Friday, February 22, 2008

These are for you MOM

My mom thought the bath pictures were so cute I
thought I would post a few more!!!

Another day

Just another day of sick kids.. I think I am offically done with winter.. Everyday I wake up and hope that it is May 1st and I have slept through the months of March and April.. Whatever bug Carter and Mason had moved through Mallory,Cavin and Maxton. That took an entire week Thurs. to Thurs.. And then to top it off after the fever and belly ache and some vomiting and a little diarrhea now they all have runny noses and coughs. Maxton woke up Wed morning with the croup and today his nose is just running yucky green and the stuff in the corners of his eyes is so thick I don't know how it even gets out of his tearducts? Anyway I called to Doc and begged them just to call him in a perscription so that maybe he would be better by March 4th for his tube surgery and hopefully wouldn't catch anything else and they did !! So we started the meds at noon and he is napping now!! No major plans for this weekend.. I think Clint said something about working on Sat.. whats new I think he should just move in at Plattform!!! Maybe things will slow down soon?? The older kids have birthday parties to go to tonight? Mallory's was suppose to be a slumber party but she isn't allowed to spend the night so I will pick her up around 9 and then Mason's is from 630 to 9 who has a party for 6 year olds on a Friday night until 9pm after they have been up at 6:45 and to school etc..? She is in for a bunch of cranky kids.. oh well not my problem :) Guess the floors aren't going to mop themselves and the bathrooms surely won't clean themselves so better go!! I will end on a happy note.. Mason brought me a $10 bill and told me that the man on it is "old man plincon" get it sounds like Abraham Lincoln funny how they hear things? Guess he was paying attention!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


One day last week Carter and Cavin disappeared and got very quite.. Any time that happens it usually has a bad outcome so I went to find them.. I found them in the kitchen sitting on the floor with a fork and the pickle jar...............


It snowed here this morning and for awhile looked like a blizzard outside.. Of course the kids wanted to go play in it so out they went and built their first snowman with no help from Clint or I.. I think it turned out pretty good.. It was perfect snowman making snow..

The Boys Chillin

Here is a picture of the 3 older boys "just chillin' watching cartoons..

My water Cutie

Maxton loves his bath.. He was acting way to cute in the tub last night so I tood a few pictures!! They are adorable!!

Mallory's Photo Shoot

I decided to fix Mallory's hair, put on a little make up and goof around with my only daughter.. When I was done I needed to take some picutres of course.. Here are a few.. I think Clint and I produced the next super model!!!

False Alarm

False Alarm... Turns out whatever the boys have it isn't influenza.. It was very strange .. Mason had a horrible belly ache and ate nothing for 48 hours ran a low grade temp. He also did vomit 2 times once after taking some ibuprofen and once after eating a cracker. He went to bed at 10pm on Thursday and didnt move utnil yesterday about 3pm.. The first thing he asked to eat was deer summer sausage??? strange kid.. Carter had a high fever and slept alot complained of everything hurting and just looked miserable, but he could eat?? They are both fever free this a.m., but still look like crap.. The other kids seem to be okay? only time will tell..

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Prayers needed

I don't usually do this kind of thing, but at this point I don't think it could hurt.. A guy that Clint and I went to highschool with just had a baby girl on Jan.31st she is in the NICU at Children's Mercy with a heart defect on an ECMO machine fighting for her life.. So if you could please say a prayer for baby Ava and her parents Nate and Amy and her little brother Kaden..

Being a mother myself, my heart just goes out to this family. There son Kaden was actually in Children's Mercy for the first 11months of his life. They have been through so much. They have been in my thoughts all week.

So please say a prayer for them

Friday, February 15, 2008

Here we go

Well here we go.. I thought we may steer clear of the "flu" this year, but I must have been crazy? Right now I have two boys in bed with what appears to be the true flu aka influenza.. Carter has a temp around 104 c/o body ache and Mason is running around 101 and c/o belly ache? Carter did vomit at 2a.m. thursday morning and ran a temp for about 4 hours then was fine all day yesterday we even went to the park and played and everything then about 10am. today he started looking like crap and mason was already in bed not feeling good so here it is almost 3 and they are both sleeping infact Carter is on his second nap in 4 hours.. This can't be good.. I am just praying that Maxton doesn't get it... It is going to be along week for this family. The worest part of having a large family is how long it takes to get everyone well with a illness like this or any illness really.. It takes alot out of mom as well as the sicko's!! Wish us luck..

change of plans

Maxton's surgery date got pushed back.. It was suppose to be 2/29/08 they called today and said how about May 7th.. Is that okay the women on the other end of the phone said? I said well do I have a choice? Actually yes you could use another doc in the practice okay then why even ask lets do that? I mean I met the doc for like 4 mins why do I feel more comfortable with that then with some doc I have never met? So we are going in on March 4th and a different doc is doing the surgery.. Anything to make Maxton well again.. His hearing test showed major hearing loss and that he has so much fluid behind his ear drums that they weren't even moving.. No wonder he isn't trying to say MaMa or DaDa.. anyway just a update. oh by the way the hearing will return after tube placement and the fluid drains..

It has been awhile...

Here is my future baseball star. Cavin is really into playing catch!! Everytime he wants to play ball he has to put on this hat.. He has recently mastered potty training which is great! He is very smart and talks all the time.. Imagine that I have a kid that talks all the time?
Here is a picture from Carter's 4th bday..He got to pick the cake and the frosting he really picked pink frosting? Carter is going to start preschool on Wed. next week, we had him screened and they determined that he is alittle behind so he will go two days a week and we will see where he is in May.. Maybe it has something to do with being the middle child?
Here is big stuff or "pumkin" as we call him.. He has been crawling since he was 5 months old and started pulling himself up on 1/2/08.. He has been having trouble with his ears so we are going to have tubes put in on 2/29/08 and hopefully he will be back to the happy baby we all know and love.. He is into everything and spoiled rotten!!! Mallory and Mason have a few days off school so they are just hanging out playing their leapsters and watching cartoons.. They are both doing good in school.. It is a chore to get Mason to get up in the morning he claims to hate going to school but when I pick him up he says what a great time he had? He is just not a morning person!! Mallory has been invited to her first slumber party and is very mad at dad and I since we said no.. Who else thinks 1st grade is alittle young for sleepovers?

Here are some pictures of the kiddo's I know my Grandma has been waiting on these for some time.. The kids are out of school today, Mason is not feeling well so why I sit here and wait to see if he is going to throw up or not I thought it would be a good time to post some current pictures of the kiddo's!!