the position of the babies, and discuss our plan. He said they wanted to keep me through the night because I was having regular contractions and dilating so they would put in a IV, keep on the monitors and check me again in 2 hours and if I had dilated more I was having babies on 4th of July.. The only decision was do I do it natural or by csection? He recommended csection said he doesn't recommend twin delivery any other way to his patients but my Dr. and I had discussed and she said as long as they were both head down she would do a vaginal delivery. I could tell this didn't make him very happy. He went over all the complications of a vaginal twin delivery but I had researched and talked to other twin moms who had done a vaginal twin delivery and while he tried to scare us into having a csection I went against him and decided I would try the vaginal delivery. I was taken to a room got there about midnight hooked up to the monitors, IV in giving me fluid and just sat there and waited 2 hours passed by pretty fast because the nurses kept having to come in and out to get Maccoy back on the monitor little stinker kept moving! At 2a.m. they came in an checked me and I had dilated/effaced more and was still in a regular contraction pattern IT WAS BABY TIME. I was in shock/denial and Clint well he was sleeping! It was a long night since I was a twin delivery I would have to be taken to the Operating Room to deliver in case I needed an emergency csection. They called anesthesia immediately and they came up to do my epidural even though I was handling the contractions they were afraid of me going fast and needing a csection so I needed to be ready. Around 3 a.m. I got the epidural the contractions kept coming all night around 8a.m. they started me on pitocin to increase the contractions and around 10a.m. they broke my water by noon I was ready to have babies! They wheeled us back to the OR and got us all ready by then my epidural wasn't working anymore but I thought no problem I got this it will be over as quick as the other kids! at 12:32p.m. my precious boy Cayne Truitt was born weighing in at 6lbs2oz and then the fun began! Baby B decided to float back up thankfully he didn't flip or that would have required a csection but it took a few dr.s and a few nurses pushing on my belly and pulling from down below to get him in position to come out and lots of pushing lots of pushing and finally after a lot of pain, a lot of pushing Maccoy Truston was born at 1:07p.m. weighing in at 5lbs12oz. I don't remember a lot about their birth other than just getting in a zone and talking to myself in my head coaching myself if you will and staring at the clock on the wall and telling myself it is about over... I didn't' get to hold both babies which is sad. They did let me hold Cayne on the way back to the labor room and they pushed Maccoy in his bassinet then I was able to nurse Cayne and Clint fed Maccoy a bottle because his blood sugar was a little low. I still can't believe how fast we decided on names after they were born? We got back to the labor room and immediately the nurses were asking us what their names were and Clint looked at me and said these are the names I like and I said fine this has never happened before in fact a few of our kids have had a name and then been changed after many hours! After that I was able to hold Maccoy while they cleaned Cayne up, but then they took Maccoy away and said his temperature was to low they would take him to the nursery to do his bath under a heat lamp to keep him warm and that was the last time I got to see/hold him for hours.. I was up and out of my bed and walking to the nursery/NICU within 3 hours after delivery. I had to see my baby to touch him and let him know I was there. Things that happened during those 5 days were heartbreaking and unforgettable. The feeling I had when I first held both my babies the Tuesday after they were born together alone in my hospital room without any machines or nurses around was AMAZING I will never forget it as long as I live. And that is the story in a nutshell of the birth of my Twins!!