Thursday, September 29, 2011

Almost forget Maccoy's appt. With Dr.Kaine last week went as expected. He is stable. Although some of his numbers are up. It just shows us that there is some Right side heart enlargement which Dr.K said is normal for TET repairs. He said of course the valve will need replaced we don't know when but he has high hopes for Maccoy to make it to teenage years. Next year we will continue to talk about doing all the following Holter Monitor cardiac MRI and in school age years exercise stress test. He has No restrictions right now (seeing as he is only 2) but in years to come there will be which we already know about. He gave us some warning signs and things to notify him of. Over all it was a ok appt. Still leaves me a bit breathless to think about but I am dealing. It's Life... See Dr. Kaine in Aug 2012! And hopefully not before :)

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mina said...

Sounds like a good appointment overall. Enjoy your year off from the cardiologist :)