Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Hero Maccoy Truston

Every Heart Has a Story

Hit the button above to head on over the Stefenie's blog and read her child's heart story. She has started this so that we can share our stories and spread awareness for congenital heart disease. I jumped on board very fast, because I believe one of the reason's our sweet boy was born with this defect was to help spread awareness because before Maccoy, even as a nurse I didn't know the statistics. I thought if there was a problem it would be found with sonogram before the baby was born but Maccoy is proof that's false. So take some time and meet some of the other Brave Heart Babies/Kids they really are Amazing!!

Our Story begins after we find out that our pregnancy has went from a normal single pregnancy to a High Risk Twin Pregnancy. Even though I was high risk and having bimonthly sonograms everything was going well both babies were growing very well, I was gaining the weight and still doing my normal activity. We had between 25 to 30 sonograms during this pregnancy and multiple visits with the perinatologist. None of which turned up any issue with Maccoy's heart (do you detect some anger/frustration). I went into labor on my own(a first) on July 3rd 2009 unsure of weither or not it was the real deal a 10:30p.m. trip to the hospital would tell us it was time to meet the Twins! After a very long day/night in labor(you would think number 6 and 7 would come fast hahaha stinkers) it was time to meet our little ones at 12:32p.m. Baby "A" Cayne Truitt (heart healthy) was born and following him many minutes later at 1:07p.m. Baby "B" Maccoy Truston was born. All seemed fine for the first hour after birth, but a apnea episode would land Maccoy in the NICU for 5 days. During the first few hours of him being in the NICU many tests, scans,labs etc. were run and the words innocent murmur where being used, it was a Sat. eve. so specialist unless really necessary weren't seeing patients, but we were told that a pediatric cardiologist would be in the next day to see another patient and they would have him evaluate Maccoy. Sunday July 5th our lives changed forever. I should have known when the Dr. came in with 2 nurses following him carring a box of kleenex that something was wrong. He looked at us Clint holding Cayne and me in my hospital bed and said "your son has a heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot he will need open heart surgery to repair it" after that I quit listening I wanted to run out of that room screaming and snatch up my beautiful, perfect,pink,sweet, baby boy and leave that hospital he was wrong he had to be, but instead I held it together and waited for them to leave and then I cried for what seemed like hours as I did for many days and hey I am not going to lie I still do on certain days like the day before a cardiologist appt. or when I notice his skin color a little different. It's scary to have a heart baby. We brought him home 5 days after his birth veteran parents to 5 kids, but we had as many questions and fears as first time parents. I am a nurse so I wanted to have him on a saturation monitor so I could know what he was doing all the time, I was constantly checking his color and his breathing, I hardly ever put him down, I slept with him snuggled up next to me on his monitor waking to check on him constantly. Always preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Maccoy was amazing. He gained weight and hit all his milestones never had a TET spell. All was going picture perfect and even though we knew the time would come for his repair nothing can ever prepare you for that day when they say "its time", or for the day when they call you to schedule "the day", or for the drive to the hospital on "the day" or the feeling of handing your baby over to the nurses and waiting,pacing,hoping,praying,crying, on "the day" for the first time you lay your eyes on your sweet baby right after a life changing surgery, or for the days of recovery ahead and the hurtles he has to jump over, but after that is over and you leave (even if you know you will be back) the feeling of such relief that he made it and his heart is mended not forever but for now and maybe you can worry just a little less for awhile. Maccoy had his full repair on April 14th 2010 at 8mths old he will need a valve replacement in the future but our cardiologist is hopeful that by then it won't require open heart surgery (can you imagine?) Maccoy is my hero he is the strongest little guy I know and he amazes me everyday..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School

The first day of school has come and gone! The kids were all so excited to start school and meet their teachers and classmates. They all jumped out of bed and got dress and breezed through breakfast and were sitting by the door waiting by 7:30a.m. Clint took them to school and for that I am grateful I don't do well on the first day of school! I get used to having them home for months so I miss them, I then think of how fast they are all growing up and that makes me sad, and then I think of them so nervous, shy and scared and that makes me sad too. I would have just cried so its much better that Clint took them! I had to rush around and get the twins to their well child check up at the Dr.'s and be back here to pick Cavin up at 11:00a.m. from Preschool! Well guess my dr. had other plans because my 9:30a.m. appt. didn't happen I sat in a exam room for 1 hr. with 2 screaming 1 year olds and crazy toddler Maxton and still No dr... I started freaking out cause I had a 15 minute drive back to school to get Cavin so I finally just got up and walked out pretty pissed off I might add. Especially when they wanted to charge me for visits that I didn't have. I used to work in Dr.'s office and am pretty understanding about running behind but I made that appt. first thing in the a.m. figuring he couldn't be to far behind. WRONG! So now I have to reschedule and go back.. grrrrrrrr I got back picked a Happy Cavin up from school all he said was " I like my teacher, I played with Riley,I painted, it was fun!" Good Report! We came home played watched some cartoons, ate some lunch and baked the kids some brownies and waited for 3p.m. to go get them! I finally got in the pick up line and got them picked up! Mallory is over the moon about here teacher! Carter says his teacher is so nice! Mason well he is not so sure and neither am I? I guess you can't have a good teacher every year? I am sad for him! I had 1 teacher my 5th grade year that was so awful I actually faked ill and missed 32 days of school, I always wondered why my mom let me and then about 5 years ago I finally found out... At a parent teacher conference that teacher told my mom that " I would never amount to ANYTHING" she was a awful lady.. I will never forget that year I hated it so I am just praying that Mason's year isn't anything like that. Its actually crossed my mind to pull him out and home school for the year but Clint says he needs to learn to deal with life? But mommy just wants him to be okay and not have it rough. I think thats normal? So that was the 1st day of of school in a nutshell. One last thing that was cute Carter "mommy I went to DS (destination success) class but they didn't let us play DS. WHY??"

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Babies

My babies make me smile,laugh,cry, make me so full of Love and joy. They are so sweet and innocent. Their smiles melt my heart. Their kisses open mouthed full of slobber are the best things in the world. The sound of their baby babble is music to my ears. Their fighting over sippy cups,toys, food, is comedy that I never want to forget. My babies are Amazing. I love you Cayne and Maccoy!