Thursday, September 29, 2011

We are fighting a bug here.. whats new? It's been hanging around for about a month and just keeps going from kid to kid and back. I am sure to end up at the dr. soon with somebody just not sure who yet?? Between sick kids, football, volleyball, homework and everyday bologna we are down right crazy busy here! And mama is feeling it! When I hit the pillow at 10pm. I am usually out like a light in 5 secs!

Last week brought carter his 3rd loss :( bummer! He almost had a touchdown and as you can imagine this mama was screaming her lungs out but he was stopped a few yards from the end zone and sadly they still didn't make a touchdown even being that close. Hoping this weeks game is better!! He is still playing the QB position, and now even getting in on some defense where he is proving that he can tackle as evidence from my little video!!

Mallory is loving volleyball! She is really good at it too!! I am loving this team because the coach is great with the girls and because we know known of the girls so there isn't a competition as to who is better etc.. they go out they have fun and mallory has made some good new friends!! They have played some great matches! Out of 6 matches they have won 4! Mallory has had some great returns! We are uber proud of her!!

Last Wed. Mallory's aunt called said she won Taylor Swift tickets on the radio and wondered if Mallory and I would want them! Of course we jumped at the chance! So I took my lovely daughter to her first concert and we had a great time! Taylor Swift puts on a Amazing show! I really love her and her music! It was fun we rode to the concert with friends and that was fun to see the girls getting all excited!

The twins continue to get bigger daily. I haven't cut their hair yet and am having people confuse them for girls so I am sure it's about time but it's heartbreaking... so I am waiting! They climb out of their cribs so it's time for big boy beds.. yikes... In almost 11 Years we have NEVER been without a crib in our house (tears)... Cayne likes to sleep with Maccoy and he bed hops so we find them in the same crib a lot which is super cute. When asked "whats your name" they both say "name caynie" although Maccoy answers to his name he still thinks he is cayne and cayne thinks maccoys name is cayne? it's so weird? they can count to 5, love to read books, love love love lawn mowers or anything that looks or sounds like a lawn mower. we are working on potty training but I have to admit potty training twins is a bit more difficult than a single child. I remember years ago potty training multiple daycare kids and I still feel like this is more difficult? Maybe cause they just aren't quit ready? Or because I am not quit ready! I am finding all this stuff that I am doing for the last time makes me sad yet excited? I don't want the years to go so fast but I am anxious to see what each one of these kids turns into? weird huh?

Anyway that is the happenings around the M house with the gaggle. I am sure I left out a ton but the twins are up and not feeling well so I must run!!

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